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Playing Video Poker On Line

31 January 2013 by Devon Chappell

video poker on lineWe need to talk. No, it’s not about the birds and the bees. But sort of. What we need to talk about is video poker, and more importantly, video poker on line. It’s a conversation that is bound to happen, so we might as well get it over with so you can start winning money sooner than later.

I mean, if you are breezing through a casino and do not want to sit down with strangers at a table (who might very well take all the good cards), and you want to play an easy game, but hate slots, then video poker is the game for you.

Seriously though, video poker (like slots) allows for a bit of privacy and you actually have a better chance at winning than you do when playing other video casino games. Yes, you will have to make decisions, very few, and a certain amount of strategy and understanding of poker in general will be necessary.

Video poker offers better odds of victory for you than many other casino games, whether you are playing it on line or not. The House Edge is one of the lowest, making this a great game for winning money as long as you invest some application and understanding of poker in general.

And there’s no other better place to do this than on line. For me personally, video poker is one of only a couple casino games I’ve enjoyed much more playing at home than in a brick and mortar casino (at Club USA Casino, to be exact). I like being able to concentrate, make decisions on my own (I have a great understanding of strategy though), and not to be rushed or worried that some joker (pun absolutely intended) is going to sit down next to me at the casino and take cards he/she has no business taking. It’s like black jack, where everyone hates the guy that sits down at the table and takes all the cards that should have been dealt to you!

So you get it. Now you’re interested in video poker games on line right?  Like any poker you’ve played before (or not), video poker offered at the most worthy casinos always includes the games of Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and a favorite with regulars, Power Poker – all of which use the basic hand ranking rules.

Jacks or Better is a simple five card game, where you must have two Jacks or a better ranking hand to win the game. It is super easy to learn and very simple to play. Learning hand rankings is the most important part of poker no matter what video poker variation you are playing on line. Strategy comes naturally once you get hand rankings down.

Deuces Wild mixes the game up a bit. This five card game is played with 2’s being a wild card. Again, same hand ranking is involved, but the strategy will shift a bit as many higher ranking hands are possible and inevitable in this game.

My absolute favorite is Power Poker. This game involves playing multiple hands at once. This is one video poker game played well when you have concentration, speed, skill and a great understanding of poker rules and strategy. I’m not saying you have to be a numbers pro to play this video poker variation, however, you will only prevail if you are able to fully invest your brainpower, or are just really, really lucky. And well, some of us are just lucky aren’t we?

Now that we’ve covered the most commonly played video poker games, it’s time to jump in. If you are new to poker, playing at home (on line), is a great way to get your feet wet. Again, this is a game that is best played at home or in a casino where no one is standing over your shoulder. Something else that needs explaining is that most people do not play this specific casino game for atmosphere and sheer excitement. Video Poker is played for winning. Sure we all play casino games to win, but this a game that offers variable odds based on your decisions. The bottom line is that you can control the outcome to favor your wallet if you are playing with a head on your shoulders.

In other words, video poker on line is a game of another type of enjoyment. Duly noted, as I personally have been known to enjoy playing table poker in a brick and mortar casino, but for completely different reasons. As for video poker, playing on line is not going to kill you to try. Good luck!

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