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Online Gambling Disputes Part III – When the Player is the Rogue

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Do you have the brain of a rogue online gambling criminal?

Do you have the brain of a rogue online gambling criminal?

Continuing with our series about online gambling disputes, it’s only fair to now shed some light on the ugly side of “player complaints”, not to mention criminal brains as deemed by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Disorders.

I don’t know about you, but it sure does seem to me like there are a lot of crooked online casinos in business today. It sure doesn’t take any time at all to find complaints and rip-off reports and accusations and disgruntled rantings, whether it be on forums, blogs or review sites…the list goes on.When I first began working in the online gaming industry back at the turn of the new millennium (man, do I feel old), I would constantly be hearing about this and that online casino cheating this and that player, along with online casino blacklists longer than the eye could see. And considering there was hardly any good regulation back then (mainly just Kahnawake and Antigua & Barbuda), you could say that online gambling truly was something of a Wild Wild West.

Naturally, you can imagine why it was easy for sites like Online Casino Suite to evolve into “player portals”, where solid, factual information about online casinos could be found – not the standard fare of cheap car salesman talk and flashy banners. And while OCS certainly makes the player its topmost priority, the player is not always cracked up to be who he or she claims to be. In other words, a lot of those complaints you run across on the forums and such (heck, even our own online gambling forum), do not always tell the full story.

For example, there are players out there known by online casino operators as “bonus hunters”. While there is nothing wrong with tracking down the best casino bonuses and playing with as much free money as you can get, when it involves knowingly violating an online casino’s terms and conditions in order to get more bonus money, that’s another matter altogether. A trick that some players like to use for claiming a bonus more than once is to open an account under a different name or address. Some will go so far to use fake documents and stolen driver’s licenses. Then, when it comes time to cash out their winnings, only to be denied by the online casino, the player starts crying bloody murder, usually accompanied by a fabricated story justifying why the online casino was able to track their IP address to two different accounts. My favorite is the one about the long lost brother who decided to open an account and unknowingly logged into the online casino while staying with his brother, and hence the duplicate IP address.

The worst rogue player of all, however, is the one who doctors supposed screen shots of winnings, ala Photoshop. It’s happened before, only to end up with the player showing his ass. But unlike the online casino whose reputation can be damaged forever, the player usually walks away unscathed, only to try his exploits again at another online casino network.

I guess the lesson to learn from all of this is that you can’t always believe what your read. That goes for complaints, reviews, positive testimonials….everything under the sun. You can, however, begin to gauge a larger picture about an online casino after taking in several sources of information. The only problem is that there truly are not very many reliable sources out there. Not trying to trap you in a box of anything, but this is precisely why Online Casino Suite has expanded to offer a forum and will soon be offering players the ability to comment on online casino reviews and share their two cents worth. That way, you don’t have to solely take the word of OCS – you can temper it with player comments…good and bad.

I suppose the second lesson to learn from this post is that it doesn’t pay to be a rogue player. Believe me folks – Online casinos use some pretty sophisticated fraud detection platforms these days. If you think you can get by with a proxy to block your IP address, think again.  Besides the fact that what goes around, comes around, there are simply way too many good online casinos and bonus offers out there to take advantage of anyways. For instance, online casinos like Rushmore Casino and Go Casino have more reload bonus money available than you’ll know what to do with.  So do yourself a favor –  Check the chart above to make sure you don’t have a criminal brain as deemed by the Massachusetts Deparment of Mental Disorders and BEHAVE!

How Much Time Do We Actually Spend Reviewing Online Casinos?

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Casino Reviews

If you’ve read the online casino reviews section here at OCS, you will know that we are very selective about the gaming sites we list in our directory. There are approximately fifty online casinos approved and reviewed in our directory, which represents probably less than 1 percent of all the online casinos in operation today. Considering that we have just seven listing’s on our Best Online Casinos page, you could say that all of the casinos listed on our main reviews page are worthy of the “Best” status.

What some reader’s may not know is that a good portion of our time is spent screening online casinos that don’t even make it to our reviews page! We take great pride in unearthing all the details and terms/conditions that players should know about for each online casino that approve and recommend. In other words, while we can guarantee you will receive a safe and fair hand at any of the sites listed at OCS, it’s in everyone’s best interest to read the full reviews of each casino. This just isn’t filler, people!

Sure, the numbers on the bonus chart look great. But how do you know if the wager requirement allows bets on the Blackjack table? You don’t unless you read the review :). Furthermore, some of the casinos accept U.S. players, and some do not. The extra three minutes it takes to read a full review will save you more time than trying to open an account at an online casino, only to find out when your deposit does not go through that players from your jurisdiction are not permitted to open an account at that particular site.

Online Casino Suite is certainly honored that our reader’s take our word for it, so to speak. Our primary mission is to provide unbiased and factual information to players, and consequently, build player trust in our recommendations. That said, we can’t be every place at every moment. One player’s great experience at an online casino might just be another players worst nightmare. This is precisely why we have recently launched a gambling forum and will be incorporating a “player comments” section for each of our online casino reviews in the near future. By doing so, this will give players even more to think about and temper the fact that while we strive to be as fair and objective as possible, it’s the player’s word that counts the most!

For more information on some of the particulars that go in weeding out the many requests we get from casino operators seeking to be listed in our directory, the next blog post will interest you.