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Even More Promos at Bet365

Friday, May 30th, 2014

True to their name, the promos, player bonuses, and high end events do not stop coming this month at Bet365. Here are the very latest events launched for live dealer games and sports wagering in anticipation of the World Cup. For additional information, see the OCS Bet365 Review.


Bet 365 Live Games Giveaway

For our readers who love Live Dealer style software, the Bet365 Casino Live Games Giveaway contest is the perfect time for total use of the most high quality Live Dealer games. Get moving, this event takes place this weekend on Saturday, May 31st. This one day Live Dealer action rewards £5,000 in cash prizes.

To take part in the Bet365 Live Games Giveaway, all play on casino at bet365’s exhilarating Live Dealer games is automatically tallied. We’re talking Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Dealer Baccarat, Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em, Live Dealer Roulette and even Live Dealer Sic Bo. Players will simply play their best and climb the leaderboard to be in the action for one of 200 different cash prizes. Chances are great for a win.

If you decide to take part, make sure that you opt in. This can be done at any time before the end of the event. You are able to take part even if you get in on the action late. After all, it doesn’t take long to get one sweet hand, round or deal that will make your day. Included in the 200 prizes from the £5000 purse, there is a £500 top prize.

If you read our blog often, you already know that Bet365 has updated an amazing amount of events turning out serious action. The Bet365 Casino isn’t the only part of this massive online gambling hotspot either. This brand’s packed calendar of events spills over into its racebook, poker room, bingo halls and much more. In fact, let’s talk football since the World Cup is swiftly approaching.

Friendly Events for Football

Leading up to the highly anticipated 2014 FIFA World Cup, there are some high-profile matches that are geared up this weekend and beyond. While there’s almost an unlimited amount of action taking place, the cream of the crop right now is the matchup between Roy Hodgson’s England and the South American country of Peru. This football match will play out in the wonderful Wembley Stadium on Friday night.

Other prime matches include World and European champion Spain as this team takes on Bolivia. Also, we have Paulo Bento’s Portugal matched up against Greece in Lisbon. Another great match will be between Germany and Cameroon.

This is the weekend of action-packed online casino and sports wagering at Bet365. But if these match-ups don’t raise an eyebrow, Bet365 Sportsbook and Racebook will have a wide-ranging amount of pre-match and in-play wagers to get you in the mood during last minute action. If you are late to the game, in-play is on offer.

There’s also a goalless draw. Because of Bet365’s Bore Draw Money Back offer, goaless action is not as bad of a wager as one might anticipate it to be. Just place a pre-match Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Score Cast wager on your match of choice. Should the match end up finishing at 0-0, Bet365 will refund all losing wagers on those markets. This is a really nice feature and is very attractive to those simply on the fence to wager or not.

Tip: The generous Bore Draw Money Back offer works with every football match from around the world throughout the year.

Again, check out the OCS Bet365 Review (see link above) for more information on this Euro online gambling hotspot.

Disclaimer: Bet365 has been vetted by OCS for providing safe and fair online wagering, and consequently, has been selected to be an affiliated brand, from which OCS may earn revenue for referred traffic. This is NOT a paid review.

Live Online Roulette at the Best Online Casinos

Monday, January 21st, 2013

live dealer roulette 2

When it comes to roulette, most people imagine themselves inserted into some sexy scene splashed on a movie screen – You know the part where the guy is about to get the lady and put the bad guys in a smack-down while walking away with the winnings, or that section of the casino where the players are all decked-out in their finest and onlookers gaze with envy, yet they are hesitant to join.

Come on, James Bond right?

What’s not to be attracted to when it comes to the casino excitement of roulette? Think about the luck, the lure, the strategy, odds. You just don’t get the same feeling from many other casino games whether you are in a casino on The Strip, or at home playing online. Unless we’re talking about a striptease slot machine, there are some casino games that are just not as engaging as others.

Truth be told, roulette can be exciting no matter what you are wearing (even those boxers you seem to love to lounge around in at home). Thanks to some serious software advancements like live dealers, you can partake in the same virtual excitement that rivals Vegas, without the need to be timid or get dressed up (heh, heh).

Of course there will be times when you get the chance to go to brick and mortar casinos (and yes you CAN wear jeans in Vegas), and by all means go, but until then there’s some serious action taking place at many casinos on the internet. Some much better than others, I will be the first to admit.

If you are looking for live roulette online, with live dealers that look like they might actually pop out of your computer screen, there are more casinos than I can possibly mention here and now, but for your money and time, a few, come to mind. After reviewing stats, payouts, licensing, awards, and independent auditing, Bet365, 888 Casino and Go Wild Casino are what we consider to be the absolute best. More of the best online casino sites can be found here.

We all know that roulette does not necessarily boast the best odds (not the worst either), but you’ll find that above the chance of a win, the entertainment factor of live dealer roulette is outstanding.

live dealer roulette 1Take GoWild Casino for instance. This online casino offers live roulette, the dealers are, shall we say, not bad to look at, and whether you are male or female, you’ll appreciate the physical attributes of these gals. The actual interaction is quite amazing. Even for live roulette online standards, Microgaming software has really stayed in the game when it comes to development and advanced interaction in gaming.

Whether you want to bet $1-$1000 at a time, this live roulette experience keeps you entertained for the money at stake with new game updates each and very month. Do not take our word for it – If you cannot get to a casino on land, check GoWild Casino and see why live roulette online is the very next best thing to being in Vegas or any other gambling hot spot. For many of you, it is better. Honestly, it’s our number one pick for live roulette game-play online today.

Be sure to consider 888 Casino for the simple fact that they offer similar software to GoWild. In fact, the screen shot images in this post are from Evolution Gaming (which powers a dedicated 888 live dealer casino). Known as an amazing poker casino, 888 Casino has a generous bonus for new clients that is hard to shun. Depending on your bankroll, there is up to $1400 free bonus money to be had. But I will caution that unless you are about to drop some serious money on your initial deposit, $1400 will not compute in your wallet. Alas, bonus and perks-wise, this is my recommendation for those looking for money deals up front. You will not be bored here by any means – It depends upon your needs as with anything else in life, right?

Last but not least, Bet365 encompasses live roulette online as well as a sportsbook for those looking to mix casino games with sports betting (and bingo). Bet365 is convenient in the fact that your account can cover both types of online wagering under one virtual roof. You will not get flashy glitz at Bet365, instead you will find a huge variety. I would say that I am not big on sports wagering, but this is a worthy casino for great reputation and top-notch software, courtesy of Playtech. Be sure to check out both Live Dealer Roulette and the VIP Live Roulette options.

If you haven’t taken notice of table gaming software development, live roulette online is much more exciting than even the other live dealer table games. To each his own, but just look for yourself. There’s nothing like the sound of that spinning wheel, bouncing ball… and the prospects of winning in the air.You may decide it is not for you, but you will not know until you look! Best of luck.

Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 and More to Online Casinos

Saturday, September 4th, 2010
Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 to Online Casinos and More

Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 to Online Casinos and More

Last month, OCS got all gushy over live dealer online casinos. In fact, we went all-in with our bankroll, betting that live dealer gaming will actually become more popular than traditional RNG online casinos. While we’re not exactly sure when that will take place (largely depending on regulation and technology penetration), you can certainly except to see more live dealer casinos in the next five years or so.

Doing our extensive research on live dealer gaming (as we always do, don’t you know), we recently came across Visionary iGaming ( This Costa Rica based proprietary 2.0 casino solutions developer has been making some great advancements in the live gaming sector, which we here at OCS believe warrants some attention. In other words, be on the lookout for Visionary iGaming. Here’s why:

Being a proprietary developer, not only is Visionary’s package of casino games available for live play with real dealers, many of these games cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. For example, Visionary’s Blackjack Early Payout (BJEP) is one which any smart gambler and strategist would be wise to play.

Taking a spin on the “Insurance” rule, Blackjack Early Payout gives players the opportunity to take an early payout on their Blackjack hand, based on the probability on their hand beating the dealer’s. Furthermore, the game itself automatically follows Basic Blackjack Strategy, thereby giving players the opportunity to keep the Casinos Edge down low. In this case, we are talking about a 0.5% edge on any given hand, which amounts to a payout of 99.5%.

Another impressive aspect about Visionary iGaming is that they are focused on Web 2.0 solutions. For anyone out there unfamiliar with Web 2.0, it is the term primarily used to refer to web-based communities where mainstreamed information sharing is the “law of the land”. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twiter, and blog sites like Thoughts and Blogger are perfect examples of Web 2.0.

Visionary iGaming is essentially bringing Web 2.0 to life with live dealer online casino gaming. Truly bringing the casino inside your home, Visionary uses a hosted Rich Internet Application to seamlessly stream video and audio with only a sub 2 second delay. You don’t even have to use a mouse or keyboard to place your wagers! And when the game is in session, you can chat with other players sitting in at the table. Heck, you can even tip the dealer if you like (which you should, by the way)!

Current happenings at Visionary iGaming include development of a live poker platform and expansions on the marketing front. Taking a look at Visionary’s news page, just last month, the company announced that former DublinBet and AbsolutePoker exec, Gian Perroni, has been appointed to Senior Vice President of Marketing. Perroni will be in charge of building global marketing strategies, building Visionary iGaming’s image and brand, while also developing marketing solutions for partner’s, including affiliate programs, rewards and media buying. Prior to this, an article by Visionary iGaming founder and CEO, Martin Reiner, was featured in leading industry magazine, iGaming Business (May/June, 2009).

The Future of Online Casino Gambling: Live Dealer Online Casinos Part I

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Cute dealers and real time video feeds? Could it possibly get even better!?

Cute dealers and real time video feeds? Could it possibly get even better!?

Let me just get straight to the point – The future of online gambling is live dealer online casinos. No, really. And I don’t use the word “future” lightly. I mean really, really think about it – the future, that is. Ten, twenty, thirty years down the road there is no denying that the landscape of online gambling will have shifted. And I dare say it will have shifted to more of a personal – okay I’ll just say it – live experience.

Now, I don’t mean live strictly in the sense of something happening in real time, although this is part of it. I also mean live in the sense that real, live dealers are actually on the other end of your real time wager. While this niche sector of the igaming industry is certainly not as booming and thriving as traditional RNG online casino gambling (that is, online casinos powered by software programmed with a Random Number Generator) or even mobile online gaming, it is popular enough to warrant an increasing number of dedicated live dealer gaming solutions companies.

Admittedly, RNG online casinos are still very popular with bettors – so much so that many bettors still choose these over the live dealer online casino. While it may seem as if the former is the better option, I beg to differ that it is simply for lack of familiarity, or in some case – simply a Web cam – that most internet bettors still opt for traditional RNG online casinos. Granted, there is also the fact that online gambling is still illegal in many countries, including the USA, as well as the consideration that many bettors enjoy the autonomy online gambling affords.

Still, the human component cannot be denied. Just take a look at self-checkout grocery stations.  Most people, if given the option of two empty grocery lines – one manned by a real live person and the other a self-checkout lane – will go with the lane that has a clerk. I know, for one, I do so at my local drug store. In fact, I was just there tonight – where an experience actually prompted me to write this article. When the clerk had to walk over to check the ID of a person buying beer at the self-checkout, someone in line called out, “That’s why we need people”.

Sure, in this capacity, the clerk was serving in a security capacity and overseeing the functioning of the checkout station – which could be viewed as akin to a customer service rep at an RNG online casino making security checks or telling you when to expect your withdrawal. That’s one thing which RNG online casinos, or any business for that matter, simply cannot do without – customer service.

Live dealer online casinos will no doubt still need to offer live customer service. However, it is in the actual operations of the business, where the presence of real, live people makes the difference. Especially in an industry where trust is key to earning business, actually seeing your cards dealt from a full deck that has been shuffled before your eyes, attended by a real person, certainly carries more trust than a software program divvying out hand results which could or could not be rigged. Of course, it’s not that simple. Properly accredited and regulated RNG online casinos guarantee a fair hand.

Another factor which will have more play in the popularity of live dealer online casino gambling, is the innovation of evolving technology, which is happening right now as we speak. Remember when I said to really, really look into the future. Well, do it again. When you’re done, come back to Read the Second Part of this post (….coming soon)

Live Dealer Online Casinos Growing in Popularity as Operator Transparency Lags

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

If you’ve been around the block a couple of times, there is a good chance you’ve heard of – possibly even tried out – live dealer online casinos. One of the next big modes of iGaming, live dealer online casino gambling could very well supersede mobile cell phone wagering in popularity over the next ten years. Of course there will always be those who prefer the autonomy and flexibility of online casinos. However, in a time when there are no international standards of operator transparency, going with live dealers seems to be the proper fix.

Even with online gambling regulation being embraced throughout Europe (and more on the way), some Euro online casinos offer players more assurance in terms of odds and fairness than others. While much of this can be traced back to the software developer responsible for imposing licensing conditions on operators, the real crutch lies with the regulatory bodies. In Europe alone, there are over ten jurisdictions – all with slightly different regulatory provisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that players are at a greater chance of being cheated; However, it does mean that player trust will likely lag as a result.

For some players – and rightfully so – there are simply too many unanswered questions when it comes down to guaranteeing fair odds. For example, just because an online casino links to a published payout percentage report (as required by it’s regulatory license), if said payout report is several months old, what’s to say the current payout is anything but what was last published? In other words, while an outdated payout percentage report doesn’t  necessarily equate to being cheated in the here and now, it necessarily doesn’t mean you are getting fair odds either!

This is precisely why more players are turning to live dealer online casinos, and why the live dealer sector is expected to grow over the years. What you see is what you get. Live dealer gaming is pretty much the same experience you will find in a brick ‘n mortar casino, save larger cards and a slightly slower play time – which is something you won’t find me complaining about. Live video feeds are synced up between the virtual online casino and a player’s personal computer, revealing everything from an initial card count and verification to uninterrupted play being monitored by a floor manager.

Although there are no live dealer online casinos currently open to U.S. residents, rest assured that when it happens there will be a floodgate of traffic for the live dealer sectors. No other online wagering jurisdiction is more prone to scams and could fare better with heightened transparency and player trust – the aftereffects of attempting to ban online gambling.

Live Dealer Online Casinos Growing in Popularity – Ladbrokes Signs With Evolution

Friday, December 18th, 2009

live dealer online casino games

These days, live dealer online casino games are just one of the many options bettors have in the world of remote gaming. While, in essence, betting at live dealer casino games is still online gambling per say, it is different in the sense that there is an interaction with a real dealer. Think of it as playing at a Vegas casino via Skype…only better 🙂

Live dealer casino games essentially allow players to see their actual cards dealt via live video feeds broadcasting game results from a production studio set up just like an actual casino floor. And when I say “actual casino floor”, I’m talking several tables with a pit boss and a computer monitoring station keeping tabs on all the action.

As for the camera’s, several fixed-position video cameras reveal every element of play, which the bettor can see in real time from their computer screen. One camera directly faces the dealer, while another gives a bird’s eye view of over-sized cards being dealt on the table. Keep in mind, I am not referring to just any live dealer online casino gaming.

The aforementioned description is an account of Playtech Software’s live dealer online casino solutions. Playtech Software is one of the top providers of live dealer online casino games, currently, and by the looks of it, will continue to be so in the future. If you would like to see a great video of Playtech’s setup, check this video out.  And when you’re all done there, visit our Playtech Casinos page for a list of the top Playtech live dealer European online casinos.

Playtech live dealer casino games

Playtech live dealer casino games

Another great provider of live dealer casino gaming is Evolution, which the popular UK and Euro facing brand, Ladbrokes, recently signed up with to expand on their current offering of live dealer casino games. As Ladbroke Remote’s Managing Director, John O’Reilly commented in a press release, “We already have a Live Dealer Casino offering which has had excellent feedback from customers. Signing with Evolution means we are taking our offering to the next level.  This improved Live Dealer service will enable us to continue to expand our online customer base, which currently stands at almost three quarters of a million active clients.”

Live dealer online casinos are truly the answer for skeptic players who simply can’t live without the element of human interaction while gambling. Chalk it up to a mistrust of software, computers or online casinos in general, the bottom line is that skeptic players who enjoy betting in land-based casinos, will feel more at home in the live dealer online casino.

Keep in mind that not all casino games are offered through live dealer betting. The less popular table games simply don’t warrant enough demand as of yet, while slots and video poker – well, being software driven, they are essentially the same thing as their brick’n mortar counterparts. The top table games, however, like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, can all be played in live dealer mode.