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Canada is Coo-Coo for Online Casinos, That is, Except for Newfoundland

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
Does that look like a cashpot for tobacco and alcohol? Photo: Jonathan Nightingale

Newfoundland: Cashpot for tobacco & alcohol? Photo: Jonathan Nightingale

With the first legal Canadian online casino, Play Now, back up and running (it was taken offline within hours of being launched, due to a security breach), all of Canada is rearing and ready to start, or rather, continue betting online – and taxing the revenue thereof.

Okay, take that back – maybe not everybody. I can’t speak for all of the ten Canadian provinces, other than British Columbia, where Play Now was launched by the B.C. Lottery Corp., and on the opposite end of the spectrum – Newfoundland, where it appears lawmakers are not so coo-coo about the legalization of online casino gambling.

Whether or not the people of Newfounland are for or against internet gambling regulation, the province Premiere, Danny Williams, says he strongly believes there are not enough lawmakers in support of regulating and taxing online gambling in Newfounland to make the burgeoning pastime a legal activity. And no matter the money it could bring in, Williams says Newfoundland brings in enough dough from alcohol and tobacco.

I mean, if you ask me, don’t the three go together perfectly? Wouldn’t online gambling complete the triangle of vice? All jokes aside, Newfoundland would indeed stand to make some money off such a venture as lucrative as online gambling. However, unlike several of Canada’s other provinces, which need money to balance their budget and have already speculated online gambling legalization to bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue each year, Newfoundland isn’t in need of extra funds to balance the budget.

In other words, Newfoundland is sittin’ pretty, financially speaking. I mean, really, who would have thought alcohol and tobacco could generate so much money?

But just in case Newfoundland’s lawmakers have a change in heart or the budget goes askew, The Atlantic Lottery Corporation isn’t being shy to inform provinces that in excess of $50 million/year in revenue could be generated by legalizing online gambling.