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Reasons Why New Jersey’s Governor Should Sign the Intrastate Gambling Bill

19 January 2011 by admin

The governor of New Jersey has found himself to be in a bit of a political pickle with his state’s bill to legalize and regulate online gambling. One of the rocks he is stuck between is his political career and aspirations; the other rock is the promises he made to the residents of New Jersey to boost their economy and to revitalize Atlantic City, which is one of New Jersey’s biggest sources of tax revenue.

So Christie has forty five days to hold on to the Intrastate Gambling bill before he has to either sign it or veto it, and already several of his days have passed.

While I can understand his hesitation to sign the bill because of Christie’s name being tossed around as a presidential potential and his hesitation to hurt his own career, the man really needs to look at the bigger picture. After all, part of his road into the Governor’s office was his promises to the New Jersey people, and brushing aside such promises for his own gain would most likely cost him votes and hurt his public image—if he cannot do for New Jersey, how will he be able to do for the entire country? So there is reason number one.

Looking at it from a political stand point, signing a bill that the State Senate and House Assembly obviously is heavily in favor of will go a ways in repairing the senators’ and representatives’ opinion of Christie. They were very much not in favor of his $819 million cut of funding to the state’s education funds. And we all know from a similar example that when the legislatures and head of the governing body our misaligned nothing of significance gets accomplished, other than a political muck up. So if Christie wants to have his state’s lawmakers behind him on his future endeavors for the state, he will want to keep a good relationship with them. And since eighty percent of the legislatures signed the Intrastate Gambling bill, it would be good of Christie to sign it as well.

Going along with revitalizing the New Jersey economy and Atlantic City is the jobs and revenue signing the bill will generate. If the bill is signed new jobs will have to be created so that regulation can happen and so that online casinos can be operated. The things will not run themselves you know! People with jobs means an increased ability to buys goods, which will increase the amount of taxes those businesses could pay to the state. And the more money the state has the more it can fill in its billion dollar budget shortfall. And on top of that if Atlantic City is revitalized and also receiving more income from the brick and mortar casinos creating and running online versions of themselves, more tax revenue will be seen by the state.

So what Christie needs to do is weigh the sides. On one side of the scales is what New Jersey needs: the jobs, the revitalization of Atlantic City, the revenue and a state level government that is willing to work together with its governor. And on the other side of the scale is Christie himself with his likely want to be president someday. Which side of the scales do you think weighs more and is therefore of more importance?

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