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International & European Online Gambling Regulatory Update

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I recently wrote an op-ed article about the history of online gambling, which inevitably became all about the regulatory landscape. Please correct me if you think I’m wrong in saying this (comment away at the bottom of the post), but it’s pretty evident to me that getting online gambling regulations passed is harder than pulling teeth. And even if it does get passed, it’s a never ending battle to keep it that way! Case in point is the recent developments in Italy.

Now, you may have heard that the Italian Gaming Authority decided to liberalize online bingo in December of last year. Needless to say, 2010 has been pretty productive for the online bingo industry with thousands of Italian citizens taking part in the popular Italian bingo game, “Tombola”. However, it now looks as if online bingo will be put on hold as the Italian government works out it’s system of checks and balances and takes a closer look at the provisions regulating online bingo.

Me personally, I don’t understand how any kind regulation could go into effect without first approving the provisions of said regulation. In other words, before anything like that gets approved, shouldn’t it be looked over first? But then again, there was the UIGEA (attached to a Port Security bill), which by all means, should have already been overturned by now.

On that note, perhaps the recent court ruling in Italy that online bingo regulatory decrees are not in line with Italian law, shows how much more Italian authorities are on the ball? 🙂 It’s not like they are saying no to online bingo. The decision seems more like a mandate that regulations need to get in line with the law – specifically applying to what is being called “interconnected offline bingo” – a procedure that allows bingo rooms to connect their players.

The other alternative would be for an Appeals Court to overturn the lower administrative court’s ruling. At the moment, it’s not known whether this option will be used, or if the Gaming Authority will simply choose to revise regulatory guidelines.

Elsewhere in the world of online gambling regulation, the Finnish gambling monopoly has extended its reach and imbedded itself in the online gambling sector even deeper by granting the Finnish Slot Machine Association, aka RAY, permission to offer online casino games, and the Finnish State lottery, Veikkhaus Oy, to offer online bingo. The move is interpreted as a response to growing competition from private online betting operators, whom Finnish courts have kept out of Finland, citing no inconsistencies with EU law.

Best Casino Affiliate Program & Affiliate Manager Accolades Worth Considering

Monday, February 8th, 2010

iGB Affiliate Awards

iGB Affiliate Awards

From an affiliate’s perspective, the iGaming Business (iGB) Affiliate Awards most prestigious accolade is that of “Best Casino Affiliate Program”, while the recipient of said award is definitely worthy of a lookover. In the case of this year’s iGB Affiliate Awards, which recently took place in London, the top winner was Euro Partners (, NOT .org, which is a Christian business network) – representing some nine online casinos, two poker rooms, one bingo room and an online sports betting destination.

Flagship online casino properties include the longstanding and reputable Casino Tropez, which now operates a comprehensive mobile gaming platform and live dealer casino games, and Euro Casino favorites, Europa Casino and Casino Bellini. Online Casino Suite can certainly attest to the credibility and reputation of these sites, which is no doubt fostered to a certain extent by Euro Partners. In other words, I’m not at all surprised that Euro Partners went home with the Best Casino Affiliate Program award this year, nor any of the other awards for that matter.

Another important award, if you ask me, is that of Best Casino Affiliate Manager. What many players and affiliates don’t understand is that an Affiliate Manager oftentimes serve as a Rep for their online casino brands (the good one’s, that is), and have the power to help in getting player’s paid, in addition to the obvious task of ensuring and maintaining positive affiliate relations. This year’s iGB Affiliate Awards “Best Casino Affiliate Manager” went to Renee at Rewards Affiliates, which represents the highly respected Casino Rewards group of online casinos (one of the few eCOGRA approved group sites), representing such longstanding, popular online casinos like that of Captain Cooks. For more details, read the OCS Captain Cooks Casino Review

In short, Online Casino Suite considers the “Best Casino Affiliate Program” and “Best Casino Affiliate Manager” iGB Affiliate Awards to be very important accolades, and is something which all players should stand to know about and factor in their decision to open real money wagering accounts.

Record Breaking Wins Totaling Over 800,000 Euros go to Lucky Casino Tropez Player

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Big Money Brawler Racks up $800,000+ Euros at Playtech's Casino Tropez

Big Money Brawler Racks up $800,000+ Euros at Playtech's Casino Tropez

Jackpots in the thousands are won every day at online casinos. But jackpots in the hundreds of thousands are, understandably, not quite as prolific. Nonetheless, big jackpots are paid out to lucky players every month. What makes January 2010 an especially impressive month in terms of big payouts is that not only did many of January’s newsworthy wins take place within a single online casino, they were won by a single player. Just how many, you ask? Try eleven.

That’s right. A player in Spain by the name of Jose M., who calls the popular Euro online casino, Casino Tropez, home, has walked away with an amazing 800,527 Euros spanning eleven wins in the first week of January. Now, I know what most of you are thinking (because I thought it myself). How can someone get that lucky. There’s no gambling odds possible to produce betting  results like that on slot machines, right? You heard, right. Not only did Jose M. hit eleven different large wins, he did it on the slot machines.

Now I know why there’s so many slots fanatics out there. But seriously, this does almost seem unbelievable to me. However, here’s where it makes more sense. Unlike most other gamblers out there who place some wagers here and there, perhaps occasionally laying down a risky bet, Jose M. is apparently a high rolling wheeler-n-dealer whose betting activity could account for several players. Now, by no means am I encouraging anyone to go on a gamble frenzy. The fact of the matter is that Jose M. still got lucky. He happened to be in the right place, with the right bankroll (making larger wagers) at the right time.

It does go to show that “you have to be in it to win it”. And in the case of Jose M., he was really into the slots, “Thrill Seekers”, “Desert Treasure”, “A Night Out” and the popular “Lotto Madness” – all of which helped earn Jose his combined winnings of $800K+ Euros. Jose also apparently knew how to get around using the various betting platforms offered by Casino Tropez, including his mode of choice – the instant, no-download Flash platform at Tropez. Although he didn’t win on Tropez’s mobile casino, that didn’t stop Casino Tropez from recently receiving an independent Gold Award for “Top Mobile Gaming Platform” in 2009.

Now part of the highly reputable Euro Partners brand (for all you affiliates out there), Casino Tropez Mobile certainly has made a huge impact on the European facing mobile gaming industry, and rightly deserves to be included amongst the best euro online casinos in business today. The Casino Tropez brand itself, which has been around since the early days of online gambling, not to mention one of Playtech’s oldest and most reputable online casino licensees, is doing quite well these days in the European market. And with a newly launched comprehensive online roulette tournament package, live dealer gaming, and record setting wins like those of Jose M. this month, things look as if they are only going to get better for Tropez.

Read the OCS Tropez Casino Review for more information.