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Making the Most of Online Casino Customer Service

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Online Casinos With Live Chat

Let me begin this post with a disclaimer. I don’t always practice what I preach! So, while I would like to advise you to hit up all the progressive jackpots right now and win all the big one’s so that I can borrow a buck or two…or three…or four hundred 🙂 I am going to talk about online casino customer service instead.

Now granted, if you read the reviews here at Online Casino Suite, you might very well decide to take our word for it, and open an account at any of the online casinos reviewed and listed on our website – and rightly so, mind you. Remember, we only review the best of the best!

That said, while it’s important to choose your online casinos wisely and listen to what we have to say 🙂 it’s also important to stand up for yourself if and when you are doubtful about the service you are getting. In other words, if there’s ever a time you disagree with the service you are getting from an online casino listed at OCS, you need to speak up – and that includes telling up about in via our Complaints Page. I don’t care if it’s something as little as being disconnected from the playing server or not getting a reply to your email within an acceptable amount of time.

Now, this brings up a good point – emails, that is. So, what exactly is an acceptable amount of time to get an email response from an online casino’s customer service department, you ask? Well, I suppose most people would agree that two business days should be the max. One business day is more like it.

However, if we’re talking about online casinos who claim to be the “best” or who are at least striving to be better than their competitors, we’re talking a matter of hours – preferably the same day. Especially when it comes to questions about payouts, nobody wants to sit around for two days waiting for a reply to let them know if a withdrawal request has been accepted or not.

While toll-free telephone support is a quick way to get an answer, we advise to go with an email so that you will have written proof of all correspondence, including any “promises” or things of the contractual kind. If you simply must call, either get one of those recording apps for your phone (there’s one for the iPhone) and/or request to receive a follow-up email from the customer service representative. Of course, if the casino in question doesn’t get back to you by email within the “acceptable timeframe” we just talked about, you might want to seriously consider packing up and moving elsewhere.

Live chat is also a good alternative to phone conservations and email, as they foster even more communication in a shorter time period than emails, while still providing a written transcript. Of course, not every online casino offers live chat 24/7; However, the best one’s will! U.S. players especially need to be careful about this, as they are playing in an unregulated market so to speak. Don’t get me wrong – there are excellent, safe US facing online casinos out there. But there are also plenty of shady, dirty rogues too!

UK and Euro players need only visit the OCS UK Casinos Page and Euro Casino Page for a shortlist of the best online casinos offering live chat, while U.S. players are wise to start off with the English Harbour Gaming Ventures network of online casinos (all of which offer live chat under VIP Management Services NV that has been given a five star rating with Live Person Chat): These include Millionaire Casino, VIP Slots Casino, English Harbour Casino, Super Slots and Slots Galore Casino.