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Only Gamble Online With a Licensed Casino

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Before you gamble on the web with money make sure the online casino holds a gaming license first. There are some casinos currently operating online without real gaming licenses. These online casinos that run their games without a proper license are more likely to cheat their players. This is why its so very important to find a licensed online casino if you’re going to be gambling with real money.

Here at Online Casino Suite we only list internet casinos that hold a legitimate gaming license and are regulated by one of the major online gambling regulators. Our team has been wagering at online casinos for almost two decades and we’ve seen every kind of casino you can imagine. Some casinos come and go like the wind. You don’t want to make a deposit with just any casino on the Internet. Finding a reputable licensed casino online will help you to have a better experience gambling at their casino.

You can find a list of licensed online casinos on our casino reviews page. Our guide to online casino reviews provides rankings of the best licensed casinos on the Internet. Each of the casino sites we listed on have proven their trustworthiness over time and come highly recommended by the Online Casino Suite review team.

Online Blackjack GameWe suggest looking for casinos that have average payout of 96% or higher and bonus play through requirements of 35x or less. Not all casino games are included when it comes to bonus wagering requirements so be sure to carefully read the bonus T&Cs to make sure your games of choice count towards the play through requirements. If you like to play blackjack for example, the casino might not count blackjack play towards to wagering requirements. Or they may require higher play through requirement of 50x for blackjack game play.

Visit the homepage to find a licensed online casino approved for gambling on the net.

The Biggest Casino Loser in History; And Harrah’s Still Wants More

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Is toy magnate Terry Watanabe a victim of Harrah's?

Is toy magnate Terry Watanabe a victim of Harrah's?

Next time you experience a string of bad luck at an online casino, just tell yourself it could have been much worse. You could have experienced the fate of Terry Watanabe – the 52 year-old owner of Oriental Trading Company, and long time high-stakes (some would say high risk) gambler who could be forced to pay up nearly $15 million in gambling debt to Harrah’s Casino Inc.

Considered the “biggest loser” in the history of casino gambling, Terry Watanabe lost over $204 million to Harrah’s over the years, and apparently, still owes them another $15 million. While that’s no small chunk of change by no means, considering the bucket loads of cash Watanabe has hitherto thrown away at Harrah’s-owned Vegas casinos, the news that Harrah’s has filed for a civil court case (set to begin July 12th), is a little surprising.

Normally when a losing whale the likes of Watanabe owes money to a casino, anything outstanding – especially if it’s in dispute – would be written off by the casino. However, in today’s economy, $15 million goes a very, very, very long way. There is no doubt that Harrah’s is facing very tough times of their own, doing their best to turn a profit in a city that has been steadily losing gambling revenue for the last two years.

Whale or no whale, Harrah’s wants Watanabe to pay up. Whether he will be forced to do so remains to be seen. Watanabe has already retaliated with a lawsuit of his own, claiming that he was regularly doused up with drugs and alcohol (by Harrah’s management perhaps), only to be let loose on the casino floor thereafter. While there is certainly no crime to drink and gamble, it is against the rules to allow intoxicated people to gamble. Apparently, there’s proof to back up this claim. According to Watanabe’s defense attorney, a Caesar’s Palace Casino security guard is ready to testify that he never saw Watanabe in a sober state while on the casino floor.

One thing is for sure – Terry Watanabe was no smart gambler – sober or intoxicated. A personal handler for Watanabe (again, at Caesar’s Palace) is on record saying, “He (Watanabe) made such bad decisions at the blackjack table”, citing that he’d regularly bet $50,000 hands using no strategy. Needless to say, Blackjack is one of the few games in the casino that can be played with odds-improving strategy. Other casino games of choice for Watanabe included Slots and Craps.

The Craps table was especially home to many a show performed by Terry Watanabe. Drawing crowds who apparently would come to the casino just to watch Watanabe wager seriously high stakes and dish out $20,000 tips to dealers, Watanabe no doubt made a spectacle on the casino floor. As much as Harrah’s and the floor “fans” would have liked Watanabe to pay his debts and keep coming back, it looks like they will have to settle for David Copperfield from now on. If convicted, Watanabe could face up to 16 years in prison.