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PokerStars is Going to the Caribbean in Their Next Poker Adventure

3 November 2010 by admin

PokerStars has scheduled their first event of next year. It is going to be a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure lasting two days: January 14th and January 15th. Where in the Caribbean is this PCA taking place? It will be at the Atlantis Resort and Casino which is located on Paradise Island. And to top it all off this tournament is only going to cost $1,000 to enter.

Does all of that sound good? Perhaps too good to be true? Well, if you are a man then it is too good to be true. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is for women only.

That is right, the PCA is PokerStars’ women-only tournament. To date some of the women pros that have already signed up are Victoria Coren, Vanessa Rousso, Liv Boeree and Vanessa Selbst.

But not everyone is happy with a poker tournament that is only for women, men in particular. Some men entered the World Series of Poker’s women-only tournament earlier this year. In fact Shaun Deeb entered dressed up as a woman. He said it was in an effort to fight for sexual equality. But I just do not see how a man dressed as a woman and playing in a women’s tournament has much to do with sexual equality. More to my thinking, it seems that men are not pleased at being told this is for women only and want to play anyway.

But for some female poker players, playing with the boys can be intimidating. At least that is what Maria Ho has said. On one hand I can understand that—guys have different tactics than women and different ways to go about accomplishing their goals. But on the other hand, this is poker. It is a card game, a feat of mental prowess, not a contest of physical strength. Now if we were talking about some sort of strength competition I could better understand keeping the boys and girls separated.

To me though a women-only poker tournament does not seem like a big deal. If men are that upset about women having their own tournaments to play in, then create men-only poker tournaments.

Anyway, back to the PCA. Naturally PokerStars is offering qualifying events for those that do not have the $1,000 entry fee plus expenses to drop or who do not want to spend the money. The prize package that can be won includes a four night accommodation at the Atlantis Resort where the tournament is being held; $700 that can be used towards travel expenses; the $1,000 entry fee into the tournament; and a $300 entry into the Women’s Poker Bootcamp lead by Vanessa Rousso.

PokerStars has said that the January PCA is going to be for women only, and that they mean it. But it will be interesting to see who decides to dress as a woman and enter anyway. Not to mention what all everyone will have to say about a women-only tournament since so there is so much controversy.

One Response to “PokerStars is Going to the Caribbean in Their Next Poker Adventure”

  1. claire jacobs says:

    wow! I am so excited about this one. That will be a busy day for me but I’ll try to have time to play poker online.