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Introducing Australia’s Anti-Online Gambling Senator – Nick Xenophon

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Is that a Mobile Casino in Your Pocket Sonny Boy?

Is that a Mobile Casino in Your Pocket Sonny Boy?

Australia certainly provides a demand for online gambling. And although the laws Down Under are some of the strictest in the world, let’s just say that Australian’s still know how to get their online gambling fix. As is to be expected, some publicly elected officials don’t want this to be (for one reason or another), and have taken great effort to ban all forms of online wagering.

Senator Nick Xenaphon is precisely one of these publicly elected officials. It’s kind of interesting his last name is one letter short of the word “phone”, because Nick Xenophon doesn’t want you to gamble from your phone. Apparently, he was ridiculed as a child, taunted on the playground by bully’s proclaiming, “Nick Xenophone calls his mommy!”.

Having pretty much centered his 1997 election platform around banning gambling (don’t ask me how he was voted into office), Xenophon is now making motions to ban all forms of remote wagering, which he thinks (or so he says) encourages underage gambling. Concerned about the flood of applications that can now be used on smart phones, like the iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android, Xenephon is speaking out against mobile online casinos in particular, albeit if he had his way, all forms of remote wagering would get the ax.

There is no denying the rise in popularity of mobile casino gaming; However, this is primarily due to a recent spike in development technologies that now allow legally aged online gamblers to safely and securely log into their online casino accounts via mobile phones.

And no, mobile online casinos are not “apps” that can be quickly downloaded from iTunes or elsewhere on the internet by anyone under eighteen years of age. In order to gamble for real money on a cell phone, players must first open an account (which is checked for age and fraud verification, mind you) and then request the mobile software download package to be sent to their phone via an SMS text message. Only then can the player log into the online casino from their mobile phone and begin wagering with real money.

Perhaps if Senator Xenaphon actually took the time to engage due diligence research about online gambling technology, he wouldn’t be so quick to label mobile online gambling as a corruptor of the youth. But then again, perhaps Senator Xenaphon doesn’t care to know the truth, being so blinded by the agenda he promised he would keep many years ago.

AusCasino Partnering With InterCasino and Catering to the Land Down Under

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Not to presume that Online Casino Suite is drawing a large Australian demographic or anything, I still want to tell everyone about a new Australian online casino. Oh wait…take that back – it’s not new after all. In fact, it’s Australia’s oldest online casino period. Oh wait, or is that Lasseters. Oh hell, I don’t know. It’s old. How’s that?

Anyhow, the online casino I am referring to is none other than A fitting name to say the least, AusCasino has plenty of things going for it right now – the least of which is a partnership with Inter Casino. Don’t ask me what that partnership entails, because neither site has had much to say about it, other than a message on the homepage of AusCasino to this effect.

The other reason why AusCasino should be in high spirits right now is that legislation is on the table (albeit stalled as of yesterday) to liberalize and regulate online gambling. There is no denying that online gambling is a huge industry in Australia. As reported in a recent study, Australians spent an estimated $790 million in overseas online gambling wagers during 2008. Increasing since 2002, annual wages are certain to rise in 2010.

So, if you are from Australia and are looking to spend a buck online gambling in your homeland, then look no further than AusCasino. They currently offer over 200 online casino games, including Cryptologics popular Marvel superhero comics series of games like Wolverine and Iron Man, as well as the recently launched DC Comics slots series, which include Superman and Batman.

The homepage of their website may look a little unprofessional (that’s just my opinion, of course), but don’t let that fool you. is properly regulated and stands to offer an excellent return on your wager – both in terms of odds and entertainment.