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Research in Motion Unveils Sneak Peek of Play Book

29 September 2010 by Devon Chappell

Introducing the first multiprocessing, multitasking, uncompromised browsing, enterprise ready, professional tablet. At least that’s how Blackberry developer, Research in Motion (RIM), put’s it. In layman’s terms, what we’re talking about here is the answer to the iPad. Just as the Blackberry was to the iPhone, PlayBook is to the iPad. Yes, you heard right – they are calling it the Play Book. Now, for someone who works in the betting business, my first thought was, “oh, a new mobile app for online casinos”. I had no idea what the Play Book was, other than it’s some new device that was the topic of a news article I just happened to be reading at the time.

The word “play” can mean a number of things. In the context of digital tablets, that can range from making photo montages and playing videos to playing around with graphs and charts (I guess). It can also mean video games and gaming in general. In fact, I think the word “play” probably connotes images of the latter for most people. People play video games. They don’t play Power Point. And then there’s the word “Book”. Last time I saw play and book in the same sentence, let alone combined into one word, it had something to do with betting at a sportsbook.

So, after watching the teaser video of Play Book (that’s your cue to watch it, if you haven’t already), it looks like RIM isn’t marketing one iota of the gaming component. Perhaps then, my mind is just played out? Or perhaps it’s simply that RIM knows it couldn’t do something so controversial as encourage people to play online poker. While that may very likely be the case, I still don’t know if Play Book is the most appropriate title, given how it’s being marketed.

But wait, shut up Devon! (says the voice in my head). Perhaps the name of the device will actually encourage people to use it to play. And by this I mean playing games. And by that, I mean gambling online. See where I’m going with this. Just as I thought the Play Book was some contraption built specifically for internet wagering, I would think that many “gamers” out there – who very likely also play online poker – would be inclined to make the same correlation.

To say that Research in Motion (or whoever came up with the title Play Book) is playing to the subconscious of the gaming generation is probably a stretch. That’s like saying the Blackberry was named such to drive up sales of fresh blackberries and blackbery pie, albeit I am now highly curious about blackberry crop yields in the last five years, not to mention whether or not any Motorolla stock holders own a blackbery farm. Oh Dear God, if nobody reads this article for it’s instrinsic informative value, at least it will serve as a case study for how conspiracy theories are formed.

And yet there’s more to the story. Not only does Play Book sound like some kind of new online mobile gambling device, it is actually more online gambling friendly. Unlike the iPad, which does not support Flash, the Play Book is a no-download lovin’ Jumpin’ Jack Flash of tech wizardry. In other words, all of the no-download online casinos, poker rooms, sports book (and just about every other manner of online gambling site) are going to look picture perfect on the Play Book. Maybe RIM really is thinking about us gamers after all?

PlayBook2aWhat makes the Play Book sound even better than the iPad (assuming it does everything else the iPad does) is that it allows for free access by means of accessing cellular networks via linking to a Blackberry phone. In other words, if you have a Blackberry, you might as well get a Play Book. And if you like to throw down bets on the internet, well then, you can pretty much do it anywhere you want. This would seem especially useful to the active online poker player and punter.

Just as the iPhone (smart phones in general) brought about huge advances in the online mobile gambling sector, I think the Play Book is going to take mobile wagering to whole new level. The iPad is already doing it to a certain extent, what with the likes of Rank Interactive developing an iPad compatible online sportsbook. With the added capability of streamlining no-download Flash online casinos, I think we are about to see mobile gaming become a lot more popular.

Look out for the Play Book to hit stores in Spring, 2011. According to the Wall Street Journal, Best Buy is moving very aggressively to ensure it has plenty of Play Book’s on its shelves in time for the post-holiday season. The first model will not be able to connect to cellular networks, so don’t plan on seeing it at cellular carriers or even at Best Buy mobile stores (of which 50 more are being opened by Thanksgiving). However, RIM says that 3G and 4G models are already in the works.

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