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Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 and More to Online Casinos

Saturday, September 4th, 2010
Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 to Online Casinos and More

Visionary iGaming is Bringing Web 2.0 to Online Casinos and More

Last month, OCS got all gushy over live dealer online casinos. In fact, we went all-in with our bankroll, betting that live dealer gaming will actually become more popular than traditional RNG online casinos. While we’re not exactly sure when that will take place (largely depending on regulation and technology penetration), you can certainly except to see more live dealer casinos in the next five years or so.

Doing our extensive research on live dealer gaming (as we always do, don’t you know), we recently came across Visionary iGaming ( This Costa Rica based proprietary 2.0 casino solutions developer has been making some great advancements in the live gaming sector, which we here at OCS believe warrants some attention. In other words, be on the lookout for Visionary iGaming. Here’s why:

Being a proprietary developer, not only is Visionary’s package of casino games available for live play with real dealers, many of these games cannot be found anywhere else on the Web. For example, Visionary’s Blackjack Early Payout (BJEP) is one which any smart gambler and strategist would be wise to play.

Taking a spin on the “Insurance” rule, Blackjack Early Payout gives players the opportunity to take an early payout on their Blackjack hand, based on the probability on their hand beating the dealer’s. Furthermore, the game itself automatically follows Basic Blackjack Strategy, thereby giving players the opportunity to keep the Casinos Edge down low. In this case, we are talking about a 0.5% edge on any given hand, which amounts to a payout of 99.5%.

Another impressive aspect about Visionary iGaming is that they are focused on Web 2.0 solutions. For anyone out there unfamiliar with Web 2.0, it is the term primarily used to refer to web-based communities where mainstreamed information sharing is the “law of the land”. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twiter, and blog sites like Thoughts and Blogger are perfect examples of Web 2.0.

Visionary iGaming is essentially bringing Web 2.0 to life with live dealer online casino gaming. Truly bringing the casino inside your home, Visionary uses a hosted Rich Internet Application to seamlessly stream video and audio with only a sub 2 second delay. You don’t even have to use a mouse or keyboard to place your wagers! And when the game is in session, you can chat with other players sitting in at the table. Heck, you can even tip the dealer if you like (which you should, by the way)!

Current happenings at Visionary iGaming include development of a live poker platform and expansions on the marketing front. Taking a look at Visionary’s news page, just last month, the company announced that former DublinBet and AbsolutePoker exec, Gian Perroni, has been appointed to Senior Vice President of Marketing. Perroni will be in charge of building global marketing strategies, building Visionary iGaming’s image and brand, while also developing marketing solutions for partner’s, including affiliate programs, rewards and media buying. Prior to this, an article by Visionary iGaming founder and CEO, Martin Reiner, was featured in leading industry magazine, iGaming Business (May/June, 2009).

iGaming Business Events Team Announces New Online Betting Conference in November

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
Marketing specialists mark your calendar's for November 2010

Marketing specialists be on the lookout for the Sport and iGaming Conference

The iGaming Business (iGB) Events Team has announced yet another internet betting conference – this time focusing on marketing and sponsorship in the sports betting and online gambling sectors, as well as some yet-to-be divulged details specifically pertaining to the internet betting industry itself. Called the Sport and iGaming Conference (could you ask for a more succinct and simple title?), the conference is set to take place on November 10, 2010 in London.

In fact, the international law firm, Pinsent Masons, is sponsoring and hosting the event at their London headquarters on Aylesbury Street. Me personally, I have never been to the location before, so I couldn’t say what the venue is like, but I’m sure it will be fantastic (as they always are). Just another one of the many details iGB Events will be revealing very shortly on the newly launched website, the conference is shaping up to be geared toward marketers.

Now, I don’t mean marketing in the sense of affiliate marketing. I’m talking about the marketing of actually sponsoring an internet betting company, or as iGB would be quite happy to arrange, the sponsorship of an internet betting conference the likes of the Sport and iGaming Conference.

That said, Pinsent Masons will be on hand to discuss internet betting sponsorship and marketing from a legal perspective. Also included in the evolving program lineup is a discussion on the ethical risks of sponsoring a company in the iGaming industry, success stories, as well as the changing ways in which people wager. Like any good betting conference, the Sport and iGaming Conference will have over four hours of networking sessions scheduled throughout the day.

Also taking place in November just prior to the Sport and iGaming Conference is a lottery conference (WLA 2010) and iGB Espana, which represents one of the fastest growing internet betting markets in Europe. Rounding out the end of the month is the iGB Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summitt, which will focus on tapping the lucrative Scandinavian online gambling sector with affiliate marketing.

If you are interested to learn more about iGaming sponsorship, not to mention becoming a sponsor of the Sport and iGaming Conference and maybe even becoming a speaker and thus getting over the #1 fear of the majority of human beings 🙂 please contact Kiera [@]

iGaming Business Events: GIGSE Returns; iGaming Super Show Largest Ever

Monday, May 3rd, 2010
iGaming Business

Two Huge iGaming Business Conferences in May!

iGaming Business is a leader in providing news, event conferences, research and marketplace special reports specifically pertaining to the online gambling industry. Instrumental in helping spread the reach of affiliates, vendors and operators, iGaming Business conference events take place throughout the year, and only seem to be growing larger and more frequent.

Generally speaking, iGaming Business hosts two types of events – large expos and special events for niche markets within the online gambling industry. For the month of May, 2010, iGaming Business (iGB) is organizing and helping host four different conferences, two of which are classified as expo events.

The Global iGaming Summit & Expo GIGSE, is the first of the expo events to take place in May (Full day pre-conference workshops May 11th; Main event on May 12-13th), and as usual, will go down in Montreal. This was actually my first affiliate conference ever (in 2001, I believe), and was a major success in my book! Following a two-year hiatus (since the passing of the UIGEA), the ninth annual GIGSE will focus on the U.S. online gambling market, and more specifically, why it is important for industry professionals (including affiliates) to prepare for legalization of online gambling in the States.

This will also be a similar focus for the second of iGB’s large expo conferences in May – the iGaming Super Show, albeit on more of a global scale. Covering much more than just regulatory speculation in the U.S, the iGaming Super Show is actually pegged to be iGB’s largest conference to date. In other words, expect a large turnout of affiliates and vendors (over 2,500), and a comprehensive selection of conference events covering everything from regulation to affiliate marketing.

According to iGB, the iGaming Super Show will be two-tracked. The first track will be dedicated to the global regulatory and legal landscape (special emphasis on regulating online poker in the U.S.), best practice operations and marketing standards for online casinos and poker rooms (all manner of internet betting sites, for that matter). Also covered in the first track is a phenomenon that certainly needs to be addressed – the convergence between the land-based and online gambling industries.

As for the second track of conference events at the iGaming Super Show in Prague later this month, this will be geared more toward affiliates. Topics covered will include SEO and affiliate marketing in general. Of course, some of the most productive events for affiliates – not to mention the most liked – are those involving networking. Needless to say, these networking events are always fueled by an open bar, which most affiliates agree goes hand-in-hand with more a more active and successful networking session 🙂

If you are an internet marketing affiliate and have never attended an iGaming Business conference, the iGaming Super Show makes for a great opportunity to meet potential business colleagues, learn a thing or two about online casino affiliate marketing and the industry as a whole, and most importantly, do business! Not only will the iGaming Super Show be the largest of iGB’s conferences to date, it’s free to attend, and everything is really, really cheap in Prague. Oh, and they have great beer as well! Now, could you ask for anything more?

iGaming Super Show to Host Online Gambling Regulation Conference Seminars

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Since “Day One”, the online gambling industry has been dealing with the complex issue of regulation. And rightly so, for without regulation, online gambling becomes nothing but a black market of criminal activity and rogue online casinos. There simply is no denying that proper regulation is the key to expanding the gaming industry and keeping online gambling a credible pastime. The only problem is that regionalization tends to make regulation a grey matter, with no two jurisdictions exactly regulating in the same manner.

For example, there is a HUGE difference in regulation standards between the UK and Costa Rica. In fact, Costa Rica does not even regulate – they simply license online casinos. As a player, this is important information to know. And one of the major resources of information for players are the news and review sites such as our very own Online Casino Suite. This is where media publishers, such as iGamingBusiness, serve as an important link between the people behind the online gambling industry and those who make it go round, i.e., the players.

iGamingBusiness, which publishes iGamingBusiness Magazine and iGB Affiliate Magazine, recently announced it will be hosting a series of conference seminars focused on educating the industry about regulatory standards and the diversity therein. While the conferences are primarily aimed at regulators and online casino operators, those of us more closely connected to the industry than the average player will certainly be keeping abreast to the discussions. Furthermore, the seminars make up just a small part of iGB’s inaugural “iGaming Super Show” conference being held May 25-28, 2010 in Prague. In other words, any of the expected 2,000  iGaming Super Show attendees are invited to sit in on the regulatory seminars.

Participating in the discussions will be representatives from high-level regulatory jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere in the world, representing the nation-specific regulatory factors which online casino operators face in today’s market. The idea is to demonstrate how regulation can successfully be implemented, which in turn, will serve to guide an increasing number of governments coming round to the idea of regulating online gambling. For more information, please visit