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Newbie Online Gambler Tips: Navigating the Online Casino Lobby

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

If you are a newbie to the world of online gambling, it will be in your best interests to familiarize yourself with every element of the online casino you choose to open a real money wagering account with. Not going into too much detail about the factors in choosing an online casino (let’s just say that it would also be in your best interest to read the OCS Online Casino Reviews page 🙂 ), I’d rather like to shed some light navigating within an online casino software platform at the moment.

Signing up and opening a new account is pretty much self-explanatory. Downloading an online casino, or logging into a no-download Flash platform for that matter, is just as self-explanatory. Click the download/instant play button, click OK a few times, enter your personal details and Walla! If at any time during the process a roadblock occurs, such as a missing Flash component in your computer’s operating system, the interactive software manager will tell you and offer an immediate solution. So no worries!
Once you are logged into your new online casino, the very first thing you will see is the online casino lobby. And yes, “lobby” is a very apt description. It’s like walking into the front entrance of the MGM Grand, crossing over the little bridge and waterfall at the entrance to the casino and seeing a see of slot machines, card tables and flashing lights! The only thing better about an online casino lobby is that you you can see so much more, and it’s more organized! 🙂

That said, the following screen shots take you, step-by-step, in navigating an online casino lobby. FYI – the following example is using Vegas Technology Software’s VIP Slots Casino, which OCS gives two thumbs up for opening a free account.

After entering your login information and password (which we highly recommend you do not Auto-save, but rather, write down on a piece of paper hidden in a safe and secure location), you will be given the option of playing in “Fun” or “Real Money” mode. Both software platforms operate exactly the same and provide the same odds. The only difference is that progressive jackpot games can only be played in the real money mode:

VIP Slots Online Casino

Next, most online casinos will provide a “news” update, generally announcing a new game, tournament or bonus offer, which you must close out first before getting to the online casino lobby. For the example below, VIP Slots is announcing a new tournament sign-up bonus worth 200% up to $500 Free for December 11-13th. Just underneath this screen is the “Game of the Month”, which happens to be Keno and is giving away double comp points all month long.

VIP Slots Online Casino

Once you close out these messages, you are officially inside the online casino lobby. Isn’t it beautiful! Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting, but all the same a great place to be. As you can see, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A real time feed of Recent Big Money Winners is at the very top of the screen, with adjacent links to Live Support and Game Help in the top right corner. The minus (-) symbol simply hides the playing screen on the desktop. Just underneath the $777 Bonus banner, is the main horizontal navigation menu providing links to the Promotions page, Player’s Club Page (info on the different levels of the VIP Plan), the VIP Plan login page (showing all your accumulated comp points and rewards), My Account Page (personal information and registration details) and an Options Page (allowing you to change game sounds, background noises, screen size, music etc.). In the following example, we are signed in to the “Fun” account, hence why there is a link at the bottom of the screen stating “Play for Real Money”. The cashier link in the bottom left-hand corner shows what your fun-money balance is (you can always obtain more free, unlimited fun-money credits), as well as a link to setup a real money account. Keep in mind, you are logged into the software platform via a fully secure and encrypted connection. Any transferred and stored data is 100% safe. The left-hand menu contains links to all casino games and a tournaments page.

VIP Slots Online Casino

Whether you decide to deposit real money or play for fun, the next step you must take is to begin downloading individual casino games. I know what you’re thinking – you already downloaded the casino, right? Well, yes and no. You downloaded and installed the operating component of the software itself – the skeleton, if you will. You still must download the individual casino games if you want to play! It’s a pretty ingenious setup for not only does it make the initial download faster, casino manager’s know that most players are not going to be playing every casino game offered – especially the ones that offers hundreds of casino games. Rather than downloading a ton of casino games that you will never use, consequently using up even more disk space on your computer, the online casino lobby lets you select the games you want to try out. The following screen shows just how to go about doing this. Notice that the “Slot Games” section was chosen, which then offers a menu of different types of the slots. In this case, the “5 Reel Slots” machines have been selected, showing a lineup of all 5-reel slots. Notice the Grail Maiden, 20,000 Leagues and Naughty Ninjas casino games do not have the “Click to Download” message next to them. That’s because they have already been downloaded. The “Funky Chicken” slot is highlighted in red, because it has been selected to download.

VIP Slots Online Casino

After selecting the “Funky Chicken” and clicking to download, the download status screen will pop up. FYI, each casino game takes under 10 seconds to download, depending on your internet connection speed and computer’s operating system.

VIP Slots Online Casino

After the game has been downloaded, you will be directed to that game’s playing screen. Gotta love the “Funky Chicken”! :). Note that the navigation options at the bottom of the playing screen have changed. Now that you are in playing mode, your Real Money Balance and Bonus Money Balance is displayed (in the bottom lefthand corner), with the former links to the promotions page, cashier, playing options and real money signup page now at the bottom. To navigate back to the Lobby, click the “Lobby” link located at the bottom righthand corner of the playing window.

VIP Slots Online Casino

You should also note that the only thing that has not changed between the online casino lobby interface and the playing window is the very top bar, which still contains links to Live Support and the Casino Games information pages. Click the Live Support box and a window such as the following will pop up:

VIP Slots Live Support

Clicking the “?Help” link next to the Live Support button will open the following page, depending on the game you have open. Notice the left navigation menu, providing links to all other games offered in the online casino lobby.


As seen above, every screen will provide a link to either the online casino lobby or previous screen that you navigated to. The only area we have thus far not talked about in our tour of the online casino lobby (besides the real money signup page, and no, I’m not going to show you my personal financial details 🙂 ), is the tournaments page. Signing up for a tournament can be a little intimidating to the newbie, so here’s a screen shot showing how simple and well organized the tournaments page is laid out. Select a tournament to see details in the righthand margin. Click register to, well, register, and click the “Enter” button to start participating in the tournament. Remember, most slots tournaments award the player who wins the most credits. So, just because a tournament has already started and may even be few days in the running, doesn’t mean you should abstain from playing. All it takes is a single big win to make the leaderboard.

VIP Slots Online Casino

I hope the following tutorial has explained the inner workings of an online casino! As you can see, there is absolutely nothing to be intimidated about, and live support is always just a click away. While each online casino software platform will provide a slightly different layout to their online casino lobby, the differences are few and the general navigation setup is exactly the same. As always, take the time to familiarize yourself with the lobby first and you will not only save yourself time in the future, but will feel more confident in your new home!