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Sorting Through Complaints to Gauge an Online Casino’s Reputation

3 September 2011 by Devon Chappell

In the world of online gambling, reputation goes a long way. Much longer than you just might think.

When speaking of an online casino, reputation is most directly affected by the experiences of other players, which in turn, is often shared via forums and review comments. Take our very own forum, for instance. The online casino complaints sub-forum is one of our most active of the lot. On the surface, this doesn’t necessarily paint a good picture for online gambling, does it not? However, it’s important to keep in mind that players often do not post forum threads when things are going good or when they’ve won a large jackpot. It’s usually only when things are going bad that posts get made.

As far as were concerned here at OCS, that’s okay. That’s exactly what our casino complaints forum is for! Furthermore, if you pay a visit to the forum, you will see that the majority of these complaints are resolved in favor of the player. These days, considering the payment roadblocks that U.S. friendly internet casino operators face, the majority of complaints pertain to payment delays, which rightfully should end up in favor of the player…i.e., the player getting paid!

Now, just because a player makes a complaint, doesn’t mean the recipient of the complaint should be deemed a business to avoid, i.e. a rogue online casino. Even the most reputable online casinos with outstanding track records make mistakes. No business is perfect. In some cases, the complaint isn’t even valid. Needless to say, there are dishonest players who knowingly break the rules to win as much money as possible from casinos. Bonus hunters and multi-account holders are the perfect example.

However, there is great value in the complaints system, so to speak, when a particular online casino begins to receive steady complaints from multiple players. If the casino is doing all they can to resolve the complaints, which could be happening as a direct result of unforeseen circumstances that are out of the control of the casino operator, there really is no need for a blacklisting. Depending on the type of complaints and if/how they are being addressed, a temporary warning may simply be issued. It should then be up to each player’s personal discretion regarding opening an account at the casino in question.

So, next time you are thinking about opening a new account at an online casino, check out our player’s forum first. And most certainly look over our Blacklist. If there is ever a complaint you would like to make regarding an internet gaming site, especially one that is approved and listed at Online Casino Suite, please do not hesitate doing so.

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