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Million Dollar Scratch Card Won Online at Neo Games’

Monday, September 6th, 2010

hopa-1millionwinnerAnother day, another millionaire online. Okay, maybe it doesn’t happen every day. But in the vast world of online gambling, becoming a millionaire is not as rare as you might think. Granted, the odds that you and I personally will become a millionaire are very slim. Yet, isn’t it that way for everybody else? For those of us who are playing the right games at the right online betting destinations – which, these days, includes more than just online casinos – the odds get that much better.

Case in point is the recent millionaire to come out of Neo Game’s online scratch card site, You heard right. Online scratch cards are a budding form of internet betting that has become very popular the world over, especially in Europe. This is precisely the area of the world in which Hopa caters to, and probably the region in which the lucky player, Lydie A., to bag the 1 million Euro jackpot calls home. Due to understandable privacy reasons, the location of winning players at Hopa is not divulged.

If you ask me, that’s just another reason to give Hopa a try. Privacy should be a major concern for online bettors, and Hopa (under the directorship of Neo Games) honors that better than most online casinos out there requiring big winners to pose for photographs and the like.

The only other thing we know about Lydie A. is that she has a touch of good luck. Not only is the 1 million win an impressive feat by itself, Lydie A. scored a 100,000 win almost one year ago playing the Super Slot 7 at Hopa – And that was only just months after Hopa was launched by Neo Games. Looks like loyalty pays off in more ways than just rewards points, does it not?

Describing the win to a Hopa representative, which was published in a press release this morning, Lydie A. stated,

hopawinner2When I was playing… and when I saw the amount that appeared on my screen as a win of 25 + 4 zeros, I became stuck to my chair and could not believe what was happening to me. I looked at it, and then looked again at the 250,000 Euros appearing in my cashier! Then, a member of the HOPA team contacted me to congratulate me on my 1,000,000Euros win! I could not believe it because only 250,000Euros were in the cashier but the winning card, itself was showing 1,000,000Euros.

I guess the software platform wasn’t used to dishing out 1 million wins, although the game itself does indeed say the opportunity exists! In fact, this was actually the first 1 million winner at Hopa, and will very likely not be the last. Furthermore, when all is said and done, Hopa has given away several million Euros in just under two years. Last month alone, Hopa gave away over 85 Million to lucky winners! And Multi-thousand Euro winners happen here every day – Check out the “Recent Winners” live feed on the Hopa homepage to see for yourself.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering about the game in which Lydie A. won the 1 million jackpot, it was the multi-scratch card game, Super 3 WOW. Want to find out more? Give a visit.

Who Knew You Could Win 50,000 Euros Playing Rocks, Paper, Scissors Online?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


The Complicated Basis Behind Scratch2Cash's "Fast Hands" Multi-Game

Everyone knows you can win it big playing the lottery. Whether it’s a single scratch-off ticket or the six number draw, there are millions to be won giving the lottery a go. If you are looking for a chance at becoming a millionaire, your best bet is to stick with the odds that are one-in-something-millions, i.e., the infamous Powerball lottery. However, if you’re looking to pocket a few hundred dollars or thousands even, you are better off playing a scratch-off ticket.

Such was the case for a lucky player going by the name of Mirco M. Hailing from Italy, Mirco M. just took home 50,000 Euros playing the recently launched “Fast Hands”. A multi-game designed to give players more play for their buck, “Fast Hands” is based on the infamous “Rocks, Paper, Scissors”. A simple and fun game to play with friends at parties (especially after a few drinks), the online version of “Rocks, Paper, Scissors” aka “Fast Hands” offers a lot more stakes than the playground version.

In other words, you can win big money playing “Fast Hands”, as evidenced by the aforementioned win. Developed by software licensor, Neo Games, “Fast Hands” is available at online scratch card website, Scratch2Cash. Where a 95% payout is the norm and one in three cards wins, Scratch2Cash, Malta-licensed Scratch2Cash is one of the top places to go online for lottery-style, scratchoff cards.

It’s also a great place to go for free bonus money. Just like at online casinos, Scratch2Cash offers new players free money just for trying out their games, as well as ongoing reload bonuses to reward player loyalty. If this has your curiosity piqued, the $5 no-deposit bonus is a great way to test out the games for real money firsthand without any risk and win up to $5,000 in cash on a single $5 card or. In other words, there is no obligation to deposit real money if you want to have a go at actually becoming a real money winner.

If you’re ready for more serious action and want to stay in the game longer for winning even more, Scratch2Cash offers a true 100% Match bonus that will give the best online casinos a run for their money. Simply make a minimum deposit of $10 to receive up to $200 in free cash. Meet a reasonable 20x play-through in wagers and any free money left is available for cashing out. Just be sure to meet the bonus terms within three months of opening an account and do not have more than 14 days of consecutive account inactivity. Read the OCS Scratch2Cash Review for more information.