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Eye on Gambling Online Sports Portal and Forum Founder, Passes Away

Monday, April 12th, 2010

The owner and founder of a popular online sports betting portal, Kenneth Weitzner, has been found dead inside in his Virginia home, along with his wife, Jackie Weitzner. Ruled a double-suicide, the death of the Weitzner’s not only comes as a shocker to the departed’s family and loved one’s, there is also a sense of disbelief brewing within the internet betting industry.

An avid and gregarious voice amongst the ruling elite in the professional sports betting arena, Weitzner was largely known for his podcasts and presence on his online sports betting portal, EyeOnGambling (EOG), which Weitzner used to publish sports betting news and live lines, as well as recruit online bettors for sportsbooks and poker rooms.

Widely regarded as a player advocate and purveyor of strict gambling standards, Weitzner was a friend to online gamblers and sometimes-foe to the Costa Rican based sportsbooks seeking to levy deals with Weitzner – many of whom Weitzner would call out for unethical business practices. The fact is, Weitzner certainly wasn’t afraid to shoot from the hip, which is precisely why some of his colleagues are speculating whether his death was truly a suicide, especially considering the murder of owner

Another variable to consider is speculation from some of Weitzner’s colleagues that he owed large amounts to business contacts. Whether from gambling debts or business dealings, it’s hard to fathom that Kenneth Weitzner would be strapped for cash. One of Weitzner’s first successful online betting portals, ( sold for $2 million in 2002. As for EOG, it was and continues to be thriving portal site, no doubt pulling in good money for affiliate referrals.

A tragedy all the same, Kenneth and Jackie Weitzner will certainly be missed by many. Weitzner’s legacy – EOG – will be business as usual, and is currently being manned by one of Jackie Weitzner’s sons. The forums were recently shut down for a designated time period, serving as a moment of silence for the Weitzners.

A touching announcement on all sub-forums reads,”There are times in everyone’s life when the unimaginable becomes reality, thus has been the case for those of us here at EOG. We have lost two wonderful people who touched many lives and will never be forgotten. Before we can begin to move forward from these moments we must first reflect upon our own feelings and personal thoughts regarding this tragedy. While we may never truly know the reasons why this tragedy happened, we will always have with us the fond memories, the laughter shared, and the wisdom given by both Ken and Jackie. We live our lives day to day often forgetting to tell those we love and care about how we feel. If nothing else, take this time to let those you love know how much they mean to you. You never know when it may be too late…”.

Quebec Hoping to Regulate Online Poker and Sports Betting Later This Year

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Quebec to Liberalize the Maple Leaf?

Quebec to Liberalize the Maple Leaf?

It really does seem like online gambling regulation has been the sole focus of the Online Casino Suite Blog these past few days. But what can I say, it’s not my fault. Blame it on the lack of regulation in “certain” countries. Or for a more optimistic view, perhaps I should say, blame it on a shifting regulatory landscape amidst the major player’s in the industry. Obviously, the United States is one of the major players I am referring to, and of late, has been at the middle of a heightened battled to implement an online gambling ban while regulatory legislation simultaneously makes it’s way into the House of the Representatives. Oh, and let’s not forget the Super Bowl.

Another major player in the internet gaming industry is Canada, which has long taken the same stance which the United States did before the passing of the UIGEA. And that, my friends, is the stance I like to call “shifty”. You know, the classic middle-gray area where you keep both sides of the gulf appeased as best as possible. Then again, shiftiness oftentimes comes down to the execution of power, or the lack thereof.

And in the case of Canada, it has mostly been the latter. You see Canada is essentially home to the Kahnawake tribe, which just so happens to operate one of the largest online casino and poker regulatory commissions in the online gambling industry. While Kahnawake operating licensees are free to take bets from citizens wherever they choose, there is no denying the fact that Canadians are giving lots of potential tax dollars to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, not to mention several other regulatory bodies. More precisely, it is estimated the Canadian online gambling industry is worth $675 million.

Perhaps this is why Canada now appears to be taking a more tolerant air toward the idea of regulation. Although it looks as if only online poker and sports betting is being considered for the time being, it’s a start, nonetheless – And a good start at that. This week, Quebec’s Finance Minister announced plans to introduce online poker by September of 2010, with major support from Loto Quebec (no surprise there). Of course, the opposition is already on it’s high horse, citing that online gambling will only increase underage and problem gamblers. However, Loto Quebec has been just as quick to retort with evidence of reports and public health studies showing otherwise.

Of course, nothing is certain at this stage in the process. There is still a long way to go before Quebec will be out of the clear and given a green light to begin regulating online poker and sports betting. Let’s just say the prospects are looking really, really good.