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Jadestone Launches Liar’s Dice; Expanding Online Casino Platform

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

jadestone01Jadestone Networks has announced a new dice game, called “Liar’s Dice” has been launched live and is now available in multi-player mode throughout the European online betting demographic. In actuality, “Liar’s Dice” isn’t as new as you might think. Dating back to the travels – or rather – conquests of the Spanish conquistadors in South America, Liar’s Dice achieved popularity in the “New World”, only to receive a recent surge of interest after being featured in Disney’s hit movie, Pirates of the Caribbean (which your’s truly actually had the pleasure of playing an extra in!).

This is precisely why Jadestone – to celebrate the launch and generate buzz – is giving away a vacation trip to “pirate waters”, aka, a beautiful, resort destination somewhere in the Caribbean. All cash money players who play “Liar’s Dice” (available at Bwin, BetFair and Unibet) during the month of September will be entered into a raffle.

Referred to as the “ultimate game of bluff” that is “deceptively simply and rewards the player’s with the strongest nerves” by Jadestone’s Business Development Director, Tobias Nissen, “Liar’s Dice” is much like head’s up poker in many respects. Two players compete against one another in a series of betting rounds where bluffing…err…lying becomes a valued skill and I dare say artform.

liarsdiceThe game begins by each player rolling five dice – the outcome of which is only viewable to the player who is rolling. This is followed by one player making a bid (a dice hand between one-pair and five-of-a-kind), and a fixed bet that grows each betting round. The opponent will then have the choice of either folding or calling (contributing the same amount into the pot). If the bet is called, the player then has the option of challenging or accepting. A challenge puts all betting to an end and a winner is revealed based on the dice outcome. If the player accepts, the bet must be raised and the process is repeated with the other player. The game is over when either player folds or challenges. During the entire game, each player has the option of rolling one or or more dice two times.

If you have ever played skill games, that’s pretty much what Liar’s Dice is. Jadestone offers it to online betting operators via the DiceArena platform, which also includes Dice Hold’em (another poker variation with dice), Shoot the Moons and the original skill dice game, Backgammon. Jadestone’s GamArena platform offers even more, with a large selection of the next generation online skill games, including the highest quality sports, arcade and puzzle games.

Rounding out their collection of games is a new online casino platform which Jadestone has been launching in phases this year. In development for over a year, the instant play online casino platform has over forty games available in practice or real money mode, and consists of Mini Games (designed specifically for the small screen and to be played in conjunction with other games), Slot Machines (over thirty lined up) and multi-player casino games. The casino server is licensed from Swedish developer, Play ‘n Go, while the slot machines are licensed through Paf.

In other words, all of you European online casino gamblers out there should be seeing more of Jadestone in the near future. As an established skill gaming provider, Jadestone is poised to tap the casino gaming sector with the best in next generation entertainment software platforms. As their company tagline says, Jadeston is “Always in Play”.

The GamArena platform includes everything from the server back-end to the actual site, complete with a rich selection of games. Jadestone also offers all services required for day-to-day operation: customer support, payment processing, marketing support, etc. GamArena is currently available in English and more than 20 other European languages.

Playtech Acquires GTS, Expanding into Online Skill Gaming and Sports Betting

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

GTS Games at Playtech

In what appears to be a strategic move in several directions at once, Playtech Software will be acquiring reputable turnkey skill gaming software provider, Gaming Technology Solutions (GTS). Disclosed in a press release, Playtech will be purchasing all GTS assets for an initial price of €10.8 Million, with an additional consideration of €10.8 Million (€21.6 Million total), pending future incoming revenue generated by GTS’s established skill gaming network.
Playtech’s CEO, Mor Weizer, revealed the deal is a strategic move, stating the agreement with GTS “will enable us to work with a true open platform and integrate new games seamlessly. We have been looking to enhance our open content capabilities, and in effect become an aggregator of quality gaming content.” Furthermore, this particular foray will allow Playtech to quickly expand in newly regulated online betting markets, as well as soon-to-be regulated markets, such as France and Italy, albeit the aforementioned both have a ways to go in implementing effective protocols for regulating online gambling.
But this has always been Playtech’s Mode of Operation, so to speak – tap into burgeoning sectors of the online gambling industry before anybody else. They were able to do it in the mobile gaming sector (along with Microgaming), live dealer betting, and they were one of the only non-Asian company’s to get their fingers in the Asian betting market (although China is now looking to be less liberated than originally thought). Weizer reinforced this mission, stating, “The acquisition of GTS brings Playtech nearer to having a full complement of egaming solutions, supplying the major gaming verticals, and lacking only a significant sportsbook offering.”
But the lack of a significant sportsbook offering will soon be a thing of the past. Earlier this year, Playtech acquired the sports technology company, Player2Players, and is currently developing a software platform to market to clients in the not-too-distant future. This is precisely why the GTS acquisition is a strategic move in several directions.
Besides the fact that Playtech is expanding into the skill gaming sector, which offers increasingly popular online tournament style games like Gin Rummy and Backgammon, Playtech will be using the GTS acquisition to woo some of the largest European online sports betting companies who currently use GTS’s skill gaming platform. Having a relationship with operators like Bwin and Unibet, by default, Playtech’s likely strategy will be to expand their relationship with said betting operators by means of the comprehensive betting solutions offered by Playtech, including their mobile online casino games and live dealer gambling.