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Turning to Curacao & Cyberluck for Some Answers About Online Gambling Regulations and Dispute Resolution

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

You might recall OCS launching a blog series not too long ago about online casino transparency and raising the bar for U.S. operators in fostering player trust, not to mention getting clarification on how exactly one can tell if an online casino is offering a safe and fair hand. Well, needless to say, we have been very busy here at OCS doing all sorts of things, not the least of which is investigating player complaints posted on our forum.

We recently received a complaint from a player who is owed some big money (over $80,000) from an online casino (not listed in the OCS casino reviews directory, by the way). Considering this casino uses the same software platform as other online casinos approved here at OCS, and is licensed/regulated in a jurisdiction that governs many OCS-approved US online casinos, we decided to follow up on this complaint and see if we could get some answers to some questions that have been long overdue, not to mention helping this player get paid.

Immediately below is a copy of the email we shot off to Cyberluck NV, which is apparently the Master License holder for online casino operators regulated in Curacao (Netherlands, Antilles). We also sent an email directly to Rival Gaming Software (both emails pertaining to the above mentioned complaint). So, without further ado, here’s the email (still awaiting a response):

Hello, My name is Devon Chappell, and I am the Director of Content and head investigative journalist at the popular online casino reviews directory, http://onlinecasinosuite, aka, OCS. If you are familiar with OCS, you will know that we list a large number of Curacao-regulated online casinos in our directory, providing favorable reviews of who we consider to be the best casinos on the Web. In fact, being a high ranked portal on all the major search engines, many of these casinos receive a large share of their traffic through us.

Vegas Technology, Rival Gaming and RTG-powered online casinos are all listed in our directory, and to date, most all have have performed admirably with players, generating hardly, if any, legitimate complaints. However, since our integration of a complaints forum at the beginning of the year, we have indeed noticed a rise in complaints from players who gamble at some Curacao regulated online casinos. Perhaps this has always been happening under the radar, and now only recently coming to our attention with the application of our new forum.

As I’m sure you know, RTG Software has a dispute resolution service for players – Central Disputes. However, Vegas Technology and Rival do not have any channels for lodging a complaint to my knowledge, and neither does Curacao.

That said, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share information with myself and OCS readers regarding how online casinos are regulated in Curacao (not just licensed), and how players can lodge complaints about casinos not paying out.

I’ve heard that Antillephone NV provides regulation. Is that true? If so, perhaps we should contact them directly?

To make a long story short, we are particularly concerned with a complaint posted by one player under the username of GID88 at Rival Software powered This is Vegas Casino (which does not link to a license validation page, by the way). This player won a jackpot worth approximately $80,000 on the slots but was denied his payout because a chargeback was made on this player’s credit card at another Rival casino (SlotoCash).

We contacted SlotoCash, and they confirmed the chargeback did indeed appear to be a security breach out of the player’s hands, and that the player, being a VIP at that, was permitted to continue playing at SlotoCash pending a freeze on his account to avoid any further security breaches. The player stuck around, the account was unfrozen, and he continued wagering with SlotoCash, only to later give ThisIsVegas Casino a try.

It now looks as if ThisIsVegas is using this “incident” as an excuse to not pay the player their rather large jackpot win. A representative from Rival Gaming Software apparently told the player that the casino’s decision is final and payout could not be forced. And yet, as I said, Rival has no channel for posting complaints on their website.

Now, I would think that the jurisdiction in which ThisIsVegas is being regulated (Curacao) would have some kind of channel for at least posting a dispute resolution request? This is certainly the case in other jurisdictions providing regulation for online casino operators.

I apologize for such a long email, especially considering this may not even be the appropriate email address for doing so. However, as I said, it is difficult finding information about how online casinos are licensed and regulated in Curacao, let alone where complaints can be posted. For example, the UK Gambling Commission has a complaints submission form directly on their website. If you could please direct me to where we can help this player file a complaint through Curacao’s channels, let alone perhaps looking into the complaint yourself, that would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Devon Chappell
Directory of Content
Investigative Journalist

Tradition Online Casino Hands Over Operations to Licensor, Rival Gaming

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

RivalPoweredRival Gaming powered online casino, Tradition Casino has announced it will be handing over it’s operations to none other than the master software licensor, Rival Gaming. Launched little under one year ago, Tradition Casino has apparently been fighting to stay alive in the competitive online gambling waters since Day One.Granted, the handover does not mean Tradition will be closing its doors to new players. However, considering the severing of affiliate relationships, it stands to reason that Tradition Casino won’t be pulling in much traffic for the time being.

Things began unraveling for Tradition Casino when both players and affiliates began to experience a surge of delayed payments, and in some cases, non-payments. The latter mainly applied to affiliates, who were told that so long as banks were holding deposits from referred players, affiliates would not be paid commissions. In effect, affiliates were referring prized players to a defunct online casino.

Of course, it is hard to blame Tradition Casino, as they were primarily dealing with U.S. players. Depending on the processors and methods used to route deposits, some operators simply do not have the means to get by the many roadblocks that often befall U.S. facing online casinos. Truth be told, Tradition Casino should be commended for admitting their inabilities and dropping out now, rather than continue taking money from players and earning a spot on the blacklist’s.

As stated in a recent letter to affiliates, Tradition Casino management said, “We cannot stand to see Tradition Casino dying by lack of support from the majority of our affiliate members. That said, we can not blame you (affiliates), as you expect a financial return for the fruit of your work, exactly as us.… Given that we do not want to cheat nor “shave” your stats and/or stop paying our winners, we decided to stop the bleeding by stopping now our activity.”

Needless to say, it goes to show that affiliates are the life-blood for the majority of online casinos out there. For any players reading this, it’s a good lesson about the importance of affiliate websites. If you find one that you feel knows what they are doing and one whose word you can trust, always consult them for recommendations of online casinos to play at. It is the mission of Online Casino Suite to be such a site. While we certainly are not happy to see these events befall Tradition Casino, let it be known, they were never an approved site in our directory. They simply did not meet up to our standards being a newly launched online casino. Hopefully, Rival Gaming will be able to make something of Tradition Casino in the near future.