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Pennsylvania’s Blackjack Rules, Will They Last?

1 December 2010 by admin

Now is the time to play blackjack if you happen to be in the Pennsylvania area. This is because those players in the nine new casinos are enjoying blackjack rules that give a nice 0.4% house edge if they are playing according to basic strategy. That, by the way, is a lower house edge than is normally gained when playing blackjack according to basic strategy.

Really though the lower than normal house edge is not a big surprise. These are new casinos after all and they are in the northeast area, which is typically considered Atlantic City’s territory. What makes it not so surprising is that new casinos will often offer better than average, player-friendly house rules to draw in players. After a few months of operation, the house rules are then usually dropped back down to a standard level that can be found in just about any brick and mortar casino. The idea is to draw in new players, get them comfortable and coming to the new casinos out of habit in hopes that they will keep coming even after the house rules are changed.

The nine new casinos in Pennsylvania have been open since July of this year and the Gaming Control Board of Pennsylvania is getting ready to meet.

Blackjack experts have already begun to speculate on what rules will change and what they will change to. The Wizard of Odds has already weighed in with his opinion. He believes that the main house rule to change will be the payout on a natural blackjack (a hand total of 21 consisting of a card worth 10 and an Ace dealt as the first two cards a player receives). Right now a natural blackjack is paying the classic payout ratio of 3-2.

But the 6-5 payout ratio is becoming increasingly popular with casinos as they make more money off of it. This is the rule change that the Wizard of Odds is banking on.

And naturally if that is one of the house rules to change, casinos will not be complaining. And neither will the state of Pennsylvania for that matter. After all a 6-5 payout on a natural blackjack would increase the revenue the casinos make because they are not paying the players as much in payouts; and because the state gets a percentage of the casinos’ revenues, the more revenue the casinos make, the more money in taxes the state will receive.

So the only ones to lose out on a change in rules are the blackjack players. Not only will blackjack players receive less money for a natural blackjack, their blackjack odds will also be hit. Changing from a 3-2 payout to a 6-5 payout would increase the house’s edge by 1.4%.

As of yet no changes to Pennsylvania’s blackjack rules has been made. But that meeting of the Gaming Control Board of Pennsylvania is looming. So if you live in or around one of those nine casinos in Pennsylvania I suggest you get your blackjack playing in before the house rules are changed. Just a suggestion.

One Response to “Pennsylvania’s Blackjack Rules, Will They Last?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I doubt. These rules will only last if ever Pennsylvania can still handle to offer that kind of pay-outs. However, if they would really want to compete against other casinos, this might be a good step, I think.