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UK Online Casinos Busiest Since 2008

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

UK flagsGambling online at UK online casinos is quite the hotbed of activity these days. Needless to say, the UK market has been very successful over the years; 2013 in particular, as it has been the most successful year since 2008. Of course, the last 5-6 years have seen growth in players due to a growth in marketing. Let’s just say that if you’ve been in the UK recently, you’ve no doubt seen road side signs and television commercials abound.

UK-based online casino companies generated gaming action to the tune of £1.06b in the 12 months leading up to 2013, up 16% from 2012. Numbers just released by the UK Gambling Commission showed online sports wagering revenue improved 17% to £879m. Sports wagering is wildly popular in many European markets, UK especially.

The UK market does not release official numbers as frequently as the US market, but perhaps this new release will prompt New Jersey lawmakers to look even closer at the opportunity to regulate wagering on sports. The topic is controversial and taking place in the Garden State now.

All forms of online casino gambling produced higher numbers, except bingo, which noticeably fell some 20% to £2m. This is in part due to the advancement in technology making bingo players even more confident to branch out to more skill-based casino games.

The number of player accounts and active online casino accounts both grew in number, with great marketing concepts and player promotions being a factor in this regard. Sports wagering has become impressively popular, with new player registrations at online gambling sites in the UK hitting 5.2m – the highest figure in 5 years.

Interestingly enough, these numbers reflect a mere fraction of the complete UK market, accounting for 15% because they do not include the true offshore side of UK-licensed online casino brands such as Ladbrokes or Will Hill. Both of these companies are huge, and rake in tens of millions on their own each year. The same goes for a large amount of operators licensed in such offshore jurisdictions like Gibraltar or the Isle of Man.

As of right now, however, this will all change October 1, when the UK’s new casino gambling laws take action. Let’s just say there’s a heated war taking place over taxes and it is not pretty, folks. The latest developments in this debacle have the Commission advising internet casino operators to submit their UK license applications by the end of the day, September 16, after which a two-week dead period commences. Two months after that, the UK’s 15% point-of-consumption tax (POCT) kicks in. And casino execs are not looking forward to it.

Combined wagering – online or off – in the UK, according to the Commission, shows total gambling market was worth £6.7b, which is an improvement of about $250m from 2012. This does not count the National Lottery revenue.

Brick and mortar casino earnings gained over 12% to £1.08b (representing 16% of the total gambling market). Table games action was a high performer. Roulette is the king of table games in the UK with Blackjack and Baccarat tied for second place. Keep in mind, Blackjack and Roulette were available at a combined 1,496 tables, while only 150 tables offered the game of Baccarat.

The UK has much to be pleased with, overall. New Jersey should take note of the sports wagering figures (even though it would compromise many things in the US regarding professional sports leagues). Stay tuned to see what happens in the taxation battle between offshore and other UK-licensed casinos.

Gibraltar Power Plant Explosion Effects Online Gambling Sites

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

For those of you using various betting sites licensed and operated out of Gibraltar (the largest UK-based offshore base for online gambling), you may have noticed a few things out of the ordinary over Easter Weekend. An explosion and subsequent fire at a Gibraltar power station knocked a massive amount of the isthmus out of power. Major online casino sports betting sites – namely William Hill – were unable to process real money gambling wagers during the power outage.

The explosion happened on Easter Sunday in one of the power station’s generators, after what is being reported were “mechanical problems”. It is still very early in the ongoing investigation to determine exactly what this mechanical issue was.

There were massive clouds of thick smoke escaping the flames, and the fire was visible from all corners of the territory. There weren’t any casualties, and nobody was hurt, thankfully. The same can’t be said for the online gambling industry. The explosion’s after-fire interrupted Gibtelecom services, bringing a screeching halt to various big-time internet casino sites that also included worldwide betting services such as Ladbrokes.

Known as a huge tax haven for offshore endeavors (yet not the only region for this in the UK), Gibralter has been a leading online wagering base for a majority of the topmost rated casino sites for well over a decade. In fact, Gibraltar’s low tax rates have attracted more than 25 major online gambling brands and various gaming operators. Gibraltar hails that some 60% of online gambling licensures are based in the territory located near the western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea next to Spain and north of Morocco.

William Hill Casino Online, which is consistently one of our highest recommended UK/Euro online gambling hubs, lost power for nearly 3 hours. The offices of William Hill house about fifty employees. Due to close proximity to the explosion and blaze, they were also evacuated by police and firefighters after the fire broke out.

While this was a freak accident and no person could have predicted it to happen at the moment it did, there will certainly be those consumers who believe their wager was interrupted and perhaps inadvertently affected by the outage. Most all online casino sites directly affected have made timely announcements and apologies to any affected gambling fans.

Wagers made before the event were not negated or lost; players and bettors simply could not wager during the power blackout occurrence.
No customer data was compromised during the event. The inability to continue playing was the essential problem, and there were no reports of account glitches or other inconveniences at this time.

While William Hill experienced nearly three hours of downtime, other sites experienced a varying degree of outages based on the grid they are fed energy from. Betfred was down more than 6 hours.

Gibraltar police have already ruled out any foul play or suspicious acts of sabotage to the power station, and the incident is still being treated as a mechanical failure of some sort.

About Gibraltar:

Spain relinquished any legal hold on Gibraltar to Britain in 1713, and has since continually argued that Gibraltar should be returned to Spanish sovereignty. Spain has set up a working group within its taxing entity to analyze tax payments made in Gibraltar under suspicion that they do not receive the same treatment as others. In January 2011, Gibraltar did away with its “exempt status tax regime” under which several companies evaded taxation. In its place, Gibraltar introduced a single 10% tax.

William Hill Vegas on a Winning Streak With Big Jackpot Winners

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
See the Recent Winners List at William Hill Online for a dose of payouts.

See the Recent Winners List at William Hill Online for a dose of payouts.

William Hill’s virtual Las Vegas online casino, William Hill Vegas, recently scored it’s largest winner to date. Or perhaps I should say a lucky player at William Hill Vegas has scored the largest jackpot to date – for both Will Hill and the player! Coming in at nearly half-a-million pounds, let’s just say it’s one of the largest jackpots to be won online, period!

The lucky player – referred to as Eni O. – hails from London, which is precisely where William Hill is headquartered. Even though the big win was hit one month ago, it’s still making news at a number of online gambling news sites – including OCS, obviously!

Eni had this to say in regards to the win: “I’m absolutely over the moon. I’ve had a few small wins on in the past, but this is incredible – I’m lost for words! I just want to hug that plucky little leprechaun.”

What’s even more newsworthy is that while Eni’s £420,948.21 jackpot win (on the Leprechaun’s Luck slot machine, hence the shout out to the plucky little leprechaun) is an impressive feat, the fact of the matter is that jackpots in the hundreds-of-thousands take place all the time at William Hill Vegas. Within the last year, there were twelve wins that nearly hit or surpassed the £100,000 mark.

The three wins that hovered just below 100K were for £85,000 on the Pharaoh’s Treasure progressive video slot, £76,000 also on Pharaoh’s Treasure and £74,000 on Alice’s Wonderland. The “Chests of Plenty” slot has produced three different £100K+ wins (the largest coming in at £176,000 last October), while “Alice’s Wonderland” has scored the fifth and second largest wins at £150,000 and £256,000. The third largest jackpot within the last year was for over £234,000 on the Leprechaun’s Luck slot, which as mentioned, was home to the largest jackpot to date at nearly £421,000.

William Hill Vegas is part of the William Hill Online network of internet wagering sites, offering everything from sports betting and casino games to bingo, poker and skill games. Will Hill Vegas is is owned and operated by WHG International Ltd. and is licensed and registered with the UK white-listed Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, which on a side note, is proving to be a more fitting regulatory jurisdiction than the UK Gambling Commission for an increasing number of UK/Europe based online casino operators. Read the OCS William Hill Casino Review for more information.