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Zynga and Facebook – The Latest Outlook for Online Gambling

Friday, July 12th, 2013

There has been much continued speculation within the iGaming industry regarding the future of gambling for real money online. The market is opening slowly in the US, and the projected shift toward social and mobile gaming is picking up some steam after a somewhat shaky start. If you have a Facebook account (and who doesn’t?), you probably know about Farmville and Mafia Wars…or at least remember them.

Ever since the heyday of Farmville, there have been several “Ville” cousins developed, and now Zynga is looking toward the online gambling industry – the speed of which is finally gaining some traction.

Gambling online has become more portable and more social than ever before thanks to Facebook and smartphones. It would only seem natural for a gaming company like Zynga to take a leap of faith into the US market where gambling online is budding. With the massive following Facebook has, not to mention its existing movement within the (already legal) UK market of real money social gaming, the world of social online gambling is looking ripe.

After a rough spot between dwindling interest in such fad games as Farmville and the impending regulation of online gambling (in the middle of which Zynga went public with a less than stellar stock debut), it seems things are looking up again as interest in the potential of Zynga is being realized more.

Zynga recently let more than 500 employees go (including its CEO, who stepped down on the 1st of the month) in efforts to save its sinking ship. It seems the waiting for its next venture (online gambling) was a time period too long and too costly. Perhaps a life raft known as new CEO Don Mattrick has arrived just in time. After the announcement of the high profile new leader at Zynga, eyes have started to open wider. The prevcious CEO, Mark Pinkus, is still around in the Chief Products Officer position.

It was formally announced this week that the company fully intends to bank on the online gambling industry via Facebook. And while investors are attracted, Facebook hasn’t formally agreed to a plan…yet. However, at a World Gaming Executive Summit in Barcelona, Facebook’s Sean Ryan was previewing Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino.

Investors can only imagine how much potential there is in the pending US market. Three months ago, Zynga released online and downloadable versions of its two real-money games in the UK via established British poker company, Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, which has had its own problems within the US market. Zynga’s Facebook and mobile versions of these games are coming soon.

UK (as well as US) players can already take part in Zynga Poker on Facebook. At this time, players are simply limited to playing for “real money chips” that they cannot withdraw. The future holds the ability to play for real money with withdrawal-able winnings.

While Facebook still holds the key, investors are waiting with baited breath for any news of solidarity between Facebook and Zynga that would create the highly anticipated social gambling for real money platform in the US.

The UK market is actually a great starting point for the Zynga concept, with it’s high concentration of experienced online casino players that generate over £2.3 billion (over $3.4 billion US) in revenue. Yes, in the UK alone.

Scientific Games Buys WMS in $1.5 Billion Deal

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

scientific games_wms gamingIn the online leisure gaming industry, we haven’t seen a move this expensive in two years. Well, maybe not as expensive as it is smart, that is.

As reported by SF Gate (Source: Bloomberg), Scientific Games Corp. (SGC) is purchasing WMS Industries Inc. for a reported $1.5 billion. This huge move is targeted at creating a new worldwide supplier of lottery equipment and casino slot machines. The transaction was approved by both boards collectively without any disagreement. Yep, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

For those of you online casino news fans that enjoy keeping up with the business end of online gambling and or leisure gaming, you may know that Scientific Games, is 38% owned by well-known billionaire Ron Perelman, who is much better at running companies than saving his marriages (sorry, that was called for). SCG, a New York-based provider of lottery systems and scratch cards has entered into the deal to share production, software and customer services with WMS in order to conserve funds.

The deal creates a noteworthy new realm of opportunity between the two leisure gaming types, and poses a major opportunity for increased revenue by the sharing of each company’s resources and products for yet further development into the online scene and new technology that is literally bursting at the seams. These two companies do indeed have much to offer each other: WMS with its online gambling connections and SCG with its lottery-style based offerings.

Based in Waukegan, Illinois, WMS has been in the online gaming industry for years and has developed cutting-edge slots for mobile use too. In fact, WMS just launched 100 new casino slot games at a Vegas trade show recently.

Speaking of slots, the slot machine industry is, itself, recovering from the global economic slump that saw casinos shying away from adding and buying new machines after gambling took a turn toward table games and poker – Games with mostly better odds, that is. WMS, needless to say, is charging on by developing slot games with intense entertainment value and advanced bonuses. Evolution is definitely taking place with slots these days.

The new deal is expected to be finished and completely in place by the end of 2013, thus giving both companies time to integrate properly. The goal in this period of time is to save about $90 million. That’s what we in the online gambling business call pooling your bankroll!

Both companies have released positive statements surrounding the merger. It seems the attitude is not that one bought the other out, but rather, more about sharing resources to move forward in a massive, explosive industry to create the types of innovations we online gamers expect to see, play and have easy access to – whether online, on our mobiles, or elsewhere.

There has been quite the flourish of buyouts mergers and high competition within the online casino industry and social gaming industry due to laws passing in favor of the real money gaming option, not to mention the new technology surrounding mobile casino technology, which WMS has been in on steadily from the get-go.

Here’s some cool info for our readers about WMS. This online slots giant leads the way when it comes to advancing slot game technology and releasing new exciting online casino games (now mobile), and has a strong seat planted within the social gaming environment.

WMS itself is a highly visible company and boasts a vast social vibe with a business Facebook page, WMS Gaming, as well as the extremely popular Jackpot Party Casino page at Facebook.  This is the company’s absolute social hub for all things WMS slots offer online casino players and much more.