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Jadestone Launches Liar’s Dice; Expanding Online Casino Platform

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

jadestone01Jadestone Networks has announced a new dice game, called “Liar’s Dice” has been launched live and is now available in multi-player mode throughout the European online betting demographic. In actuality, “Liar’s Dice” isn’t as new as you might think. Dating back to the travels – or rather – conquests of the Spanish conquistadors in South America, Liar’s Dice achieved popularity in the “New World”, only to receive a recent surge of interest after being featured in Disney’s hit movie, Pirates of the Caribbean (which your’s truly actually had the pleasure of playing an extra in!).

This is precisely why Jadestone – to celebrate the launch and generate buzz – is giving away a vacation trip to “pirate waters”, aka, a beautiful, resort destination somewhere in the Caribbean. All cash money players who play “Liar’s Dice” (available at Bwin, BetFair and Unibet) during the month of September will be entered into a raffle.

Referred to as the “ultimate game of bluff” that is “deceptively simply and rewards the player’s with the strongest nerves” by Jadestone’s Business Development Director, Tobias Nissen, “Liar’s Dice” is much like head’s up poker in many respects. Two players compete against one another in a series of betting rounds where bluffing…err…lying becomes a valued skill and I dare say artform.

liarsdiceThe game begins by each player rolling five dice – the outcome of which is only viewable to the player who is rolling. This is followed by one player making a bid (a dice hand between one-pair and five-of-a-kind), and a fixed bet that grows each betting round. The opponent will then have the choice of either folding or calling (contributing the same amount into the pot). If the bet is called, the player then has the option of challenging or accepting. A challenge puts all betting to an end and a winner is revealed based on the dice outcome. If the player accepts, the bet must be raised and the process is repeated with the other player. The game is over when either player folds or challenges. During the entire game, each player has the option of rolling one or or more dice two times.

If you have ever played skill games, that’s pretty much what Liar’s Dice is. Jadestone offers it to online betting operators via the DiceArena platform, which also includes Dice Hold’em (another poker variation with dice), Shoot the Moons and the original skill dice game, Backgammon. Jadestone’s GamArena platform offers even more, with a large selection of the next generation online skill games, including the highest quality sports, arcade and puzzle games.

Rounding out their collection of games is a new online casino platform which Jadestone has been launching in phases this year. In development for over a year, the instant play online casino platform has over forty games available in practice or real money mode, and consists of Mini Games (designed specifically for the small screen and to be played in conjunction with other games), Slot Machines (over thirty lined up) and multi-player casino games. The casino server is licensed from Swedish developer, Play ‘n Go, while the slot machines are licensed through Paf.

In other words, all of you European online casino gamblers out there should be seeing more of Jadestone in the near future. As an established skill gaming provider, Jadestone is poised to tap the casino gaming sector with the best in next generation entertainment software platforms. As their company tagline says, Jadeston is “Always in Play”.

The GamArena platform includes everything from the server back-end to the actual site, complete with a rich selection of games. Jadestone also offers all services required for day-to-day operation: customer support, payment processing, marketing support, etc. GamArena is currently available in English and more than 20 other European languages.

Party Gaming Merger With Bwin Could be on the Near Horizon

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

PartyGamingBwinAs reported by Reuters, Party Gaming is on a mission to consolidate the online gambling industry. Or perhaps I should say take over the online gambling industry. Of course, consolidation is the more politically correct way to put it. Side not tangent: Don’t you love how the term “politically correct” is such a misnomer, being political, yet always incorrect. Is that what they call an oximoron?

Anyways, I think I’ve lost track of my mind, and also of how many betting companies Party Gaming has already taken over. I’m sure it’s impressive, none the less. I mean, the fact that the world’s largest online gambling group is now in talks with the likes of Austria-based Bwin (a formidable European facing online betting giant in their own right), says a lot.

And while said consolidation, err…takeover has been slower than expected – at least according to Party Gaming’s expectations – the Gibraltar based conglomerate says it is very confident in its future crusades, the greatest of which is a merger with Bwin.

In fact, online gambling industry analysts concur that a merger with Bwin will likely act as a catalyst for a “wave of takeover activity.” It’s a tough claim to dispute, considering the very nature of the fragmented internet betting industry. In many ways, it will serve the industry in a greater light, providing more uniform regulatory guidelines, which needless to say, Gibraltar has done an excellent job promulgating. It will also provide greater operator transparency at large.

Oh and one more thing – it will definitely provide a boost for Party Gaming’s stock value on the London Stock Exchange. Although Party Gaming has seen a 2% decline in revenue for the second quarter this year, market analysts expect full year earnings (before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) at about $150 million. In other words, not bad if you ask me.

Here at Online Casino Suite, we can’t be too upset over what amounts to the beginnings of a monopoly. The fact of the matter is that 1) it really will never become a monopoly in the truest sense of the word – the industry is way too diverse for that to take place, and 2) Party Casino is a great online casino to play at. All things said and done, they are one of the top non-US facing online casinos out there.

Apple Approved Apps Coming Soon to an Online Casino Near You

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Check out Will Hill Casino's Mobile Phone App for iPhones

Check out Will Hill Casino's Mobile Phone App for iPhones

The race for online betting App’s is on! Following William Hill’s recent announcement the online casino operator had submitted an application to Apple for a downloadable app that would allow user’s to make real money wagers on Will Hill’s online sportsbook, three more rival internet betting operators – Bwin, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power – have announced their intent to do the same.

William Hill‘s app is called the “World Cup Predictor”, and apparently gives up-to-the-minute odds on matches, as well as the ability to log into one’s account to post live wagers. The details of Ladbrokes’ app has not been revealed as of yet, but considering the company is planning to get an approval before the World Cup – beginning on June 11th – there’s a good chance it is similar to Will Hill’s World Cup Predictor app.

Ladbrokes’ John O’Reilly says that while their mobile online casino betting suite is compatible with iPhone’s (as is Will Hill’s), launching an iPhone app is a whole new ballgame. ” It’s one thing having a web application, another thing having one through the iPhone Store – it has a different functionality”, said O’Reilly.

As for Bwin and Paddy Power, they aren’t in a total rush to get their iPhone app’s approved. Bwin’s Tomer Katz said his company is hoping to launch their app soon after the World Cup (pending an approval from Apple), while Paddy Power’s Darren Lovern said they are thinking about launching an app (ideally before the World Cup), but are weary of potential problems getting their application approved by Apple.

A taste of the mobile online casino action on your Smart Phone

A taste of the mobile online casino action on your Smart Phone

These concerns certainly aren’t without merit, albeit Apple did reverse their stance on gambling apps – having initially rejected apps submitted by Betfair and Tabcorp, only to later approve both applications. The main concern on Apple’s part, it would seem, pertains to children. One of Apple’s criteria for approving app’s is that it isn’t inappropriate content for children. Well, considering there are plenty of apps that are essentially pornography, Apple apparently has a standard by which to keep tabs on the more adult stuff.

Other criteria Apple looks for when reviewing app’s is whether or not the app crashes frequently (obviously), if it has buggy software in general, if there are unauthorized API’s being used, privacy violations and (get ready, this is the big one), whether or not the app “degrades the core experience of the iPhone”. As revealed by Apple recently, there is a forty person team reviewing some 8,500 new apps and updates to existing ones each week. Eighty percent of app’s are approved without changes needed, while 95% of all applications are approved within a two week time period.

In short, the likes of Bwin, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power need not worry about their app getting denied by Apple. All you supped up online gamblers be on the lookout. There’s bound to be an app coming out soon from your favorite online casino.

Dragonfish Enters Italian Online Gambling Market by Way of Bwin

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

There is hardly a hotter European iGaming market right now than Italy. Although opening its online gambling sector in stages, Italy is expected to become one of the more liberalized, not to mention, largest profit bearing nations in the European iGaming industry.

Bwin, which holds the largest share in the European iGaming market (8%), has been very busy of late getting set up in Italy, including the launch of it’s Ongame poker network, now boasting an estimated 5 million players. Fueled by an acquisition of the Italian gaming operator, Gioco Digitale, in September last year, Bwin’s presence in Italy will now be overseen by Dragonfish – the B2B division of 888 Holdings, which Bwin just signed an agreement with.

As part of Dragonfish’s wide range of Total Gaming Services package, Bwin will receive marketing, operations, epayment, and of course, the best in casino gaming technology from Dragonfish during its first foray into the Italian online gambling market.

What makes Dragonfish especially capable to handle the Italian market is the diversity of its platform. Enabling seamless cross platform integration (casino, bingo, poker, sports) under a single ePayment solution, Dragonfish offers it all. And with access to over 1,000 multi-lingual games from a variety of software platforms, Dragonfish provides a comprehensive selection of the best online casino games available today.

Just how well things turn out in Italy for Bwin, and consequently, Dragonfish, remains to be seen. As is the case elsewhere throughout the 8.3 Billion European iGaming market, the restrictions imposed against foreign online gambling operators may end up being too tight for comfort.