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DiCaprio Flick About Online Gambling in Costa Rica Gets the Green Light

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Sans UB jersey, Leo's making an online gambling movie.

Sans UB jersey, Leo's making an online gambling movie.

I’ve blogged in the past about a film in the works with Leonardo DiCaprio about the underground world of online gambling in Costa Rica. Other than the fact that Paramount Studios was getting involved to help produce the film, that’s pretty much all that was known about the project.

Looking back, I wasn’t all that excited upon hearing the news myself, for being very familiar with the film making industry, let’s just say I didn’t have my hopes up that such a film would even get made. In the movie making business, many projects are announced, most of which never get made while some – which despite getting made – don’t find distribution and never see the light of day.

Now, however, things look very promising that the online gambling flick with DiCaprio starring in the lead role will indeed get made. Just the fact that a celebrity the caliber of DiCaprio is on board (as is his production company, Appian Way), is reason enough to give the project a green light. And with Paramount Studios set to distribute the flick, it’s a sure thing you will be able to catch this yet-to-be-named film in theatres next year.

In the meantime, the film is simply known as the “Untitled Brian Koppelman and David Levien Project” (the screenwriting duo known for penning the casino gambling-esque movies “Oceans 13” and “Rounders”, not to mention “Rounders 2” currently in the works). While the film is still in the writing stage, there is a good chance it will go into production this year and slated for release in 2011 (according to iMDB Pro).

So yes, I am definitely excited to see this. In fact, if written well, this film could help to educate U.S. online gamblers about the dangers of betting at online casinos based in Costa Riva. Contrary to what many of these establishments will have you think, there is no regulation in Costa Rica. So when an online casino says they are licensed in Costa Rica, all that simply means is that they have a business license and nothing else.

DiCaprio himself seems to know how the industry plays out in Costa Rica. When asked whether or not he likes to gamble online, he stated that he used to enjoy “a little” online gambling before it became illegal in the U.S., but that he nonetheless thinks the concept of playing at an online casino that may or may not pay out makes for an interesting film subject.

Indeed, the stakes are high in this business – befitting for some action-packed, crime-thriller movie fare. And although I don’t personally engage in the backend world of operating an online casino, I do know that organized crime and various underground mafia’s have a presence in the internet betting business. Maybe not so much in places like the UK (where online gambling is government regulated), but certainly in places like Israel and Costa Rica.

My only fears are that this film either becomes all about car chases and explosions and or is another flick about playing online poker. If there is any truth at all to this movie, it should be very revealing to online gamblers, and hopefully, will even get the attention of law makers and light a fire under their butt’s to pass regulatory legislation in the U.S. and put the crooks in Costa Rica out of business.