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PokerStars Now Restricting Chinese Players

22 November 2010 by admin

PokerStarsSquareAt least Chinese people should be used to having their actions restricted by now. The most recent restriction comes from PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room. Here the restrictions are done to protect all of the players at the poker website.

Dealing with a threat of collusion, PokerStars has decided to restrict activity from Chinese citizens. They will now only allow one registered Chinese player at a poker table at a given time. This comes on the heels of a collusion scandal that rocked PokerStars earlier this year. Back in August, the poker website uncovered a huge collusion ring that was being run on the site by Chinese nationals. The players worked together to defraud other players. In response, PokerStars paid out more than $2 million in damages to the other players who were victimized by the collusion ring.

China-flag-756206_30290725The massive collusion ring was based in China and now, with no other events reported since then, PokerStars has changed their policy regarding Chinese players. Some speculate that the policy was implemented because the company found evidence of another collusion ring operating in China. Others speculate that the company is simply being proactive.

As a result of the new policy, there can never be more than one Chinese player at a poker table at a time. Chinese players are allowed to play at any table, but only as long as the table doesn’t currently have a Chinese player sitting there. If it does, the new player would have to wait for the other player to leave the table before joining.

Even in China – where people are used to having their actions controlled by an oppressive communist government and many citizens are happy if they are able to feed themselves – you can expect some outrage. After all, PokerStars is discriminating against an entire country, treating all of their citizens as potential threats. On the other hand, any innocent players should want everything possible to be done in order to ensure that they are safe from collusion. In the game of online poker, there is no bigger threat than player collusion, and an extreme threat like a massive collusion ring demands an extreme response.

tiananmen-square-protesto-001The policy may be extreme, but it’s done to protect everybody playing at the poker website. This isn’t an all-out ban; it’s simply a ban on more than one Chinese player sitting at the same table. Compared to the Chinese government’s extreme practices of dealing with “threats” by starving millions, running over protesters with tanks and sentencing people to hard labor for sending an inappropriate tweet, this is pretty mild. I should also point out that in 2002, China passed a law making it illegal to place online wagers at any company other than the state-run monopoly. Therefore, PokerStars’ restriction of Chinese players is less than the restriction placed on them by the People’s government.

Upon instituting the new regulations, PokerStars issued a statement to their Chinese players that explained the new rules. After explaining, they said that they “regret the inconvenience that this has caused you but this policy has been implemented to enhance the integrity of the games.” I think we can all agree that maximum integrity in online poker is the most important thing here.

What is your opinion? Does PokerStars’ new policy go too far or is it a necessary step to preserve the integrity and safety of the game?

3 Responses to “PokerStars Now Restricting Chinese Players”

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  2. Online Casino Specialist says:

    It sounds unfair with other innocent Chinese player but if its the right thing to do to avoid anything that is not good and treat to other players might as well its a good choice to protect the many and not only those few people. I pretty much sure that they don’t like to be avoided if they only knew the consequence of the things that other Chinese had done.

  3. danielle jacobs says:

    well I don’t see this as a race discrimination. Poker Stars were just protecting their credibility among its most loyal gamblers. For sure the Chinese citizens would understand this decision without any negative feelings.