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TST Online Casino Fairness Certifications: How to Tell if a Casino is Truly Fair?

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Here’s another letter sent to TST – one of the more active “Fairness Certifiers” of online casinos. While this has no intention of making out TST to be a shill (TST is an established, reputable company) the bottom line is that something needs to be done in regards to how players can truly tell if an online casino is indeed certified for fairness. It would seem that many online casinos are riding off the credibility of the TST logo, and TST is doing nothing about it…..


To Whom it May Concern,

This email is a collective question from a number of online gaming affiliates who are beginning to question the authenticity of online casinos boasting TST accreditations, not to mention the due diligence of TST itself.

For example, there is a growing, large percentage of online casinos that have the TST logo on their homepages, and yet do not link to a certificate.

Whose to say these sites are actually TST certified?

Additionally, there are several Top Game casinos linking to so-called documents, which in effect are nothing self-written press releases.

These documents may look legit to a newbie online gambler, but this is essentially a press release anyone could create with a text editor.

And then, there are sites linking to valid TST certificates for Real Time Gaming Software, which albeit is valid for RTG, yet is not necessarily for the online casino.

Many of the online casinos that are linking to the above document, are based out of Costa Rica, where there is no ongoing regulation and monitoring. Sure, RTG’s software platform is fair – but that doesn’t mean the casino hasn’t gone in and changed the source code. Only unless there is monthly auditing can this be detected.

Personally, I think TST should be doing more about this, whether it be better policing of who displays the TST logo or creating a Web page that lists which casinos and software providers are indeed TST certified, and providing a distinction between the two. Online casinos should not be allowed to link to a certificate for the software provider, when the casinos themselves are not even being regulated.

Quite frankly, we believe this shines a negative light on TST, and until something is done about this, we will be getting the message out there across blogs and forums.

Your response addressing this matter is appreciated and will be considered in regards to updates on the matter. If TST bills itself to be an “internationally recognized” testing facility, and “one of the world’s most experienced gaming test labs”, don’t you think the players – who essentially keep you in business – deserve more transparency?


We will update this post with a response from TST. If you are an affiliate reading this, please do your part and write your own email or forward this one to