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Rhode Island Raising its Hand for Offering Intrastate Gambling

23 June 2011 by admin

Who else wants to be able to offer online gambling to their state’s residents if the federal government legalizes and regulates online gambling? That is the question states in the US are starting to ask themselves as it seems more and more likely that online gambling regulation legislation will pass sooner than we think. Now Rhode Island is making a move forward.

So far Nevada has passed a bill that requires the construction of an intrastate system for online poker. The infrastructure will be held in reserve until what is increasing becoming ‘when,’ not ‘if,’ the federal government legalizes and regulates online gambling. According to multiple reports, Nevada wants to be ready to let their residents play online poker as soon as federal law passes, without having to wait.

Not far on Nevada’s heels is California. Recently the California Online Poker Association (COPA) made a deal with the online casino gaming software developer Playtech. The deal will have Playtech providing online poker services and software for the state, again, once federal law has legalized online gambling in the US.

And now Rhode Island joins the lineup as of this past Tuesday. At a House Finance Committee hearing a revised casino gambling bill was put forth. Of the provisions in this revised bill, the one that is getting a lot of attention is the one that would allow the state to offer online gambling once the federal government legalizes it. Unlike Nevada and California, the Rhode Island provisions are not limited to online poker. The provisions are more along the lines of being willing to offer online casino gambling if it is federally legalized, but at this time state lawmakers have not gotten specific on what they would like to offer; they just want the ability to offer.

Rhode Island joining the ranks of states making it known that they want online gambling there is a definite push to legalize online gambling. Added to that push is the news that Washington DC intends to keep moving forward with their bill for intrastate online poker. Who will be next to join the ranks of those letting Capitol Hill know that online gambling and online casinos are wanted?

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