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Grande Vegas Casino Awards Two Trips to Foxwoods Casino Resort

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
Grande Vegas Online Casino is just giving the business away!

Grande Vegas Online Casino is just giving the business away!

As reported earlier, here at OCS, Grande Vegas online casino has been set to give away two all-expense-paid trips to the famous Foxwoods tribal casino in Connecticut. Entering every single player into the raffle draw (who made at least one real money wager inside the online casino this Summer), Grande Vegas has just unveiled the lucky winner.

Published via a Lyceum Media press release, the news should have some head’s turning by now. It’s one thing to announce a promotion and illicit participation from players. It’s another thing altogether when said promotion has come to fruition and there is a reaction from the lucky winners.

Sure enough, the two lucky winners (Sheila S. from New York and Taylor C. from California) had something to say about their good fortune. Sheila S. said, “My husband is ecstatic about going to Foxwoods but I bet he’ll be spending more time on the golf course than in the casino!”, while Taylor C. had this to say:

“I first checked out Grande Vegas when I heard they had the biggest progressive jackpots that we American online casino players can play for,” said Taylor C.  “I do recall reading about the Foxwoods contest in a player newsletter at the beginning of the summer but I’d honestly forgotten about it. So it was quite a surprise – a really pleasant surprise – when Customer Support contacted me to tell me to start packing for my free trip to Foxwoods!”

It’s not very often often that online casinos give away free trips to players. It’s certainly not very often for an online casino to send their players to a brick ‘n mortar casino at that. If you ask me, it’s like giving business away. But then again, that’s Grande Vegas for you. One of the top-performing U.S. facing, RTG-powered online casinos in business today, Grande Vegas doesn’t hold back in the promotions department.

In addition to their long-standing welcome bonus offer of 100% up to $100 Free on all new depositing players, Grande Vegas is giving away an additional match bonus worth $100 Free (aka, the Cosmopolitan Bonus) until September 22nd, and a 77% bonus up to $154 Free until September 30th.

And for all the table game bettors out there, Grande Vegas offers an outstanding ongoing cashback bonus. For all deposits up to $5,000 in a given week (contingent on all wagers being made at table games), Grande Vegas will give 5% back, while deposits over $5,000 will receive 10% back. Best of all, the cashback bonus money only needs to be played through one time over before it is eligible to be cashed out. Read the OCS Grande Vegas Casino Review for more information or Visit Grande Vegas Directly to claim your $100 in Free cash today.

Free Casino Resort Getaway and Ongoing Bonus Offers at Grande Vegas Online Casino

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
Make wagers at Grande Vegas Casino in August for a chance to win!

Make wagers at Grande Vegas Casino in August for a chance to win!

I don’t know about anyone else, but when an online casino opts to give away trips to brick ‘n mortar casinos as part of its monthly promotional deals, I say, “Right on, Man!”. What makes it even more dope is when we’re talking about U.S. facing online casino at that.

For all of you who need an introduction, well then….introducing Grande Vegas Casino. Having their doors open to U.S. players since 2009, I suppose you could say this Real Time Gaming powered betting destination is still something of a “new” online casino.

And while you may certainly think that to be the case judging by how many special offers they have (it’s a common practice for newly launched online casinos to dish out huge bonuses and special promos), Grande Vegas plans to keep their promotions schedule loaded to the gills.

Back to that brick ‘n mortar casino offer: In order to become eligible for an exclusive, all-expenses-paid trip to the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, all you have to do is make a real money deposit in July or August (in this case, August). That’s it. A random drawing will select the lucky winner, who – it’s safe to say – is going to be in for a real treat. Foxwoods Casino is one of the best on the East American Coast, in my opinion, even outdoing some of the casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Offering casino table games, video poker, slots – basically, everything you can find in Vegas, except in beautiful Connecticut – Foxwoods Casino is sure to please the most fastidious of gamblers.

Since we’re on the topic of promotions and bonuses at Grande Vegas Casino, I might as well tell you everything else they are offering real money players currently. Whether you win the trip to Foxwoods or not, there are several free bonus offers available this month.

The WILDE bonus is a 77% deposit bonus up to $154 Free with a 30x play-through that can be used on all slots, video slots, scratch cards and keno. The coupon code is WILDEAUG10 and can be claimed once through August.

If you’re looking for a solid weekly bonus offer, Grande Vegas’ 100% City Bonus is a great option. This week’s bonus celebrates the city of Beijing and can be claimed through August 19th. If you’re reading this after the fact, no worries ’cause there will be another weekly bonus behind this one. The bonus is worth up to $100 Free, has a 30x play-through and can be claimed in the cashier under the “Redeem Coupon” section with the bonus code BEIJING.

For the table game online casino gamblers, Grande Vegas has an ongoing cashback bonus offer available worth up to 10% cashback on weekly losses incurred playing table games only. Losses on weekly deposits from $20-$5,000 are eligible for 5% cashback, while weekly losses on deposits of $5,000 and up are entitled to receive 10% cashback. Just note that the cashback bonus can ONLY be used when no other bonuses are taken, and only applies to table games. In other words, contact an account manager at to find out if and when you are eligible to receive this bonus.

Oh, and there are slots tournaments available at Grande Vegas as well. But more on those later. Read the OCS Grande Vegas Casino Review for more info or Visit Grande Vegas directly.

American Gaming Association Reveals Just How Hot its Casino Members are for Online Gambling Regulation

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

All things said and done, the American Gaming Association (AGA) is in favor of legalizing online casino gambling in the United States. The irony is (other than the fact that the AGA used to be dead set against regulating online gambling) that the AGA isn’t necessarily in favor of individual States being “united” in exercising their right to regulating internet betting. In other words, the AGA is a proponent of giving individual States’ the choice to offer regulation, or rather, that such a right to decide is, in fact, available.

Now, whether or not the AGA is in support of every single State in the Union legalizing online gambling, isn’t necessarily clear since they really haven’t come out of the closet to announce their position to the world, albeit I can pretty much guarantee AGA members, which include the likes of Harrah’s, Las Vegas Sands, MGM Mirage, Boyd Gaming, Bally Technologies and International Game Technology, are licking their chops to get a footing in as many State’s as possible.

Sooooooo, while the online casino software “institution”, Cryptologic, has reported a loss of $12 million in the second quarter of 2010, the American Gaming Association has revealed it has spent over $360,000 lobbying U.S. government officials in a bid to get online gambling regulation legislation (say that 10 times real fast, I dare you), passed into law, and consequently, the infamous Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) overturned and placed alongside prohibition as the stupidest bills ever placed into law. This figure is in addition to the $430,000 spent in the first quarter!

Obviously, the AGA’s money is the money of the aforementioned member companies. And there’s no denying that Harrah’s Entertainment wants a large piece of the pie. In fact, the U.S. based casino gambling giant already has an online casino in the works and is currently testing out the waters in the regulated European online gambling scene. IGT is already benefiting via the company’s software developer, Wager Works, which supplies the popular UK Casino, Virgin Games.

So yes, there is plenty of firsthand proof that there is plenty of money to be made off of the legalization of online gambling, no matter where in the world. And everybody knows the American gambling scene supplies the bulk of online gambling activity (even with the UIGEA in effect). So long as regulatory laws are not passed that foster competitive advantages or disadvantages between commercial casinos, Native American casinos, State lotteries and parimutuel betting operations, the AGA says, regulate, regulate, regulate!

Atlantic City Casino Operators Apparently in Talks With Online Gaming Software Devlopers

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Atlantic City must be hurting. I mean – come on – there’s no denying all of Atlantic City has been hurting for a long time now. Err, I suppose ever since the day casinos first opened on the boardwalk.

But really, Atlantic City had it’s heyday, and the idea now is to get back to that place before Playboy Casino was shut down and Donald Trump got the idea that he could rule AC with just a hotel and a bad hair piece (it never gets old!). Considering how the casinos have been faring, you can’t really blame him, can you?

Anyhow, now that there is a glimmer of hope for online gambling regulation in the States, land-based casino operators in Atlantic City (not to mention Las Vegas) are looking into the prospects of running a counterpart online casino. Business is not great, and quite frankly, the World Wide Web is stealing billions of dollars from brick ‘n mortar casinos.

You would have thought online casino gambling was legalized several years back, would you not? Oh but wait – the technology itself came about during the Bush administration, and instead of giving it a proper study, Republican conservatives and the religious right had their say in getting online gambling (well, at least some forms) banned.

Never mind the fact that England has been successfully regulating and taxing internet betting for over five years – without rises in problem and underage gambling mind you. But don’t get me started. Believe me, I can go on about this not only until the fat lady sings but also when the cows come home.

Anyhow, back to Atlantic City.

The President of the New Jersey Casino Association, Mark Juliano, has alluded that New Jersey casino operators are indeed working with software providers in preparation of legalized online gambling. Okay, scratch that. Juliano didn’t allude (as reported elsewhere), he outright said it. He even said the Association thinks it is “inevitable” that legislation will pass “at some point”.

And not that this is a big surprise, really. Harrah’s was adamantly opposed to regulating online gambling when the idea first presented itself. It took several years of losing revenue and a budding realization that regulation really does work for Harrah’s to turn on a dime and direct their efforts toward getting online gambling legalized.

So yes, when online gambling is finally legalized in the U.S. a virtual Atlantic City is likely to show up very soon thereafter. Whether or not the online gaming package will be any good (AC casino operators are years behind the game), is anybody’s guess.

Playboy Heffner Says Adult Programming Doesn’t Have Potential in Casinos

Friday, August 6th, 2010
That's a Soft 17 for sure. I would definitely take insurance on those.

That's a Soft 17 for sure. I would definitely take insurance on those.

I just read an article about Hugh Hefner opening a Playboy Casino in England and Macau, and I have to say, honestly Heff, what the hell are you thinking? And not that I don’t think the concept of beautiful, scantily clad women walking around a casino is an ingenious formula for success. But, I think it’s a fair question to ask, “If you can’t make it running an online casino, how do you expect to make it running a land-based casino?”

That’s right – you may recall when Playboy opened an online casino using a software license through Cryptologic. That was back in late 2006, and it didn’t take more than two years thereafter for Playboy to tell it’s virtual dealers to put their clothes back on and close its doors to the online gambling industry.

I couldn’t tell you how much of a bomb the Playboy online casino really was (or bombshell for that matter….more on that later), however, I can say the enterprise certainly wasn’t making enough money for the likes of Heffner. Too much competition, perhaps? Not enough experience actually running an online casino? If you ask me (thanks for asking), I think it was because Playboy didn’t go far enough with what they do best – pictures of beautiful naked women – oh, and let’s not forget soft-core porn.

Sure, the Playboy online casino had specially branded casino games like the “Girl of the Month” and “Playmate Party” slot machines, but quite frankly, they lacked character and sex appeal – at least what you would expect from Playboy. In other words, Playboy Online Casino was just like any other Cryptologic-powered online casino (not bad in itself), but with some less-than-adequate animations and pictures of naked women. Come on guys – pictures of naked women adorning online slot machines is nothing new under the Sun. How about some video story-lines with the slot machines or live dealer feeds? Heck, I’d even be open to phone sex keno.

But rather than catering to the real appetite that has made Playboy so successful over the years, the playboy simply played it safe. Heffner himself seems to have this crazy notion that Playboy can do better -financially speaking – outside of the adult entertainment field. In regards to opening a land-based casino in London and Macau, Heffner said “….we will focus on more conventional businesses. That’s our new strategy; we are leaving the adult programming as it doesn’t have sufficient potential. I believe it complicates our mission and targets.”

Did someone spike Heff’s prozac with some jimson weed or is that just the manifestations of senility? Look, I’m not saying that if you have enough money that it’s impossible to finance a casino and turn it into a profitable venture. But when you can’t even keep an online casino afloat, and you’re turning your back on the one thing that is certain to bring in the crowds and get the dice rolling…cough, cough, beautiful naked women, well then, I have to say I have my doubts. Sure, you have a Playboy Club at the Palms Resort and Casino. But that’s just a club with a few roulette and blackjack tables.

Granted, there is the factor of getting an operator license from whichever gambling commission is overseeing what could be a risque casino. Back in the early eighties, the first casino to close down in Atlantic City was…you guessed it – the Playboy Casino. And it wasn’t for a lack of business, apparently. The NJ Gambling Commission was a stick in the mud from the start, and in the end, only issued a gaming license to Playboy’s business partner, Elsinore Associates.

Will somebody please tell Hugh that as much as he wants to give the Playboy name more credibility other than what comes with tasteful pornography, it’s just not going to happen. You simply can’t get away from the association of Playboy and naked women. Opening a casino devoid of that isn’t going to work. It’s not going to validate the ladies who expose themselves. It’s not going to validate the magazine. It’s just not going to validate. Good luck with the casinos in England and Macau, Hugh. I truly hope you prove me wrong.

Atlantic City Casinos Continue Dropping Revenue; Donald Trump’s Toupee Lives On

Monday, June 14th, 2010

While it’s always a good idea to keep up with the going-on’s in the world of online casino gambling, it’s only right that those of us participating in online gambling activities stay abreast with what is happening in the bricks ‘n mortar world. After all, we are competition, aren’t we? Okay, maybe that’s a debate for another blog post, but nonetheless – contrary to what you’ve heard – what happens in Vegas, really shouldn’t always stay in Vegas.

In the U.S., it’s pretty much common knowledge that Las Vegas has been steadily declining in revenue since the “economic meltdown”. As for Atlantic City, well, let’s just say it’s a little more difficult to pinpoint exactly when the east coast casino gambling hotspot started going downhill. I suppose the better question is, “When did Atlantic City actually ever make any money?”. Or even better, perhaps the question should be fielded by that guy with the crazy toupee – what’s him name, Trump?

Anyhow, yes, Atlantic City casinos have not and are not doing well. The latest stats show that the month of May, 2010 was down 9% from the same timeframe a year prior. More specifically, Atlantic City’s eleven casinos hardly broke even, drawing in a combined $319.7 million in gambling revenue – $225.6 million of which was generated by slot machines and $94 million from casino table games. Slots revenue slipped by 8.5% and table games fell by over 10% in revenue.

If you are wondering whether any of Atlantic City’s casino’s have fared better than the rest of the lot, the answer is no. Statistics for May show that all eleven of AC’s casinos experienced revenue drops.

The only good news (from the perspective of OCS, at least) is that – for once – Atlantic City and brick ‘n mortar gaming interests cannot put the blame on online casinos for stealing revenue. While the lagging economy certainly has something to do with it, the majority of Atlantic City’s woes can be traced back to the expansion of brick ‘n mortar casino gambling in nearby Pennsylvania and would-be Atlantic City gamblers now commuting to Pennsylvania. Heck, I definitely can’t blame ’em – Many of AC’s aging casinos can’t hold a candle to Pennsylvania’s Foxwoods Casino and Mohegan Sun Resort. Donald trumps toupee, on the other hand, well let’s just chalk that up to another reason why Atlantic City is hurting.

The Biggest Casino Loser in History; And Harrah’s Still Wants More

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Is toy magnate Terry Watanabe a victim of Harrah's?

Is toy magnate Terry Watanabe a victim of Harrah's?

Next time you experience a string of bad luck at an online casino, just tell yourself it could have been much worse. You could have experienced the fate of Terry Watanabe – the 52 year-old owner of Oriental Trading Company, and long time high-stakes (some would say high risk) gambler who could be forced to pay up nearly $15 million in gambling debt to Harrah’s Casino Inc.

Considered the “biggest loser” in the history of casino gambling, Terry Watanabe lost over $204 million to Harrah’s over the years, and apparently, still owes them another $15 million. While that’s no small chunk of change by no means, considering the bucket loads of cash Watanabe has hitherto thrown away at Harrah’s-owned Vegas casinos, the news that Harrah’s has filed for a civil court case (set to begin July 12th), is a little surprising.

Normally when a losing whale the likes of Watanabe owes money to a casino, anything outstanding – especially if it’s in dispute – would be written off by the casino. However, in today’s economy, $15 million goes a very, very, very long way. There is no doubt that Harrah’s is facing very tough times of their own, doing their best to turn a profit in a city that has been steadily losing gambling revenue for the last two years.

Whale or no whale, Harrah’s wants Watanabe to pay up. Whether he will be forced to do so remains to be seen. Watanabe has already retaliated with a lawsuit of his own, claiming that he was regularly doused up with drugs and alcohol (by Harrah’s management perhaps), only to be let loose on the casino floor thereafter. While there is certainly no crime to drink and gamble, it is against the rules to allow intoxicated people to gamble. Apparently, there’s proof to back up this claim. According to Watanabe’s defense attorney, a Caesar’s Palace Casino security guard is ready to testify that he never saw Watanabe in a sober state while on the casino floor.

One thing is for sure – Terry Watanabe was no smart gambler – sober or intoxicated. A personal handler for Watanabe (again, at Caesar’s Palace) is on record saying, “He (Watanabe) made such bad decisions at the blackjack table”, citing that he’d regularly bet $50,000 hands using no strategy. Needless to say, Blackjack is one of the few games in the casino that can be played with odds-improving strategy. Other casino games of choice for Watanabe included Slots and Craps.

The Craps table was especially home to many a show performed by Terry Watanabe. Drawing crowds who apparently would come to the casino just to watch Watanabe wager seriously high stakes and dish out $20,000 tips to dealers, Watanabe no doubt made a spectacle on the casino floor. As much as Harrah’s and the floor “fans” would have liked Watanabe to pay his debts and keep coming back, it looks like they will have to settle for David Copperfield from now on. If convicted, Watanabe could face up to 16 years in prison.

London Blackjack Open Final Qualifiers Now Taking Place Online

Friday, December 18th, 2009
London Blackjack Open Final 2009 at Empire Casino

London Blackjack Open Final 2009 at Empire Casino

In the world of online gambling, tournaments mostly catch buzz with Poker and slots players. In other words, there’s simply more money to be won playing online poker and online slots tournaments. Besides skill games like Gin Rummy, the only other games you will find being played in tournament style at a small number of online casinos is Blackjack and Video Poker. Even then, the size of the tournaments is nothing like the numbers generated by slots and poker.

This is precisely why a Blackjack tournament the likes of the London Blackjack Open Final warrants some serious attention. In the blackjack tournament circuit, this is one tournament which the top blackjack players in the world have at the forefront of their radar’s. Scheduled to take place on January 30, 2010, the London Blackjack Open Final has a prize pool of £25,000, including £10,000 for the first place finisher alone.

Again, this is just a chunk of change compared to WSOP and WPT poker tournaments and the online slots tournaments offered at EHGV’s online casinos. But don’t tell that to a professional blackjack player, who for the most part, play blackjack for the intellectual challenge just as much as they do for the money. And for real, £10,000 is a really nice payoff anyhow.

If you enjoy playing online blackjack to begin with, winning a seat to the London Blackjack Open Final is worth taking a shot at. Several online casinos are currently hosting satellite qualifier tournaments, including the popular Euro betting sites, William Hill, Stan James and Paddy Power and other members of the Game Account network, which just so happens to be hosting the main event offline tournament at Empire Casino in Leicester Square, London.

Check out any site in the Game Account network (out topmost recommendation is Will Hill) for twice-daily online satellite qualifier tournaments culminating in weekly semi-finals awarding a free seat to the London Blackjack Open Final.

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