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More Affiliate Awards to Recognize the Best in Casino Gaming Review Sites

Monday, September 27th, 2010

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iGaming Business Affiliate Magazine is one of the best online gaming trade publications in circulation today. Nevermind the fact that it is primarily geared toward affiliates – whom if you didn’t know – bring in the lion’s share of traffic to internet betting destinations vying for top billing on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the chockful of “industry” articles professionally published in each bi-monthly issue, is sure to engage anyone with their fingers in the gaming business.

As for me personally, I prefer to read the write-ups discusssing promising, new forms of online wagering, as well as regulatory updates on the many betting jurisdictions the world over. What is true in the UK, may not be true in Malta, and vice versa. As a publishing outlet for the industry, Online Casino Suite certainly has a responsibility to stay abreast of such changes and updates and notify players and the betting community at large when such changes will affect them.

So, if I can be so brash as to toot our own horn, I suppose you could say this is one of the factors that makes for a great affiliate site like your’s truly. And that, my friends, is exactly what the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards aims to pay respects to. Even if OCS doesn’t win next year’s awards, the fact that the affiliate sector is being recognized by a highly respected trade publications is a pat on the back for affiliates who aim to bring more accountability and transparency to the online gambling industry.

Another great online gaming trade publication in business today is eGaming Review (eGR) Magazine. Largely focused on the European sector (let’s face it – that’s where most the legal action is these days, albeit there’s great news fodder for the up-and-downs of regulation in the States), eGR dishes out timely news articles and in-depth special reports pertaining to many areas of the industry. Likewise mindful of the role that affiliates play, one of eGR’s special reports for 2010 is the Affiliate Report. I’ll give you one guess what it’s about.

As for awards, until now, the eGR Operator Awards primarily recognize operators and developers – basically the B2B side of internet betting.  aims to pay some respect to. Not to be confused with iGaming Business’ Affiliate Awards, which judging by the name, obviously centers around the affiliate industry, the eGR Operator Awards now includes four new affiliate categories for the first time in six years. These categories include “Gaming Review Site of the Year”, “Innovative Gaming Site of the Year”, “Best Gaming Comparison Site of the Year”, and “Best Gaming Community Site of the Year”.

eGR Magazine’s Publishing Director, Seb Timpson, said it best: “We are not looking just to reward the biggest affiliates. Entrepreneurialism and a professional approach are attributes that the judges will also be looking for. We hope these awards will be a benchmark for affiliates, and a badge of achievement that affiliates will be proud to shout about to their users and partners.”

The awards ceremony, which is expected to draw a sell-out crowd of 800, will be held over dinner (as is the tradition), at the Artillery Garden at the HAC in London on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. In similary vein to the entertainment industry’s Golden Globe awards, the eGR Operator Awards is a black suit, white tie affair befitting the best of what the online gambling industry has to offer.

Check out this years eGaming Review Business 2 Business Awards Ceremony:

iGaming Business Events Team Announces New Online Betting Conference in November

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
Marketing specialists mark your calendar's for November 2010

Marketing specialists be on the lookout for the Sport and iGaming Conference

The iGaming Business (iGB) Events Team has announced yet another internet betting conference – this time focusing on marketing and sponsorship in the sports betting and online gambling sectors, as well as some yet-to-be divulged details specifically pertaining to the internet betting industry itself. Called the Sport and iGaming Conference (could you ask for a more succinct and simple title?), the conference is set to take place on November 10, 2010 in London.

In fact, the international law firm, Pinsent Masons, is sponsoring and hosting the event at their London headquarters on Aylesbury Street. Me personally, I have never been to the location before, so I couldn’t say what the venue is like, but I’m sure it will be fantastic (as they always are). Just another one of the many details iGB Events will be revealing very shortly on the newly launched website, the conference is shaping up to be geared toward marketers.

Now, I don’t mean marketing in the sense of affiliate marketing. I’m talking about the marketing of actually sponsoring an internet betting company, or as iGB would be quite happy to arrange, the sponsorship of an internet betting conference the likes of the Sport and iGaming Conference.

That said, Pinsent Masons will be on hand to discuss internet betting sponsorship and marketing from a legal perspective. Also included in the evolving program lineup is a discussion on the ethical risks of sponsoring a company in the iGaming industry, success stories, as well as the changing ways in which people wager. Like any good betting conference, the Sport and iGaming Conference will have over four hours of networking sessions scheduled throughout the day.

Also taking place in November just prior to the Sport and iGaming Conference is a lottery conference (WLA 2010) and iGB Espana, which represents one of the fastest growing internet betting markets in Europe. Rounding out the end of the month is the iGB Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summitt, which will focus on tapping the lucrative Scandinavian online gambling sector with affiliate marketing.

If you are interested to learn more about iGaming sponsorship, not to mention becoming a sponsor of the Sport and iGaming Conference and maybe even becoming a speaker and thus getting over the #1 fear of the majority of human beings 🙂 please contact Kiera [@]

iGaming Business Events: GIGSE Returns; iGaming Super Show Largest Ever

Monday, May 3rd, 2010
iGaming Business

Two Huge iGaming Business Conferences in May!

iGaming Business is a leader in providing news, event conferences, research and marketplace special reports specifically pertaining to the online gambling industry. Instrumental in helping spread the reach of affiliates, vendors and operators, iGaming Business conference events take place throughout the year, and only seem to be growing larger and more frequent.

Generally speaking, iGaming Business hosts two types of events – large expos and special events for niche markets within the online gambling industry. For the month of May, 2010, iGaming Business (iGB) is organizing and helping host four different conferences, two of which are classified as expo events.

The Global iGaming Summit & Expo GIGSE, is the first of the expo events to take place in May (Full day pre-conference workshops May 11th; Main event on May 12-13th), and as usual, will go down in Montreal. This was actually my first affiliate conference ever (in 2001, I believe), and was a major success in my book! Following a two-year hiatus (since the passing of the UIGEA), the ninth annual GIGSE will focus on the U.S. online gambling market, and more specifically, why it is important for industry professionals (including affiliates) to prepare for legalization of online gambling in the States.

This will also be a similar focus for the second of iGB’s large expo conferences in May – the iGaming Super Show, albeit on more of a global scale. Covering much more than just regulatory speculation in the U.S, the iGaming Super Show is actually pegged to be iGB’s largest conference to date. In other words, expect a large turnout of affiliates and vendors (over 2,500), and a comprehensive selection of conference events covering everything from regulation to affiliate marketing.

According to iGB, the iGaming Super Show will be two-tracked. The first track will be dedicated to the global regulatory and legal landscape (special emphasis on regulating online poker in the U.S.), best practice operations and marketing standards for online casinos and poker rooms (all manner of internet betting sites, for that matter). Also covered in the first track is a phenomenon that certainly needs to be addressed – the convergence between the land-based and online gambling industries.

As for the second track of conference events at the iGaming Super Show in Prague later this month, this will be geared more toward affiliates. Topics covered will include SEO and affiliate marketing in general. Of course, some of the most productive events for affiliates – not to mention the most liked – are those involving networking. Needless to say, these networking events are always fueled by an open bar, which most affiliates agree goes hand-in-hand with more a more active and successful networking session 🙂

If you are an internet marketing affiliate and have never attended an iGaming Business conference, the iGaming Super Show makes for a great opportunity to meet potential business colleagues, learn a thing or two about online casino affiliate marketing and the industry as a whole, and most importantly, do business! Not only will the iGaming Super Show be the largest of iGB’s conferences to date, it’s free to attend, and everything is really, really cheap in Prague. Oh, and they have great beer as well! Now, could you ask for anything more?

Best Casino Affiliate Program & Affiliate Manager Accolades Worth Considering

Monday, February 8th, 2010

iGB Affiliate Awards

iGB Affiliate Awards

From an affiliate’s perspective, the iGaming Business (iGB) Affiliate Awards most prestigious accolade is that of “Best Casino Affiliate Program”, while the recipient of said award is definitely worthy of a lookover. In the case of this year’s iGB Affiliate Awards, which recently took place in London, the top winner was Euro Partners (, NOT .org, which is a Christian business network) – representing some nine online casinos, two poker rooms, one bingo room and an online sports betting destination.

Flagship online casino properties include the longstanding and reputable Casino Tropez, which now operates a comprehensive mobile gaming platform and live dealer casino games, and Euro Casino favorites, Europa Casino and Casino Bellini. Online Casino Suite can certainly attest to the credibility and reputation of these sites, which is no doubt fostered to a certain extent by Euro Partners. In other words, I’m not at all surprised that Euro Partners went home with the Best Casino Affiliate Program award this year, nor any of the other awards for that matter.

Another important award, if you ask me, is that of Best Casino Affiliate Manager. What many players and affiliates don’t understand is that an Affiliate Manager oftentimes serve as a Rep for their online casino brands (the good one’s, that is), and have the power to help in getting player’s paid, in addition to the obvious task of ensuring and maintaining positive affiliate relations. This year’s iGB Affiliate Awards “Best Casino Affiliate Manager” went to Renee at Rewards Affiliates, which represents the highly respected Casino Rewards group of online casinos (one of the few eCOGRA approved group sites), representing such longstanding, popular online casinos like that of Captain Cooks. For more details, read the OCS Captain Cooks Casino Review

In short, Online Casino Suite considers the “Best Casino Affiliate Program” and “Best Casino Affiliate Manager” iGB Affiliate Awards to be very important accolades, and is something which all players should stand to know about and factor in their decision to open real money wagering accounts.

iGaming Business Affiliate Awards Shine Light for Online Gamblers

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

iGB Affiliate Awards

We’ve talked about iGB (iGaming Business) Affiliate Magazine here before at Online Casino Suite. One of the leading voices in the online gaming affiliate sector, iGB Affiliate Magazine is one of our favorite reads in publication today. Not that I personally was ever a fan of Gambling Online Magazine anyways (they still owe me a subscription that I paid for and never received), nor that iGaming News and Clarion Gaming even publish news anymore, iGB simply provides more content-rich, insightful articles about the business of online gambling than anybody else.

Although iGB Affiliate Magazine isn’t the best read for players, per say – being that it’s focus is on industry news and business, players should still keep their eyes and ears open for any news and events circulated out of iGB Affiliate Magazine. For example, with the London Affiliate Conference coming up on January 29, 2010, iGB will be hosting the first ever iGB Affiliate Awards. Actually, the awards ceremony itself was started in 2007, and formerly known as the CAP Awards (

How is iGaming Business Relevant to the Online Gambler?

Why exactly should this interest the active online player? Well, as you may already know, the online gambling industry isn’t necessarily populated by the most trustworthy of people. In fact, many of them are downright scumbags. In other words, there are crooks operating rogue online casinos and cheating players out of their money – that’s all there is to it. Now, I don’t mean to sound too “doomsday” about the industry as a whole, for there are plenty more reputable and trustworthy establishments in business these days.

Being connected to the affiliate industry ourselves, OCS knows how important it is to run things fair and by the rules – not just for ethical reasons, but also for business reasons. Basically, there are more good guys than bad guys in this business – and good always prevails over evil. Sounds cliche, I know, but it’s true! 🙂 Media outlets like iGaming Business are not only good guys themselves, they provide a voice for the good affiliates out there. And this is precisely what the iGB Affiliate Awards represent.

So, when a collective voice of affiliates say something nice about a particular online casino affiliate program, that means the affiliates are happy with not only how they are being treated, but most importantly, how their referred players are being treated. Looking for a great bet online? Here’s one: You can bet your bankroll that Online Casino Suite will never recommend an online casino that has come under fire from players and is the brunt of warranted complaints. This happened with Lucky 18 Casino – and guess what? Lucky 18 Casino has been blacklisted.

You can also bet that we will let our voices be heard in in the iGB Affiliate Awards and will be pulling for two affiliate programs representing online casinos that OCS recommends and approves. 32Red Casino is one of the top contenders for the UK and Euro online gambling market, while Rival Gaming powered, U.S. facing Sloto Cash Casino is in the running for an award.

Read the OCS 32Red Casino Review and Sloto Cash Casino Review for more information on these outstanding internet betting destinations.

Vote for iGB Affiliate Awards

Online voting, which is taking place right now through January 8, 2010 at the iGaming Business website, is open to all affiliates in the online gambling industry and who would like to have their voice heard. So, even though the top award for Best Online Casino Affiliate Program doesn’t directly say anything about player relations with an online casino in that affiliate network, it still carries a lot of weight. Players need to understand that many affiliates are player’s themselves, and that while some online casinos have created faux affiliate portals of their own, the best online gambling portals (like Online Casino Suite 🙂 ) will provide a balanced mix of of online casino reviews from a variety of reputable affiliate networks. In other words, it only makes sense for true affiliates to have more vested interest in the players. Online casinos are a dime a dozen, but players make the online gambling industry go round.

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