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Play Slots at Winning Online Casinos

13 November 2012 by Devon Chappell

Charlie Sheen Poker WinningO.K. we probably all know by now that Charlie Sheen is winning. And if that’s the case, by God, why aren’t you and I winning too? Oh ya, that’s right. Probably because we’ve been playing too many slots and the online casinos are doing more of the winning.

Just about everybody likes to play slot machines. The problem for some folks is that it’s never fun to lose. And since losing happens more often than winning on the slots, this poses a problem for casino operators, who would prefer you play slot machines more than any other game. Well, maybe not any other game (cough, cough, sneeze, Keeeeeeno), but certainly more than the vast majority of games available through the online casino lobby.

The solution that slot manufacturers continue to come up with is to make the slots increasingly entertaining, so as to lessen the hurt that comes with losing a lot of money. Not that you should ever let yourself lose more than you can afford, however, most of us can probably agree that it’s no fun to lose an entire bankroll on the reels.

Just how much lack of fun you’re having comes down to how entertaining the game is to begin with. Now with 3D slots recreating storylines and animations that could have come straight off the movie screen, you’d have to be losing pretty badly to not have fun playing these games. In fact, let that be your red flag. The moment you were to ever stop having fun playing 3D slots, cease from putting another dime in the machine, take a break – indefinite or not.

So, with all this talk about losing at the slot machines, is it even possible to find slots winning at online casinos? The short answer is yes. On the internet, it’s especially easier to find what you might call a loose slot machine. At land-based casinos, you are either going to play at a particular casino because it’s at the hotel where you’re staying (ahhh, Las Vegas), or it’s simply the only one within driving distance (ahh, Foxwoods), and not because of the payout percentage on the slot machines. In fact, you’ll probably never even know, let alone bother asking what the payout is, because you’re going to play regardless (You probably don’t want to know how low it is anyhow!).

On the World Wide Web, it’s a different matter entirely. With so much competition and so many online casinos available at the click of a mouse and the tweak of a search term, not to mention the lack of overhead that comes with running an online casino (as opposed to it’s land-based counterpart), you will consistently find more slots winning at online casinos than in Las Vegas. On average, slots payouts come in in the mid-nineties percentile. The best online casinos consistently return payouts above 96%.

So, if you are serious about winning at slots, you’ll need to go about finding the slots that are winning at online casinos. It’s a pretty simple equation. While you shouldn’t rely on payout percentages alone when choosing an online casino to play at, by keeping a record of the audited payouts, you will be able to choose an environment more conducive to producing winners. Furthermore, just be verifying a casino is receiving payout audits, you are ruling out the possibility of a software platform fixed with unfair odds. Send an email to the online casino GM or customer service if payout reports are not already posted through the casino’s website. And if they can’t or won’t provide them (reports that is – not just numbers in an email), needless to say, you shouldn’t play there.

Just remember that nothing can guarantee you will walk away a winner at the slot machines. That’s why it’s gambling. But with smart betting habits, conservative bankroll management and a little luck (which happens all the time, mind you), you will have more fun playing slots and winning at online casinos.


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