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More Affiliate Awards to Recognize the Best in Casino Gaming Review Sites

Monday, September 27th, 2010

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iGaming Business Affiliate Magazine is one of the best online gaming trade publications in circulation today. Nevermind the fact that it is primarily geared toward affiliates – whom if you didn’t know – bring in the lion’s share of traffic to internet betting destinations vying for top billing on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, the chockful of “industry” articles professionally published in each bi-monthly issue, is sure to engage anyone with their fingers in the gaming business.

As for me personally, I prefer to read the write-ups discusssing promising, new forms of online wagering, as well as regulatory updates on the many betting jurisdictions the world over. What is true in the UK, may not be true in Malta, and vice versa. As a publishing outlet for the industry, Online Casino Suite certainly has a responsibility to stay abreast of such changes and updates and notify players and the betting community at large when such changes will affect them.

So, if I can be so brash as to toot our own horn, I suppose you could say this is one of the factors that makes for a great affiliate site like your’s truly. And that, my friends, is exactly what the iGaming Business Affiliate Awards aims to pay respects to. Even if OCS doesn’t win next year’s awards, the fact that the affiliate sector is being recognized by a highly respected trade publications is a pat on the back for affiliates who aim to bring more accountability and transparency to the online gambling industry.

Another great online gaming trade publication in business today is eGaming Review (eGR) Magazine. Largely focused on the European sector (let’s face it – that’s where most the legal action is these days, albeit there’s great news fodder for the up-and-downs of regulation in the States), eGR dishes out timely news articles and in-depth special reports pertaining to many areas of the industry. Likewise mindful of the role that affiliates play, one of eGR’s special reports for 2010 is the Affiliate Report. I’ll give you one guess what it’s about.

As for awards, until now, the eGR Operator Awards primarily recognize operators and developers – basically the B2B side of internet betting.  aims to pay some respect to. Not to be confused with iGaming Business’ Affiliate Awards, which judging by the name, obviously centers around the affiliate industry, the eGR Operator Awards now includes four new affiliate categories for the first time in six years. These categories include “Gaming Review Site of the Year”, “Innovative Gaming Site of the Year”, “Best Gaming Comparison Site of the Year”, and “Best Gaming Community Site of the Year”.

eGR Magazine’s Publishing Director, Seb Timpson, said it best: “We are not looking just to reward the biggest affiliates. Entrepreneurialism and a professional approach are attributes that the judges will also be looking for. We hope these awards will be a benchmark for affiliates, and a badge of achievement that affiliates will be proud to shout about to their users and partners.”

The awards ceremony, which is expected to draw a sell-out crowd of 800, will be held over dinner (as is the tradition), at the Artillery Garden at the HAC in London on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. In similary vein to the entertainment industry’s Golden Globe awards, the eGR Operator Awards is a black suit, white tie affair befitting the best of what the online gambling industry has to offer.

Check out this years eGaming Review Business 2 Business Awards Ceremony:

eGaming Review Magazine Announces New B2B Online Gambling Awards

Sunday, January 24th, 2010
 New B2B Awards Debut at EGR Live 2010

New B2B Awards Debut at EGR Live 2010

If you are ever feeling curious to know more about the inner workings of the online gambling industry, EGRMagazine is a great place to get in the know, so to speak. Emphasizing the Euro and UK betting scene, EGR (which stands for eGaming Review, by the way) publishes several op-ed blogs and daily news articles on their website, which are also readily available via a daily email feed.

Making tremendous strides in expanding the professional reach of the online gambling sector, EGR has focused much of its work establishing and strengthening the bonds within the gaming sector, as opposed to outside of it. Leaving that element to top-tier destinations like eCOGRA, which in my opinion, has done more for the credibility of the online gambling industry than any other independent body, EGR seeks to serve as a resource center for professional online gaming companies.

In addition to publishing market analysis reports, EGR has recently undertaken the role of events organizer and host. Following the enormously successful EGR Live in late 2009, EGR has announced there will be a new awards ceremony at the next EGR Live (schedule for June 2010), called the eGaming Review B2B Awards. Modeled after the “eGaming Review Operator Awards”, which many consider the Oscar’s of the online gambling industry, EGR’s B2B awards aim to recognize companies that offer B2B products. Likely award’s categories include software developers, mobile platforms, payment solutions, marketing services, IT and more.

Publishing Director at eGaming Review, Seb Timpson, said in a recent press release, “For some time now the suppliers in the industry have been asking us for a set of awards to recognize the excellence and innovation that is so prevalent in this section of the industry, and this is a great opportunity to showcase the leaders in this hugely important part of online gambling.”

Online Casino Suite couldn’t agree more, and is looking forward to the results of the first annual eGaming Review B2B awards, only to be revealed at the second annual EGR Live conference, which for all you industry folk out there, is free to attend, and a must-event for any gaming business, whether it be for online casino affiliate recruitment or, you guessed it, eGaming B2B.