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Surfing the Web & Betting at Online Casinos From Your Television?

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Bringing Online Casinos and More to Your Television...

Bringing Online Casinos and More to Your Television...

There are several forms of online gambling these days – some more popular than others. However, just because one particular form of online gambling is more popular than another, doesn’t necessarily make it better. In fact, the popularity factor is in large part due to the accessibility or availability of a particular mode of internet betting.

Take, for instance, mobile gaming, otherwise known as wagering from a cell phone. For anyone who loves to gamble at online casinos and who happens to have an iPhone or other smart phone, certainly knows just how exceptional the mobile wagering experience has become. It’s practically a given, that these folks will play at a mobile online casino to one extent or another.

However, the mass of online gamblers who sill carry that beat-up, outdated flip-phone will either never attempt to even try mobile wagering or will simply give up considering the inferior experience compared to their desktop online casino. In other words, the more available and accessible smart phone technology becomes, the more popular will mobile online gambling become.

Another form of internet wagering that you are likely to hear more about in the near future is television betting. Primarily available in the UK, gambling from televisions is made possible through a special cable box of sorts that transmits 3G technology from cell phone towers. Essentially, it is bringing the internet to televisions via an interface.

Needless to say, playing just about any online casino game on a widescreen, plasma television while sitting on your couch is a far superior experience than sitting at a computer desk or overheated laptop. While the popularity factor is hindered by the cost of the service itself, as the technology becomes more accessible, you can bet that television gambling will be on the map.

And who better to make innovative internet technologies available to the masses than Google? In case you didn’t hear already, Google will be offering Google TV service by the end of this year, and is expected to drive many more Web surfers to their televisions. Couple that with some paid search from online casinos specially fitted with a television gaming interface, and that, my friends, is a recipe for an explosion in television betting.