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Sloto Cash Online Casino Giving Away Over $2K in Bonus Money In Honor of Mother’s Day

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Today is the last day to take advantage of Sloto Cash’s Mother’s Day Love Bonus. I’m still not quit sure how this is a good thing for the Mom’s out there who do not gamble at online casinos. However, I am pretty sure that a good son or daughter who happens to win big at Sloto Cash will put some of the winnings toward a grand Mother’s Day gift!

So, yes – you do not have to be a Mother to claim this special, limited-time bonus. Think of it as being a way to bring attention to the wonderful day that is Mother’s Day. That said, in celebration of all Mom’s who made the ultimate sacrifice of raising a child (you know – changing diapers, cleaning up snot, changing career path to Chauffeur etc.), Sloto Cash Casino is giving away a 45% bonus worth up to $2,250 in free cash.

Now, that’s more like a high roller bonus if you ask me – but I’m sure not complaining. In actuality, this is better than most high roller casino bonuses – typically going for 50% up to $1,000 Free. And if you need the deal sweetened even more, Sloto Cash is giving away twenty bouquet of flowers to randomly selected players. All you non-mom’s out there who happen to be selected for the flowers – you know what to do with ’em.

For anyone unfamiliar with Sloto Cash Casino, they are one of the top-rated Rival Gaming powered, US facing online casinos in business today. Licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Authority, Sloto Cash is one of the few reliable and trustworthy online casinos open to U.S. players. Currently, Sloto Cash has an accumulate progressive jackpot worth over $120,000, and offers some 25+ video slots and over fifteen of the highly innovative I-Slots. Read the OCS Sloto Cash Review for more information.

Get $15 Free at Superior Casino for Playing New Rival Gaming Video Slot: Candy Cottage

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Today, Rival Gaming Software launched a new online casino video slot – and no, it’s not another I-Slot. Sorry to disappoint all the I-Sluts…err, I mean I-Slot fans out there. But seriously, you wouldn’t believe how devoted some players are to I-Slots. Admittedly, they do get me a little hot and bothered, but that’s only because of the realistic animations of curvaceous vixens. Come on, I’m only human! God help me all the same!

Anyhow, as exciting as it always is to get a new I-Slot, this time around, Rival has unveiled a five-reel video slot with some interesting features. Of course, I’m going to tell you all about this new game, called Candy Cottage. But if you want to cut right to the chase, Superior Casino is giving away a free $15 No-Deposit Bonus chip to anyone who wagers at least $10 on Candy Cottage by Monday, March 15, 2010. Keep in mind, that’s a no-deposit bonus, so we’re talking some serious cashout restrictions.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, Candy Cottage is a video slot. It offers five reels and twenty paylines of betting action themed on the story of Hans and Gretel. Slightly creepy – but in a fun way – this game brings to life the crazy kid-eating Witch, the not-so-adorable Hans and Gretel, and lots of candy. Coin sizes range from 1 penny to $0.25 and up to ten coins per line can be wagered. Doing the math, that’s a max bet of $50 if betting the max denomination and max coins. Most players will probably stay away from the larger bets anyways, considering Candy Cottage isn’t a progressive jackpot slot.

What is most interesting about this slot is that it only takes two of the top paying symbols (Hans and Gretel) lined up on a single payline to pay a jackpot. Generally, it takes three symbols. The greater frequency of jackpot wins makes up for a lesser frequency of free spins, which are triggered by three or more Gingerbread House symbols. The good news is that all free spins pay triple winnings, thus giving them extra bang when they do hit.

The wild symbol (the child burning furnace) is expanding, meaning it will expand to fill the entire third reel when it can connect the first/second and fourth/fifth reels together on a payline. That means an even greater chance of winnings on multiple paylines. As for the bonus round – yep it has a bonus round – it is triggered with 3 or more cages (guess what they are used for?…cue diabolical evil laugh). If you are good with a computer mouse, you will love this bonus. It takes some skilled maneuvering, as the bonus consists of moving little greedy Hans all over to eat candy falling from the sky – each successfully eaten candy converting into free cash.

So, there you have it folks. Candy Cottage isn’t an I-Slot, but it sure does stand up to Rival Gaming’s reputation for delivering some of the most entertaining and lucrative slots at USA online casinos. If you would like to experience Candy Cottage firsthand, aforementioned Superior Casino offers a live Flash version to play for free (no account required). If you do decide to play with real money, make $10 in wagers on Candy Cottage before March 15th and Win a free $15 no-deposit bonus chip. Read the OCS Superior Casino Review for details.

New I-Slot, Switch in Time, at Rival Gaming Casinos

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Switch in Time I-SlotThe latest I-slot from Rival Gaming software, “A Switch in Time”, was launched this week and can now by played at all U.S. facing Rival Gaming online casinos. For anybody unfamiliar with I-slots, they are arguably the most innovative and entertaining slots available for practice and real money play on the internet today. Often referred to as “interactive” slots, I-slots provide an engaging storyline that unfolds in relation to the activity on the reels.

Think of I-Slots as being part slot machine, part animated movie. After making it to a bonus round, animated episodes begin to unfold, each one building on the next episode as more bonus rounds are hit down the line. Providing hours of entertainment with countless opportunities to win big money, I-Slots have become the game of choice for many a slots player and fan of Rival Gaming Casinos.

As for “A Switch in Time”, the unfolding story line bounces back and forth between the past and future. The past includes the 19th Century and Prehistoric times, while the future consists of…well, the future. The very distant future to be exact – We’re talking cyborg aliens and robots, which may not be that too distant in the future after all!

Upon entering the bonus round, the player must simply choose a combination of buttons on a time machine, which then gives way to an engaging episode taking the player “somewhere in time”. The computer generated graphics are simply amazing, while the symbols themselves will change depending on what section of time the player goes to.

Now, all this sounds fun and dandy – But where’s all the money? Fortunately, I-slots have always managed to come through on this front, and “A Switch in Time” is no different. The big kicker is a free spins feature that awards up to 78 Free Spins with a 9x multiplier. In free spins mode, an additional 3x multiplier is thrown in the mix, thus giving wins the chance of paying out 27 times the pay table winnings.

Seriously folks, if you have never played I-slots before, I strongly urge you to give them a chance. This is no sales pitch. You can play them entirely for free at any Rival Gaming Casino (Sloto Cash is my personal recommendation). You’ll have so much fun, you might not even want to play for real money. But then again, considering all those free spins and multipliers, you might just have to at least take advantage of a no-deposit bonus ($7 Free at Sloto Cash and $20 Free at Superior Casino).