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William Hill and Sports Betting in the US

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

williamhillWith the recent increase of interest within the US sports wagering market, online gambling enthusiasts in New Jersey (and perhaps beyond) have a future that seems bright. Well, at least maybe.

William Hill US, the Nevada-based auxiliary of Britain’s largest bookmaker, has displayed some serious success in New Jersey with its recent sponsorship of the 46th running of the $1 million William Hill Haskell Invitational at Monmouth Park last month.

William Hill, known affectionately as Will Hill to those who bet, says that its interest in New Jersey reaches far beyond this one event. The large bookmaker will become the racetrack’s exclusive betting provider if New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting succeeds (as we all hope it eventually will despite the four professional sports leagues and NCAA being sternly opposed to it).

Until legalization, Will Hill offers a free-play (wager for fun) option for sports wagering to US citizens interested in checking things out. William Hill now runs a sportsbook, where participants can pick NFL games against the spread without wagering real money, while still being eligible to earn prizes.

As mentioned, the four main pro sporting leagues in the US are all opposed to wagering on sports for real money whether online or not because they jointly feel that sporting events will become susceptible to cheating and fixing. This is certainly a good argument, and yet what professional sports league hasn’t experienced its fair share of scandals?

As it stands, at least two of the four top pro sports leagues in the US have been raining-down massive scandals, ranging from high crimes committed by players to several cheating scandals spawned from extensive steroid use. Proponents of sports betting claim these sports are no more susceptible to game fixing than they currently are anyway.

With no pre-legalization swaying of regulators in mind, Will Hill has firmly stated that if betting on sports in New Jersey becomes legal, it fully intends to make a considerable investment in building a Las Vegas-style race and sportsbook in the state to accommodate wagers.

This is where we start to see the political wrangling about. Sure, you have the pro leagues firmly against the legalization of sports wagering – crying fowl and displaying major concern over corruption to the tune of game fixing and diminished reputation. And you also have big brands like Will Hill touting huge would-be revenue promises and a shot to the economy, which New Jersey so desperately needs. But a promise is just that. A contract is binding.

The fact that online casino action starts in a few short months in New Jersey will certainly open the sports wagering issue further. The opposition to wagering on sports from the pro leagues is not just limited to New Jersey, so this one will be an uphill battle, indeed.

Victor Chandler Casino Licenses Best of Wager Works Software

Monday, September 20th, 2010

And you thought these girls are hot? Wait 'till you see the new Wager Works online casino games at Victor Chandler!

And you thought these girls are hot? Wait 'till you see the new Wager Works online casino games at Victor Chandler!

The Victor Chandler website just got a bit more expansive now that a deal with Wager Works Software has procured a lineup of some of the funnest online casino games out there. Given even the twenty-something, drop-dead-gorgeous dealers who help run Victor Chandler’s live dealer online casino, this new lineup of games is sure to spice things up (abeit I wouldn’t mind if one of Chandler’s dealers – the oldest of whom was born in 1984, by the way – was to spice things up in however she sees fit. 🙂

Now, before I get myself into trouble, let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we? International Gaming Technology (IGT) subsidiary, Wager Works, is to owe for the innovative selection of slots that now call the Victor Chandler website home. Well, not all of them. Victor Chandler uses software from several developers – showcasing the best that each has to offers through the innovative “Open Bet Platform”. In the case of Wager Works, these include Monopoly (With Pass “Go” Bonus & On a Roll), Wheel of Fortune, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold, Elvis Top 20 and Ca$hino.

If you are an avid land-based casino player, you may very well recognize some, if not all of these slot machine titles. That’s because all of them were originally developed into brick ‘n mortar casino slot machines and brought to the land-based industry by IGT. Having sole licensing rights to turn these titles into their virtual counterparts, Wager Works has become a niche developer, if you will, offering what no other software developer can – popular, branded games.

I take that back – there certainly are other software developers in the business of branding slot machines. Need I mention Marvel Slots? (Albeit the games you can find at Cryptologic and now Playtech online casinos were not initially developed into brick ‘n mortar games). However, the fact remains that Wager Works casino games have a history that – call me crazy – almost make you feel as if you actually are inside your favorite brick ‘n mortar casino – minus the cocktail waitress, lack of clocks and tacky carpet, of course.

If you’re NOT from the U.S., give the Victor Chandler website a visit to see for yourself. Or you could just as well give a call to the OCS top Wager Works site, Virgin Casino. But then again, how bad do you want to interact with Silvia from the live blackjack table?!

Odds Out on Emmy Award Nominations: Do You Know a Great Performance When You See One?

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
Whose it gonna be? Eddie Falco for Nurse Jackie? Modern Family for Best Comedy?

Whose it gonna be? Eddie Falco for Nurse Jackie? Modern Family for Best Comedy?

I don’t know about anybody else, but I just have to say I’m pretty damn good at picking the winners of entertainment awards. Okay, maybe it’s just been the Academy Awards, Dancing With the Stars and American Idol (to a certain extent, or rather, for as much as I can endure to watch) up until now, but in the world of internet betting, that could stand to mean some big bucks!

For this last year’s Academy Awards, not only did I correctly pick the winners for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Score and Best Screenplay (I flubbed the “Best Picture” albeit I always thought “The Hurt Locker” was the best movie of the year), I didn’t even allow myself to be swayed by the outcome of the zoo zoo pet races on Jimmy Kimmel. FYI, these were seemingly random races between fur-covered windup toys which actually turned out to be exceptionally accurate!

So now that it’s getting close to the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, I’m starting to think more seriously about futures bets – specifically, entertainment odds, aka, film and television props. The only thing is that I don’t watch television. So, on second thought….

However, being a big movie guy and based on the aforementioned fact 🙂 that I know a good movie and performance when I see one, perhaps I should start watching more T.V. (or at least download the shows nominated for awards) and turn my entertainment (hopefully) into an investment. I mean, isn’t that what online casino gambling is all about anyways!

Perhaps you are in the same boat and are thinking about giving television propositions a go. If so, without further ado, here are the nominations for the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (cue brassy music, drums and Billy Crystal). Okay, so maybe not all the nominations – here are the one’s with the best odds of winning according to the props at internet betting site, Bodog:

For Best Drama, the popular series “Mad Men” stands out front with odds of 23 to 20, while the Best Comedy nominee, “Modern Family” comes in at 5 to 7. For Best Actor in a Drama, Breaking Bad’s, Bryan Cranston holds the lead for favorite with 9 to 4 odds., while The Big Bang Theory’s, Jim Parsons holds a 2 to 1 chance at taking home the Emmy. For Best Actress in a Drama, The Good Wife’s Julianna Margulies is sitting pretty with 11 to 10 odds, while the popular Eddie Falco from “Nurse Jackie” is posting 3 to 2 odds of winning.

So, just how well do you know a great performance when you see one? So long as you’re not on the nominating board 🙂 you are only a click or two away from getting a real money bet on your favorite show, or better yet, favorite show to win.

Wager Works to Supply New Online Casino Games to UK’s Betfred

Friday, August 20th, 2010


Wagerworks has long sought to make a name for itself as a cutting-edge, white label online casino software developer. Well, for anyone who has followed the growth of Wager Works over the last few years, you will likely agree that the International Game Technology (IGT) subsidiary has certainly lived up to this goal.

Solidifying yet another partnership with an industry leading internet betting provider, Betfred,Wagerworks continues expanding it’s reach across the vast sea of online casinos, poker rooms and all manner of wagering destinations on the Web.

As for Betfred, they are more known for their sports betting than anything else. However, such as the trend is these days, Betfred has become something of an all-in-one online betting destination, offering bingo games, poker, skill games, lottery and online casino games in addition to a large sportsbook offering.

Wager Works specializes on the online casino front and specialty games (many of which are IGT trademarks), and as such, will be supplying Betfred with four new titles to begin with. These are “Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition”, “Cluedo”, “Cleopatra” and “Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus”. Along with these, the UK/Gibraltar regulated Betfred offers an eclectic portfolio of the best performing games from a variety of online casino software developers, including Microgaming.

In Light of a Bill to Regulate Online Gambling, Another Internet Bookie Goes Down

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

In light of the positive developments regarding the Internet Gaming Regulation Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act (HR 2267, otherwise known simply as IGREA), which after successfully passing through the U.S. House of Representatives is to go under the knife in the Senate (I have an in-dept article about this in the works), it’s cases like the one below that reiterate why online gambling needs to be regulated in the United States.

Meet James L. Dicapo – a fifty-seven year old “businessman” from the Heart of America’s West, err, Kansas. Dicapo, whom I’m assuming is Italian, recently pleaded guilty to operating an online gambling business. Bringing in more than $3.6 million spanning approximately three years (2006-2009), this was no skimpy business either. Basically, it was your standard bookmaker getup offering phone lines for, well, betting one’s lines on a range of sports events.

These days, phone-in bookies like this are also often inclined to go the way of the Web, if you will. Sports betting online is big business, and the internet is simply helping it become bigger. But rather broadcast their services for all to see, this operation consisted of handing out toll-free digits and a website to sign up. Dicapo and three other men (also charged in the investigation) would simply handle the money, and from what I can understand, actually do the rounds and deal with customers face to face.

Dicapo has attested that the customers for whom he specifically dealt with wagered approximately $1.2 million between 2006-2009. All of this money would then be routed to an offshore business in Costa Rica (where many a sports betting business is set up, I might add). The actual wagers would go through here, and all winning bets would be paid out accordingly.

On that note, while everything Dicapo was doing was deemed illegal, this does not necessarily mean there was shady business taking place internally. In other words, Dicapo and his operation was, for all intensive purposes, a legitimate sports betting service with a base of satisfied customers. I suppose you could say satisfied “clients”, if DiCapo was dealing with a small handful of whales. That hasn’t yet been determined yet, but I’m sure it will be brought to light if that’s indeed what happened.

In relation to what’s going on with the aforementioned IGREA, you might wonder if cases like this will continue happening in the U.S. Well, to make a long story short, the answer is yes. One small provision in the IGREA is that sports betting will not be included with online poker, bingo and online casino games in having the possibility to be regulated on a State level. Online sports betting simply is illegal and will remain illegal even if the IGREA is passed into law.

But that won’t stop operations like Dicapo’s from sprouting up, many of which may not even be caught. The fact of the matter – and this is one reason why sports betting was left out of the bill – is that most sports fans love to wager. And for the millions of these folks who do not have the luxury of making trips to Vegas every time they want to make a wager, the telephone and online bookies serve as a very convenient option for placing the bets on one’s behalf

Globet Uses Chartwell Technology to Power More Online Casino Games

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Canadian-based online gambling software developer, Chartwell Technology, continues it’s expansion into the European internet betting sector, and has further established itself as one of the leading developers of online casino compliant software and wagering solutions.

As part of a licensing deal with UK internet gaming provider, Globet, the Chartwell Games Platform will power a new suite of online casino games available through the Globet website. Primarily known for their sportsbook and punter services, Globet has benefited from an online casino, which in the past, has included such top performing games as Microgaming’s multi-million progressive jackpot video slot, Major Millions.

Boasting an eCOGRA certification, and having recently relocated from Gibraltar to the UK, Globet stands amongst the most transparent of internet betting sites in business today. They are also one of the oldest internet gaming companies. And with over 500,000 customers spanning the globe, it goes without saying that Globet has a broad clientele of bettors to cater to.

As for Chartwell Technology, the fact they were selected by Globet to begin with is a powerful testament to Chartwell’s innovation in the online gambling field. Globet’s Managing Director, Enrico Salvatori said the decision to use Chartwell for powering their online casino “comes from the fact that the Management group (at Globet) considers this one of the best products in the market and one that suits Globet’s business model moving forward.”

Rank Interactive’s Blue Square Developing iPad Online Sportsbook With Mkodo

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I’m pretty sure everyone could have predicted that Apple’s iPad would be yielded as a tool for gambling at online casinos…eventually. Heck, when it first came out, I was surprised there wasn’t already an online betting application designed to seamlessly integrate with the iPad browser. But then again, why would there need to be? The iPad is essentially a lighter and more manageable laptop…..err, handtop.

I suppose this is where we begin charting deeper into the world of user-experience. Sure, you can still log onto any online casino or your favorite poker room through the Safari browser on the iPad. However, just as there is a difference between a mobile version of a website and the regular website, you will have to scroll around more to find what you are looking for – the main reason being differences in screen size.

If you want to see what I’m talking about in action, well, first you will obviously need to get your hands on an iPad. Secondly, you should navigate your way over to – the online sports betting division of London-based Rank Interactive. One of the UK’s leading online leisure and entertainment company’s, BlueSquare is licensed out the UK Gambling Commission’s whitelisted Alderney jurisdiction, and accounts for a large share of the sports betting traffic generated in Europe.

A recent agreement with Mkodo Limited to develop an iPad sportsbook is just another innovative addition to BlueSquare’s already impressive lineup of mobile application platforms. In fact, BlueSquare reports “fantastic growth” over the past year on the mobile front. A partnership with Mkodo now is certain to bring in more mobile traffic, especially with Apple’s range of products, which account for over half the traffic handled on the Mkodo platform.

Google Android Starting to Show it’s Face in Mobile Online Gaming Sector

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

To debate which smart phone is better – Google Android,  iPhone or Blackberry – is kind of a pointless, albeit fun debate. Where one phone lacks, another excels – and vice versa. Me personally, I am an iPhone user. Call it loyalty, laziness or a three-year contract :), all I know is that when I picked up an iPhone for the first time, I realized that I had officially entered “the future”.

As for a close friend of mine, he has had all three of the aforementioned smart phones, and currently is the proud owner of the Android. And while he will be the first to admit that the Android does some pretty cool stuff (like take a photo with flash), there is some user-experience that he misses about the iPhone, which his wife is still the proud owner of. So yes, the debate I referred to is one which I have personally witnessed take place between a happily married couple – only to end in name-calling and smashed furniture. Just kidding. As I said, it’s a friendly and fun debate.

In terms of online gambling, both the Android and iPhone are equally available. In other words, both phones are available through applications built by the leading online casinos, poker rooms, bingo rooms and internet sports books today. The most recent example I can think about of an online gaming operator developing applications for both the iPhone and Google’s Android is Unibet. The Malta-based operator just announced the launch of a client-specific (Android user’s) application for it’s popular sportsbook, which covers everything from the World Cup to U.S. politics.

On the heels of an iPhone application launch (last October) with Swedish mobile games developer, Mobenga, Unibet has become one of the first developers to launch a sports betting app specifically for the Android. Once again partnering up with Mobenga, Unibet revealed that the application was designed to convey the “feel” of Unibet, while still resembling the previous mobile app developed for iPhone users. In other words, the user-experience quotient still remains high.

So, on behalf of all mobile phone user’s (even those without the Android, yet still likely to adopt the Android), I say thanks Unibet and Mobenga for showing us it can be done. And with that folks, expect to see many more Google Android mobile gaming applications from your favorite online casinos and betting sites in the very near future.