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Globet Uses Chartwell Technology to Power More Online Casino Games

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Canadian-based online gambling software developer, Chartwell Technology, continues it’s expansion into the European internet betting sector, and has further established itself as one of the leading developers of online casino compliant software and wagering solutions.

As part of a licensing deal with UK internet gaming provider, Globet, the Chartwell Games Platform will power a new suite of online casino games available through the Globet website. Primarily known for their sportsbook and punter services, Globet has benefited from an online casino, which in the past, has included such top performing games as Microgaming’s multi-million progressive jackpot video slot, Major Millions.

Boasting an eCOGRA certification, and having recently relocated from Gibraltar to the UK, Globet stands amongst the most transparent of internet betting sites in business today. They are also one of the oldest internet gaming companies. And with over 500,000 customers spanning the globe, it goes without saying that Globet has a broad clientele of bettors to cater to.

As for Chartwell Technology, the fact they were selected by Globet to begin with is a powerful testament to Chartwell’s innovation in the online gambling field. Globet’s Managing Director, Enrico Salvatori said the decision to use Chartwell for powering their online casino “comes from the fact that the Management group (at Globet) considers this one of the best products in the market and one that suits Globet’s business model moving forward.”

Chartwell Technology Receives eCOGRA’s Certified Software Seal

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Chartwell joins eCOGRA in fostering casino software transparency

Chartwell joins eCOGRA in fostering casino software transparency

Chartwell Technology – the Calgary-based, Toronto Stock Exchange listed online casino software developer – is now one of a growing number of white-label software platforms to receive the eCOGRA Certified Software Seal. No easy feat, getting the nod from eCOGRA is akin to going through a U.S. Supreme Court hearing. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but there’s some serious transparency compliance requirements all the same!

For anyone unfamiliar with eCOGRA, or better yet, the eCOGRA Certified Software Seal, it stands for the highest degree of operator transparency in what can oftentimes be a highly nontransparent industry – the internet betting industry, that is. Originally reserved for online casino licensees of Microgaming Software (an original founding member of eCOGRA back in 2003), accreditations are now available for all manner of online casinos, poker rooms, sports betting sites, bingo rooms, network operators of such sites and software developers powering and licensing their wares to independent operators. At the time of writing, eCOGRA certifies over 150 internet betting site operators, and with the addition of Chartwell, has certified twenty software providers.

Now, just because an online casino or software company can afford to pay for an eCOGRA accreditation, does not mean they will pass the course! Of course, eCOGRA will work with all operators to get them up to speed. However, it is reasonable to say there are online casinos out there that could certainly afford to go through the motions of being accredited, but choose not to do so as they would prefer remaining nontransparent. Needless to say, that means they are hiding something, and more likely than not, cheating their players.

In the case of software developers like Chartwell, the mission is to be as transparent as possible in order to foster player trust. And when eCOGRA is called in to help make this a reality, it all being with a thorough on-site inspection and assessment of Chartwell’s facilities. As eCOGRA’s Compliance Manager, Shaun McCallaghan said, “The Chartwell team was completely cooperative and well prepared with all documentation and systems ready for compliance testing…meeting all requirements over several days of testing.”

Such testing is in accordance with eCOGRA’s eGAP (Generally Accepted Practices) procedure, which in the case of software developers, includes an assessment of internal management controls, internal controls over IT security, software functionality, control environment and network structure integrity (for poker platforms), and assessment of the randomness and fairness of the games.

The latter, of course, is what every online gambler wants to know. Are these games fair and is this online casino safe to wager at? Although this is the software platform we are talking about (eCOGRA has another seal – the Safe and Fair Seal – that is strictly awarded to online casino operators), it is the software platform which indeed has the built-in security protocols for handling transactions through the online cashier, as well as the RNG governing hand outcomes.

Granted, eCOGRA gives no absolute guarantee that approved operators are going to give a fair hand. They say on their website, “While eCOGRA does its utmost to ensure compliance with its principles, it cannot offer 100% assurance that the operation of any games at any given site is at all times in accordance with the eCOGRA requirements.” However, this is exactly why eCOGRA enforces ongoing monitoring and requires all accredited parties to undergo annual compliance review. In the case of online casinos, this amounts to monthly payout percentage reports, which all approved casinos must display on their website.

Speaking of which, Chartwell powers some pretty heavy hitter gambling sites in the European market. Mostly all-in-one betting sites using multiple software platforms to power poker, sports, horseracing, bingo and online casino gaming under one roof, Chartwell licensees include BetFair, Victor Chandler, Stan James and bwin. As for Chartwell’s gaming package, it mainly consists of fixed odds games for online casinos, available in both mobile and live dealer modes in addition to a standard desktop download platform.

Online Gambling Software in Canada: Chartwell Technology on the Map

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Canada-based Chartwell Technology may not be as “household” a name as Microgaming or Playtech, but then again….. Launched in 1998 during the early days of online gambling, Chartwell has been around just as long as it’s top tier competitor software platforms. The only difference is that Chartweel is not an operator, per say, and consequently, never really boasted a prodigious number of online casino licensees in its portfolio. As a result, Chartwell has often operated under the radar of many a U.S. focused online gambling portal.

These days, however, Chartwell is increasingly making headlines – signing several high profile deals and boasting a clientele of mainly non-US facing online betting destinations totaling over twenty (20). In fact, the first online casino and sports betting site officially licensed by the UK Gambling Commission – ExtraBet – is powered by Chartwell Technology. And with household name clients the likes of Stan James, bwin, Coral Casino, Betfair and Victor Chandler, Chartwell Technology is a force to be recognized in the highly competitive online gambling industry.

Chartwell’s most recent headline, albeit less noteworthy than a new partnership or online casino client, is the appointment of Mr. Andrew Pegler as Sales Director for Charwell Games Ltd. As announced in a Chartwell press release through MarketWire, Mr. Pegler is a seasoned B2B account manager in the iGaming field, whose experience includes the execution of business initiatives from start-up level companies and B2B account management for some of the biggest names in the European online gambling sector.

Pegler stated in the press release that he is “very excited to be joining Chartwell”, especially at a time when the company is refocusing its traditionally strong online casino product offering with the rollout of new games and software features. There is no denying this claim, as evidenced by the buzz generated when Chartwell unveiled the casino platform at the International Casino Exhibit in London earlier this year. Other features in Chartwell’s diverse iGaming platform include fixed odds wagering, branded games, multi-player games, a linked progressive jackpot network and live dealer casino gaming.