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Poland’s Government to Go After Internet Betters

9 November 2010 by admin

Poland doesn’t want its citizens to gamble online. To be clear, it’s not that they think it is dangerous. It’s not that they think gambling is a problem and they need to protect people from wasting their own money. If that was true then Poland would have to do something about their various brick and mortar casinos.

No, for Poland, outlawing online gambling is all about money and control. Perhaps they’ve having a hard time letting go of their days on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. It has been 21 years since their revolution threw off the shackles of communist rule, though, so isn’t it time to do away with all forms of iron-fisted governance? Apparently not, according to some members of the government.hammer_and_sickle

The Polish Finance Ministry is proposing an amendment to a current law that would make it illegal for citizens to deposit money at any online gambling website. Anyone who illegally places bets with online casinos, poker rooms or sports books could be subject to arrest or fine. In addition, the new Polish law would attempt to give them jurisdiction on any overseas online gambling operators who provide Polish-language sites and accept payments from Polish citizens.

Banning online gambling isn’t new in Poland. They did that black in October of 2009. That law, however, only made it illegal for the gambling websites to operate or advertise in the country. Currently in a transaction between a Polish citizen and an overseas internet casino, only the casino has violated the law. Since the casino is outside of Polish jurisdiction, prosecution is impossible, making the gambling law toothless.

toothlessEveryone understands that the law is without teeth, which is why Polish citizens are not only continuing to gamble online, but they are doing so with increasing frequency. Since the law was passed in 2009, Polish citizens have spent 20% more money at online gambling websites. Many of those websites are defying the law by not only continuing to accept Polish customers, but also by continuing to advertise in the Kielbasa Nation.

Since no one is paying attention to the toothless and irrelevant kielbasa law, Poland’s government wants to change it. By amending the law to make the player side of the transaction also illegal, it would allow the government to prosecute players simply for playing casino games online. Didn’t Poland reject totalitarianism?

It’s uncertain if the provision claiming jurisdiction over foreign gambling websites would hold up legally. Other countries have tried it to mixed results. Even if they are still unable to go after the online casinos, though, Poland’s hope is to deter online gambling through fear. Players are less likely to do something that could land them in jail. That sounds like a tactic would make the Kremlin proud.

3 Responses to “Poland’s Government to Go After Internet Betters”

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  2. JC says:

    I like Kielbasa and online gambling, although it’s hard to eat Kielbasa without teeth. I can throw the dice on the craps table without teeth in my mouth just fine, although it’s hard to communicate with the Croupier….except online! C’mon Poland, you can do better than this! Humorous, insightful article by the way.

  3. danielle jacobs says:

    after all, online gambling is not the ONLY reason why people waste their money. So why not legalized them? They’re just prohibiting their people from being amused.