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Slot Machine Dispenses Drinks Instead of Money

24 February 2011 by admin

No, this is not something I made up. This is a real slot machine, and it is completely different from the beverage on demand system that are to be installed in the slot machines of the four Caesar’s brick and mortar casinos in New Jersey.

The BarBot, as it is so charmingly called, was the creation by a team of hackers from NYC Resistor for a hacker competition. The competition was hosted by Vimby and Scion. The team of hackers searched Craigslist before buying a $3,000 slot machine, which they then hacked into in order to create the BarBot. The slot machine now pays out alcoholic drinks instead of coins or credits. Reportedly the modified slot machine took 320 hours to complete.

As for how the BarBot works, it works just like an ordinary slot machine. Players insert their money and set the reels to spinning. If a winning combination is landed the slot machine’s computer sends messages to the drink mixing portion of the contraption which then pulls the correct liquors using blood pumps to be mixed into a drink. The drink made depends on what winning combination. Only standard drinks, such as drinks found in a bartender’s manual, are mixed by the BarBot so there is no danger of being served a strange drink. This slot machine even tells you what drink it is serving you, which I think is polite of it.

Before you go getting all excited though, this slot machine was created for a competition and is not on its way to the G2E conference or to casino floors. For one thing it would likely be an easy thing to become intoxicated while playing the reels of the BarBot; and casinos are not allowed to let patrons gamble when intoxicated—it is all a part of responsible gambling.

But I can think of a market for this little device—and I use the word ‘little’ loosely: the college market. Well the college students who are of age to drink. Or maybe a night club would make a good home for a BarBot. It would need a home where it is considered okay to drink and where other forms of gambling were not available. College students, such as frat houses, might not be the best idea now that I am thinking about it. It would be too easy for underage students to access it. But a 21 and up night club might be okay. After all you get carded going in. In theory everyone inside is of legal age to drink, that is if the bouncer is not swayed a pretty young thing.

However I do think it unlikely that the BarBot is going to become a mass produced slot machine. While the idea is novel and the slot machine is creating some stir in the online news sphere, the novelty that is making it attractive is what is likely to cause it to not be mass-produced. It is a rather inventive slot machine though, and I am sure its creators and their friends will enjoy it immensely.

One Response to “Slot Machine Dispenses Drinks Instead of Money”

  1. Jerry Krause says:

    Drink triple, see double, act single – play the slot machines. See VLM-Today’s Slot Machine Blog.