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July, 2010 Kicks Off Part II of EHGV’s Summer Slots Series

Monday, July 5th, 2010

The explosive booms and bright flashes in the sky can only mean one thing for Americans. Well, take that back. It could perhaps mean two things, depending on just how deep your love of internet gambling and online casino slots tournaments runs. So yes, America’s Day of Independence has certainly arrived. And so too has the second part of EHGV’s Summer Slots Series.

Now underway at our favorite EHGV online casino, Slots Galore, the month long internet slots tournament runs until July 31, 2010, and guarantees $100,000 in prize winnings. Depending on how much you play through the month and how lucky you get, you could very well be one of five-hundred leaderboard finishers to walk away with cash winnings. Not only is this a large prize poll in terms of actual guaranteed winnings, the sheer number of prize recipients is above average.

Of course, the further down the leaderboard, the less the winnings. But with a minimum of $25 for the 201st -500th finisher, that’s certainly nothing to balk at. Moving up from there, players who finish 101st-200th place will receive $50, 41st-100th will walk away with $100 and 21st-40th will be granted a cool $200 each.

To make the top twenty, however, is what it’s all about. This is where we are talking thousands of dollars for each winner. 11th-20th place will each receive $1,000, while 6th-10th will get $2,500, 4th and 5th place each get $5,000 and third place nabs a nifty $10,000. From here, it’s a big jump for the first runner-up, who will walk away with $25,000, while the top finisher pockets a generous $60,000 in winnings.

The cost to join is only $10, which will get you enough credits to have a solid go spinning the reels of the “Shaark!” video slot. It goes without saying that if you really want to stand a chance at winning, you will need to procure more credits with a $10 rebuy. It makes sense to do so, especially considering that with five rebuy’s you will gain a free entry into part three of the Summer Slots Series, taking place the entire month of August and dishing out $175,000 in guaranteed winnings. Furthermore, the biggest winner of the overall three-month tournament will receive an additional $75,000 grand prize.

And if you just can’t get enough online casino slots tournament action, Slots Galore also offers weekly tourny’s with $5 entry fee, dailies with $3 entry (all day) and $0.50 entry (45 minutes). There’s even Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette tournaments for all you strategy-minded players. Check out the OCS Slots Galore Casino Review for more information on this top-rated U.S. facing online casino.

Summer Slots Series Online Casino Tournament To Award $500K

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Slots Galore Casino is our top choice for entering the Summer Slots Series

Slots Galore Casino is our top choice for entering the Summer Slots Series

It’s that time of year again, folks. No, I’m not talking about Spring cleaning, although since it’s still technically Spring, there’s still time for you to get out the duster and mop. Who am I kidding, right? Anyhow, this being the OCS gambling blog and all, what I am referring to is the wildly popular, annual $500,000 Summer Slots Series hosted by English Harbour Gaming Ventures (EHGV.

The flagship online casino operator of Vegas Technology Software-powered gaming destinations, EHGV manages some of the most popular U.S.A. online casinos in business today, including Slots Galore, Millionaire Casino, Super Slots and English Harbour Casino herself. Boasting all of the credentials that make for a safe and fair place to spin the reels, EHGV casinos make for a solid place to grab some free casino bonus cash, and certainly for taking part in online slots tournaments with guaranteed cash winnings.

SummerSlotsSeries2In the case of the aforementioned $500,000 Summer Slots Series of tournaments, obviously, there is lots of cash up for grabs, albeit not all at once. The way the tournament works is that it is broken down into four stages. Over the course of all four stages running from June 1 to August 31st, a total of $500,000 will be give out to over 1,500 players.

Stage 1 is taking place right now, continuing through the month of June and guaranteeing $100,000 in cash winnings. The breakdown of winnings dishes out $50,000 to first place, $20,000 to second place, $7,500 to third, $2,500 to forth and fifth, and $1,000 to the remaining top ten finishers. In total, the top 275 players will receive winnings (both casino credits and loyalty points). Tournament action takes place on the enormously entertaining “Funky Chicken” video slots, with entry fee and rebuys (up to 500) costing $10. Each rebuy qualifies for 75 credits.

Stage 2 runs for the entire month of July and ups the payout from $100K to $150,000. This time around, all action is hosted on the “Shaaark!” video slot (another fun and entertaining bonus slot) with the same entry and rebuy rules as Stage 1. Building on Stage 1, the top 500 finishers will receive a payout; however, with more money to give away, first place receives $60,000, second gets $25,000, third place bags $10,000 and all other finishing spots receive double the amounts awarded leaderboard placers in Stage 1.

Both Stage 3 and Stage 4 fittingly take place throughout the hottest month of the year – August. In terms of betting action, Part 3 is where it’s at, as Part 4 is simply a $75,000 cash award which goes to the player with the highest combined balance over all three tournaments (June-August). Part 3, which takes place on the “California Gold” slots, is the most generous stage of the Summer Slots Series, giving out a total of $175,000 in winnings and extending the leaderboard from the top 500 finishers to the top 800 scorers. First place walks away with $75,000, 2nd-5th place get the same as Stage 2, 6th-10th get an additional $500 ($3,000 each), while the next 190 finishers get the same payout as that given in Stage 2. Those players who make the leaderboard seated from 201st-800th place receive $25 each.

It is never too late to join the Summer Slots Series. In other words, even if one of the tournaments is already underway, you can join at any time. Furthermore, you will always be eligible to receive the Stage 4 payout of $75,000. All it takes is a big jackpot win, albeit seasoned tournament players will tell you the more you wager, the better your chances of winning at slots tournament.

While all of English Harbour’s online casinos make for a solid place to open an account, Slots Galore offers the best welcome bonus in our opinion, not to mention 25% reloads on all further deposits. The first deposit bonus is worth 100% up to $1,000 Free and has a low 20x play-through. Furthermore, all games (except European Roulette) count toward the wager requirement – at varying degrees, of course – with tournament play wagers also helping meet the play-through. Needless to say, many other online casinos prohibit tournament play with bonus money.

Read the OCS Slots Galore Casino Review for more information or Visit Slots Galore Casino directly.

March Madness $300,000 Slots Tournament Begins at US Friendly Online Casinos

Monday, March 1st, 2010
Slots Tournament Where Madness Ensues!

Slots Tournament Where Madness Ensues!

March is here people’s, and you know what that means! Wind gusts, heavy rain, college basketball and cold beers. It’s madness, I tell you! What, didn’t hear about the cold beer part? Oh ya, that’s always been associated with March, not to mention April, May, June, July…you get the picture.

Of course, most people associate the phrase “March Madness” with college basketball. However, all the serious online casino gamblers out there also associate March Madness with online slots tournaments. And I’m just talking about any online slots tournament – I’m talking about a slots tournament befitting of the title, “March Madness” peoples!

If you haven’t heard already, “March Madness” is a $300,000 guaranteed slots tournament hosted by US friendly, EH Gaming Ventures online casino network (Vegas Technology Software). It’s the largest tournament of the month, and one of the largest all year. The first place finisher alone is guaranteed to walk away with a massive $150,000. The remaining $150K in guaranteed prize winnings is shared down the line, with second through fifth place nabbing $10,000 each, sixth through tenth place pocketing $2,500, eleventh through twentieth place each receiving $1,000 in cash, and so on down the line.

The tournament begins today and lasts until March 31st. All tournament play takes place on the raucously fun and popular “Magic Monkey” bonus video slot, which offers five reels and twenty-five paylines of action. Check out our Magic Monkey slot machine review (coming soon) for more details on how to navigate and play the magic monkey (such dirty, dirty minds you have 🙂 ). The tournament entry fee is a meager $10 – considering the guaranteed payout – and, of course, buyins are allowed. In fact, they are encouraged, for like any online casino slots tournament, the player with the highest accrued balance at the end of the tournament wins. It’s that simple.

Signing up to play is just as simple. Open a free account at any EH Gaming Venture US Casinos (VIP Slots Casino, Slots Galore, Super Slots Casino are the OCS best picks), login to view the online casino lobby, select the Tournaments link and click the Join button for the $300K March Madness Slots Tournament. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some beer. What, you think this is Vegas? Although I can’t promise you a cocktail waitress, I can promise that you will soon understand why beer and March Madness go hand-in-hand!

Grail Maiden Slots Review; Free Play at Vegas Technology Online Casinos

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Grail Maiden Slots

If you are at all familiar with Vegas Technology Casinos and/or are a fan of online casino slots, the Grail Maiden online slot machine is one game you probably know about. If not, well then, it’s time to get dressed up and hit the town. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a thing. Open a free account at any of the OCS top-rated Vegas Technology Casinos today and management will cover everything – via a fun-money account, of course :).
To help you get started playing Grail Maiden, here is a review and breakdown of the game play and rules:
Theme: So, for all you “Camelot” lovers out there, Grail Maiden video slot is sure to satisfy that Medieval urge. The reels are packed with castle towers, jousting horses, goblets, the maiden Gwendylyn and King Arthur himself.
Playability: The greatest thing about the Grail Maiden slot is the feel of the reels. In other words, unlike the fast spinning reels, these go a little slower as if they have more weight. They even bounce up a little each time they hit. The music that accompanies the spinning reels is a frolic number of chamber music. Although it’s not for my personal liking (I think it sounds more like a merry-go-round), you can turn it down low or simply open a live music stream and play your own classical music! The game controls allow you turn it on and off. Furthermore, this a very simple game, permitting just one coin size and not requiring lines to win (see rules below), thus eliminating the confusion of tracking crisscrossing paylines all over the paytable.

Rules & Structure: Grail Maiden is a five-reel slot with 3 “lines”. Not your typical paylines, winnings are based on which symbols show up on all reels in any position. In other words, paylines do not determine winnings. Whatever symbols show up on the screen is the deciding factor for the winnings. For example, 3 Gwendylyn’s showing up at once will pay 50 credits, while 5 King Arthur’s will pay 750 credits. See the chart below for all payouts.

Since Grail Maiden offers bonus video slots payouts, and since it doesn’t pay winnings on paylines (which generally are twenty and up), wagers are made in multiples of 25 coins, up to 100 coins total. This would be the same as betting 5 coins on all paylines of a 20 payline machine (100 coins total). Coin sizes are $0.01, $0.05, $0.25, and $1.00, giving a minimum bet of $0.25 and a maximum wager of $100 per spin. Keep in mind that all wins are multiplied by the chosen credit multiplier. For example 25 coins will be paid according to the above payout chart, while a 50 coin wager will return 2x each value on the chart and so on.
The most important symbols on the reels are the Chalice cup, which serves as wild for all symbols except the scatter symbol (Grail Maiden logo). Getting a scatter on reels 2, 3 AND 4 (only) will trigger the bonus round of six free spins. Five additional spins can be retriggered. See the chart below for details, including the Bonus Feature symbol combinations.