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Jackpot City Bingo and the Rise of Bingo Love!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Jackpot City Bingo BonusesOkay, so in my last post I started talking about online bingo – Jackpot City Bingo in particular – all before I rudely interrupted myself and went on a bloody rampage about Lotsa Loot video slots. What can I say, I get lootie for Lots of loot. I know….you don’t have to say it. Let’s try again, shall we?
If you didn’t hear already, there was a recent £25,000 jackpot win at Jackpot City Bingo. Although it wasn’t hit playing a bingo card per say, the win nonetheless demonstrates that internet bingo rooms have big money to give away and should be taken seriously.
The way in which this particular win went down was not rare for Jackpot City, although it was certainly a shocker for the player (we’ll call him Jack for privacy reasons) from Hartlepool, UK (how’s that for privacyy :)) who was on the receiving end of the jackpot.
According to a “press release” recounting the win, Jack said he had only just opened an account at Jackpot City approximately five minutes before the win. He said he bought a bingo ticket and was awaiting a scheduled game to start, and in the meantime, decided to play one of the side games at Jackpot City, which includes scratch cards, video slots and more on the way (over 100). Needless to say, Jack chose the progressive video slot, Lotsa Loot, and within a few spins hit all five Lotsa Loot symbols and “literally had tea coming out of his nose”.
Jack, like many other players, said he came over to Jackpot City after hearing about their recent upgrade to Microgaming’s software platform. Besides the fact that Microgaming simply is better than Virtue Fusion, Jackpot City Bingo is part of the Belle Rock Entertainment Group of online casinos, which are all eCOGRA certified and powered by Microgaming. It was really only a matter of time for the change to take place. And player’s are thus far responding positively.
Seriously though, going back to my earlier point about online bingo rooms giving online casinos a run for their money, the welcome bonuses and promotions alone now being offered by the most prominent bingo rooms is enough to make me want to open an account. Jackpot City offers all new players a free £25 no-deposit bonus (better than 99% of online casinos even offering a no-deposit bonus to begin with). When that’s all used up, first time depositors can also claim a 200% Welcome bonus up to £200. On top of that, there’s a reload bonus worth 25% up to £100 on the next deposit. As with all bonuses, there are wagering terms. However, you only have to make a purchase of four times the bonus amount in order to be eligible to withdraw bonus winnings.
Now, for all you sharp tools in the shed, you will know that Jackpot City Bingo (being powered by Microgaming) does not accept U.S. players. Don’t worry my American friends, for there’s a bingo room that’s just as good as Jackpot City (probably even better, but don’t tell Jackpot City I told you that :)).
USA Bingo, which is owned by the reputable World Bingo Network, has over 14,000 active subscribers. With numbers like that, you can bet the payouts here are going to be as good, in many cases – better – than online casinos. Indeed, USA Bingo pays out over $100,000 to players every day and hosts one of the most comprehensive bingo game schedules (complete with chat games and side casino games), I have ever come across.
And just like Jackpot City, USA Bingo also has some serious free money to give away to new players. Their big offer is a 250% Welcome Bonus, followed by a 50% cash-back bonus on all losses potentially incurred, and never-ending reload bonuses ranging from 100% to 300% – depending on how much you wager over the lifetime of your account. And beating out Jackpot City, and again, most online casinos, USA Bingo offers a no-deposit $30 Free Bonus just to try out their games. Read the OCS USA Bingo Review for more information.

£25,000 Lotsa Loot Jackpot Win at Jackpot City

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Download Lotsa Loot Casino Slot

For anybody who still thinks online bingo doesn’t pay off, feast your gaze on the Jackpot City Bingo Room, where a player just bagged £25,000 within hours of opening his account. Well okay, maybe he didn’t do it playing bingo per say :), but it’s still yet another reason why online bingo rooms are now giving online casinos a good run for their money. Fortunately, in the case of Jackpot City it really doesn’t matter since they are an online casino, bingo room, poker room and mobile casino – all under one roof. Go ahead…check ’em out…they won’t bite.
Back to this £25,000 win, shall we? Apparently, it was won on one of the side games offered inside Jackpot City’s bingo room – the Lotsa Loot progressive jackpot slot machine to be exact. Lotsa Loot is one of Microgaming Software’s most popular progressive games, and is actually building back up again (now worth well over £25,000). It may not be the largest jackpot in the neighborhood, but it certainly is one of the more affordable progressive games to play.
Not to digress or anything, but Lotsa Loot actually comes in two versions – the original 3-reel, 5 payline game and a 5-reel, 25-payline game. As with all progressive jackpots, in order to be eligible for the max payout, you have to bet the max amount of credits on all the paylines. Obviously, the 5-payline game is going to be a smaller bet. But wait just a darn-tootin second – we haven’t talked about coin size yet! Remember, this can also make a difference when going for that big payout.
Here’s where things get a little tricky. The original 5-payline version has a fixed coin value of $0.50 and a max wager of five coins (one per payline). That makes the max bet $2.50. The 25-payline game has a fixed coin value of $0.10 and a max wager of twenty-five coins (one per payline), also making the the max bet $2.50. In other words, each game costs the same to be eligible for the max jackpot win. Guess what that means? They both feed into the same progressive jackpot.
Either Lotsa Loot game you play, the jackpot is the same. However, if you like to spread your bets out more, you might want to consider playing the five-reel version and wager $0.10 on a single line every now and again. Then again, there’s less winnings to be had this way. Another option would be sticking to the three-reel version and bet $0.50 on a single line every now and again. Then again, slots Aficionado’s will tell you that you should be betting the max amount on progressive jackpots at all times anyways. So many choices, it can make a grown man cry! But really folks, it all comes down to how large a bankroll you have. Stretch it out accordingly and stick to your loss limits 🙂
One last thing before signing off (I thought this was going to be a post about Jackpot City online bingo, but such is the journey of my ADD-riddled mind…Oh well, I’ll take my mediation and give you a dose of bingo in the next post). Anyways, if you do indeed decide to play the Lotsa Loot progressive video slot (available at Microgaming Jackpot Casinos), and you notice 3 LotsaLoot symbols on the 5th payline (or 5 symbols on the 25th line of the video slot version), take a moment, or rather, take a screen shot, and proceed to scream at the top of your lungs – you just won the progressive jackpot.