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Tiger Woods Turns His Back on Paddy Power Online Sportsbook

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Paddy Power, what are you thinking offering Tiger Woods $75 million to be a spokesperson for your online casino and sportsbook over the next five years? I mean c’mon, he just lost his sponsorship deal with Gatorade – the man needs at least $200 million.

But seriously, what are you thinking Paddy Power? Perhaps you are thinking that the real Tiger Woods was only coming out of his shell and the whole sex scandal was just the tip of the iceberg? That Tiger Woods was going to live the playboy lifestyle from here on out, become a high roller on your site and serve as a role model for all the twenty/thirty something guys who want to cheat on their wives?

If you ask me, Paddy Power’s offer for Tiger Woods is nothing more than a publicity stunt, which considering the fact I’m writing an article about it at this moment, it’s a pretty damn good publicity stunt. Does Paddy Power, let alone anybody, really think Tiger Woods would take Paddy Power up on this offer? The guy has put himself in a clinic and is trying to keep his marriage alive. Furthermore, he’s made it clear that he plans to return to playing golf. And last time I checked, being a professional athlete and a spokesperson for a sportsbook is a conflict of interest.

Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods has already turned down Paddy Power’s offer. But, keeping the publicity stunt alive, Paddy Power has announced they will be making a more “lucrative” offer for Tiger, but no details as to what exactly that is. My guess is a hybrid deal with Donald Trump to get Tiger on “The Apprentice”.

Party Gaming Reports Impressive Revenue Growth for 2009

Monday, February 8th, 2010
Impressive Revenue at Party Gaming

Impressive Revenue at Party Gaming

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Party Gaming’s 2009 End of Year report shows a massive 32% increase in sales revenue. Being one of the more popular names and brands in the online gambling industry, not to mention the fact that online gambling hasn’t really taken that much of a loss in spite of the 2009 recession, or rather, economic crisis, I personally would not have been surprised if Party Gaming reported even higher earnings. Such is the life of big online gambling giants, no matter if they’re in the U.S. market or not.

Party Gaming’s third quarter’s revenue topped in at $100.4 Million, while the last quarter alone saw a 32% increase, topping $132 Million. Much of the increase in revenue is being attributed to a new online bingo and online casino operator in the Party Gaming network, while the vast majority of the revenue itself has been generated by Party Gaming affiliates (no surprise there).

With the addition Cashcade Limited and implementation of what Party Gaming likes to call “effective promotions” (meaning larger bonuses) and better loyalty rewards (all thanks in lieu to increased competition), Party Gaming was able to recapture the #1 spot in the world for poker liquidity (non U.S. facing) and increased player retention levels. This was a risky move, to say the least, but ended up paying off huge, resulting in 7% more active player days from Q3 and 24% more activity than the previous year.

2010 is already looking promising for Party Gaming with the integration of Cashcade and the World Poker Tour right on schedule. Party Gaming execs also remain hopeful that the introduction of online casino games, poker and bingo in the Italian market during the first half of 2010, online gambling liberalization in France (slated for the second half of 2010) and Denmark (2011) will bring another surge in revenue to Party Gaming throughout the next couple of years.

On another note, Party Gaming has appointed former Chief Executive Officer and Director of Mangas Gaming Malta Limited, Per Widerstrom, as Chief Operating Officer. With a wealth of experience in the online sports betting sector, perhaps that is a direction that Party Gaming is hoping to ramp up even more in 2010?

Blocked Online Gambling Credit Card Transactions More Than Just the Super Bowl

Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Mastercard or Visa? Who Cares!? Cut 'em up and Run!!!

Mastercard or Visa? Who Cares!? Cut 'em up and Run!!!

Yesterday, one of our blog posts was about the difficulty online bettors are likely to face today when making wagers on the Super Bowl. In the past, it was not uncommon at all to see a spike in credit card deposit declines leading up to and during the Super Bowl – call it a temporary crackdown, if you will. This time, however, the rise in credit card declinations appears to be equally – if not more – tied to the U.S. online gambling ban, aka, Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

In fact, on Wednesday of this week, a sudden rise in declined credit cards was being reported by U.S. online poker players. It was initially thought that the crackdown strictly applied to Mastercard holders, but as of Thursday, more reports were surfacing that the crackdown was also being applied to Visa Cards. At the time, it is still not clear just how many online gamblers have been affected by the crackdown.

The bottom line is that U.S. bettors need not go into panic mode. As has always been the case, alternative methods for making online gambling deposits do indeed exist. U.S. facing online casinos, in particular, have been very successful at finding ways to make things financially work for players, even if it means experiencing slower withdrawal processing times.

U.S. online poker players, however, may experience more hardships in getting their money through. Sites like Poker Stars, which account for the vast bulk of U.S. online poker traffic, are reporting a large increase in declined credit cards. As for sports wagers, these too are proving more difficult for U.S. bettors, namely those at the leading U.S. facing sports betting site,

Online Betting With Credit Cards May Prove Difficult During Super Bowl

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football!!!!...How About Credit Card Blockage?!!!

Are You Ready for Some Football!!!!...How About Credit Card Blockage?!!!

Most online gamblers who have been around long enough to see their fair share of online gambling eWallets and payment solutions come and go, are likely not worried when and if the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act begins to be enforced (scheduled for July, 2010). Credit card companies have long tried to block online gambling payments with varying degrees of success, oftentimes stepping up enforcement prior to and during what is considered to be the largest betting events of the year, such as the Super Bowl.

Now, for anyone who has been living under a rock for the past few days, the Super Bowl is tomorrow. Although my team, the Miami Dolphins didn’t make the cut this (nor last year, nor the year before, nor the year before that, and so on…you the point, not to mention my utter disappointment), the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints should, nonetheless,  prove to be a great match. In fact, I’m betting it will be one of the closest in a long while. What’s that, I might not be able to bet, after all?

So yes, as I already mentioned, the year’s top sporting events, like the Super Bowl, typically prove to be a more difficult time to place online wagers. Perhaps it’s the fact that so many more people are making bets online (thus a much larger number of declined bets), or that the credit card companies are feeling the pressure from land-based casinos and sportsbooks losing out millions to online sportsbooks, the fact of the matter is that credit card processing always seems to be just a little more difficult around the time of the Super Bowl. If you’re thinking about making a bet online tomorrow, you might want to consider using an eWallet that accepts deposits and withdrawals on wagers made in your jurisdiction.

Online Sports Betting Operator, Stanley Bet, Donates 1.3 Million

Friday, December 18th, 2009
Stanley Bet International

Stanley Bet International

StanleyBet isn’t a name you see too often at Online Casino Suite. In fact, you will hardly ever see it. And not to say that StanleyBet doesn’t deserve to be on our pages, or that they are the “Macbeth”, I mean “Scottish Play” of the online gambling world, it’s just that StanleyBet is a sportsbook – and as our name likes to suggest – Online Casino Suite specializes in online casino gaming – not sports betting.

So why am I talking about StanleyBet now? Well, online gambling is online gambling (deep thought, eh?), and one of our missions here at OCS is to foster a good name for the online gambling world as a whole. It’s part of our quest to educate as many people as possible about the ins and outs of online gambling, and that if properly navigated, will provide a safe and fair virtual experience. And when one online gambling destination sets a good example, we like to tell everyone about it.

That said, StanleyBet International was in the news recently for donating over €1.3 million to help rebuild schools in the earthquake ravaged region of Abruzzo, Italy. What amounts to the highest contribution to the Abruzzo region by a foreign company, the money will go to immediate use helping build and reopen a primary school in the heart of Arista. The financial aid will allow the school to reopen it’s doors with approximately thirteen classrooms to some ninety elementary students for the first term in 2010.

Managing Director for StanleyBet, John Whittaker is on record saying, “We have very close links in Italy as well as employing a significant number of Italian nationals within our business….After such a tragic event, we felt it was incumbent on us to help in any way we could and as a result we decided to fund the rebuilding of the school in Arsita.”

Now, if that’s not a shining example of corporate social responsibility, then I don’t know what is. If more gaming corporations follow the lead of StanleyBet in sharing the wealth, not only does this help defeat the argument voiced by gambling opponents that sports betting (and wagering in general) is an illicit and immoral business, it obviously helps the world become a better place to live for all humanity – and that’s the most important thing of all.

The Unspoken Affair: Cryptologic and Playtech Privy to Online Sports Betting

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Playtech Cryptologic Affair

Oh, how the days of online gambling do change. I remember when Microgaming and Cryptologic were like the only two online casino software providers in business – reputable one’s at least. The biggest bone of contention back then was who got credit with launching the first online casino (Inter Casino or First Web? or neither!) and who had the better security protocols. Later on, it was basically who had the most casino games. These days, there are practically too many casino games and software developers to even keep up with (but don’t worry, OCS still keeps up with all of them 🙂 )

While Microgaming has pretty much stayed the course over the years with their original product offering – online casino software – Cryptlogic and Playtech (who came out a couple of years after Microgaming and Cryptologic), have taken it upon themselves to diversify within the online gaming industry as much as possible. And it seems, these days, that whatever Cryptologic does, Playtech follows suit – and vice versa.

I remember laughing when Playtech announced it had obtained licensing rights to develop Marvel Superhero characters into slot machines, just like Cryptologic did a couple years prior. Whether it was coincidence or good timing, just shortly after that, Cryptologic seemed to one-up Playtech, announcing they had obtained exclusive rights to license DC Comic’s superhero characters, as well as several Paramount movie titles.

And how could one forget the drama that unfolded when Will Hill Casino left Cryptologic for a younger, sexier Playtech? It was like an episode of “Guiding Light”, minus the fake tans. On that note, goodbye “Guiding Light”. Apparently you were on the radio and T.V. for seventy-two years – and to think I never got to watch…err, chose to watch a single episode :(.

So, now that both Playtech and Cryptologic are making motions to enter the online sports betting sector, I can only help but wonder who will one-up the other first. Cryptologic is apparently very close to making a deal with French betting empire, Mangas, to partner up with European football focused, BetClic, while Playtech is working on launching a sports betting product as a result of acquiring Player2Player earlier in the year and figuring ways to maximize its newly acquired connections with Unibet and Bwin via a recent buyout of skill games provider, Gaming Technology Solutions.

If you ask me, I think it needs to come down to performing pranks on one another at all future online gambling conventions. Or, even better, seeing who can host the better party. What’s that I hear? Microgaming is giving away free cases of Stella at their next party. Oh wait, Playtech just announced they will be giving away free cases of Stella AND free back massages courtesy of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Now, we’re talkin’.