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Summer Slots Series Online Casino Tournament To Award $500K

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Slots Galore Casino is our top choice for entering the Summer Slots Series

Slots Galore Casino is our top choice for entering the Summer Slots Series

It’s that time of year again, folks. No, I’m not talking about Spring cleaning, although since it’s still technically Spring, there’s still time for you to get out the duster and mop. Who am I kidding, right? Anyhow, this being the OCS gambling blog and all, what I am referring to is the wildly popular, annual $500,000 Summer Slots Series hosted by English Harbour Gaming Ventures (EHGV.

The flagship online casino operator of Vegas Technology Software-powered gaming destinations, EHGV manages some of the most popular U.S.A. online casinos in business today, including Slots Galore, Millionaire Casino, Super Slots and English Harbour Casino herself. Boasting all of the credentials that make for a safe and fair place to spin the reels, EHGV casinos make for a solid place to grab some free casino bonus cash, and certainly for taking part in online slots tournaments with guaranteed cash winnings.

SummerSlotsSeries2In the case of the aforementioned $500,000 Summer Slots Series of tournaments, obviously, there is lots of cash up for grabs, albeit not all at once. The way the tournament works is that it is broken down into four stages. Over the course of all four stages running from June 1 to August 31st, a total of $500,000 will be give out to over 1,500 players.

Stage 1 is taking place right now, continuing through the month of June and guaranteeing $100,000 in cash winnings. The breakdown of winnings dishes out $50,000 to first place, $20,000 to second place, $7,500 to third, $2,500 to forth and fifth, and $1,000 to the remaining top ten finishers. In total, the top 275 players will receive winnings (both casino credits and loyalty points). Tournament action takes place on the enormously entertaining “Funky Chicken” video slots, with entry fee and rebuys (up to 500) costing $10. Each rebuy qualifies for 75 credits.

Stage 2 runs for the entire month of July and ups the payout from $100K to $150,000. This time around, all action is hosted on the “Shaaark!” video slot (another fun and entertaining bonus slot) with the same entry and rebuy rules as Stage 1. Building on Stage 1, the top 500 finishers will receive a payout; however, with more money to give away, first place receives $60,000, second gets $25,000, third place bags $10,000 and all other finishing spots receive double the amounts awarded leaderboard placers in Stage 1.

Both Stage 3 and Stage 4 fittingly take place throughout the hottest month of the year – August. In terms of betting action, Part 3 is where it’s at, as Part 4 is simply a $75,000 cash award which goes to the player with the highest combined balance over all three tournaments (June-August). Part 3, which takes place on the “California Gold” slots, is the most generous stage of the Summer Slots Series, giving out a total of $175,000 in winnings and extending the leaderboard from the top 500 finishers to the top 800 scorers. First place walks away with $75,000, 2nd-5th place get the same as Stage 2, 6th-10th get an additional $500 ($3,000 each), while the next 190 finishers get the same payout as that given in Stage 2. Those players who make the leaderboard seated from 201st-800th place receive $25 each.

It is never too late to join the Summer Slots Series. In other words, even if one of the tournaments is already underway, you can join at any time. Furthermore, you will always be eligible to receive the Stage 4 payout of $75,000. All it takes is a big jackpot win, albeit seasoned tournament players will tell you the more you wager, the better your chances of winning at slots tournament.

While all of English Harbour’s online casinos make for a solid place to open an account, Slots Galore offers the best welcome bonus in our opinion, not to mention 25% reloads on all further deposits. The first deposit bonus is worth 100% up to $1,000 Free and has a low 20x play-through. Furthermore, all games (except European Roulette) count toward the wager requirement – at varying degrees, of course – with tournament play wagers also helping meet the play-through. Needless to say, many other online casinos prohibit tournament play with bonus money.

Read the OCS Slots Galore Casino Review for more information or Visit Slots Galore Casino directly.

Win a Kindle Reader 2 Through Super Slots Casino VIP Plan

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Win a Kindle Reader at Super Slots Casino VIP Plan

Super Slots Casino is giving away five Kindle Reader’s (Kindle Reader 2) as part of the Featured Sweepstakes promotion at VIP Plan. For anybody unfamiliar with VIP Plan, it is the player loyalty rewards program for the English Harbour Gaming Ventures (EHGV) network of online casinos. While you can join the program – and subsequently enter the Kindle Reader sweepstakes – through any of EHGV’s online casinos, I thought it only fair to call out Super Slots, being that I heard about the sweepstakes via my Super Slots account. ūüôā

As with all of the sweepstakes at VIP Plan, it takes a minimum number of rewards points to enter the drawing. So long as you have enough rewards points, you can enter the sweepstakes as many times as you like, thus increasing your chances of winning the Kindle Reader. The sweepstakes entry is five-hundred (500) points, which is hardly a dent for the active player. Every $10 in wagers equates to a minimum of five points and a maximum of 38 points, depending on the casino game wagered and VIP status (See the chart below for details on rewards point conversion).

All Rewards points shown below vary depending on the corresponding online casino game, and are based on every $10 in wagers at said game:

VIPplan-AMBERRequired Points: 0

Blackjack: 5 points  |  Video Poker : 7 points  |  Slots: 16 points  |  Table Games : 8  points  Specialty Games: 20 points

VIPplan-BRONZERequired Points: 10K

Blackjack: 6 points  |  Video Poker : 8 points  |  Slots: 18 points  |  Table Games : 9 points  Specialty Games: 22 points

VIPplan-SILVERRequired Points: 25K

Blackjack: 7 points  |  Video Poker : 9 points  |  Slots: 20 points  |  Table Games : 10 points  Specialty Games: 25 points

VIPplan-GOLDRequired Points: 75K

Blackjack: 8 points  |  Video Poker : 10 points  |  Slots: 23 points  |  Table Games : 12 points  Specialty Games: 29 points

VIPplan-PLATINUMRequired Points: 225K

Blackjack: 9 points  |  Video Poker : 12 points  |  Slots: 16 points  |  Table Games : 13 points  Specialty Games: 33 points

VIPplan-DIAMONDRequired Points: 500K

Blackjack:10 points  |  Video Poker :13 points  |  Slots:30 points  |  Table Games :15 points   Specialty Games: 38 points

For brand new players to the program (given Amber VIP Status by default), it would take just $800 in wagers on the slot machines to enter the Kindle draw.¬† Don’t forget that new players are entitled to a very generous 100% Match Bonus up to $300 Free, as well as 5% cash back bonus on all reload deposits. In other words, deposit just $200 and you will receive a starting balance of $800. That right there is your free entry into the Kindle Reader Sweepstakes. If you’re hoping to win some extra cash anyhow and simply want to gamble online – regardless of extra comps and promotions – the VIP Plan is just another way of getting something free at Super Slots.

It’s also a great opportunity to capitalize on free bonus money and other merchandise. How does $500 in free bonus money sound instead of a Kindle Reader? Well, the VIP Plan offers a bonus money sweeptakes too. It costs 500 rewards points to enter the $500 Cash Bonus (the next one held December 31, 2009) and just 250 rewards points to enter a $50 cash bonus draw (next one to be held December 12, 2009).

If the whole sweepstakes thing isn’t your thing (not that it shouldn’t be….I mean, you are a gambler, right ūüôā ), there is a large array of merchandise that can be directly purchased with rewards points. Of course, we’re talking more rewards points for some of the higher end items, like the iPod Touch or the 42 inch plasma HDTV. Other redeemable merchandise includes Gift Certificates, and everything from steak knife sets to T-shirts!

If you want to tap into EHGV’s VIP Plan rewards, don’t delay – Open a Free account at Super Slots Casino OR better yet, Download Super Slots. The draw for the five Kindle Reader’s at Super Slots takes place this upcoming December 30th – just in time to celebrate the New Year with some new reading material (up to 1,500 books!) via new-fangled technology. God love the USB! There is no denying that the Kindle Reader 2 is one of the hottest, if not the hottest, Christmas items right now – so you can bet many players are coughing up their rewards points left and right, for this one.