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Online Sweepstakes Tinge Internet Cafes Now at Risk of Closing Down in North Carolina

9 July 2010 by Devon Chappell

Last time I checked, sweepstakes are not the same thing as casino gambling. Heck, I don’t even think you can make sweepstakes out to be gambling period, considering that many sweepstakes do not require participants to make a financial risk. Just keep on mailing in the publisher’s clearinghouse letter or filling out such-and-such information card to stay in the running – That’s the kind of sweepstakes most people take part in.

So, now that the North Carolina legislature has passed a bill banning online sweepstakes, it makes you wonder….well….it simply makes you wonder what the powers-that-be in North Carolina are smoking. Going so far as placing online sweepstakes in the same category as online gambling, the bill only needs the signature of Governor Beverly Perdue to be passed into law.

If that happens, internet cafes throughout North Carolina will be shut down, and many people – even those who abstain from using said cafes to gamble online…err…participate in online sweepstakes – will have to go somewhere else to get their computing on. Needles to say, not all of this computing goes to gambling online. In fact, for many people, gambling isn’t even part of the equation.

The reaction to such a bill being passed is expectedly mixed. There are those who believe that online sweepstakes are addicting, while others say they make for a relaxing activity. The one thing, however, most people agree on is that internet cafes shouldn’t be closed down just for preventing online gambling. In other words, not everybody goes to internet cafes to gamble at an online casino or enter a sweepstakes.

In fact, at the South Main Internet Cafe in Salisbury, many in attendance said they use the cafe to go on Facebook, Twitter, pay bills or do some shopping. Sure, there are those who like to wager, but according to a store attendant (whose job is now in jeopardy), all of these people know just how much they can wager.

And really, does the North Carolina legislature think this law is actually going to stop people from gambling at online casinos elsewhere?

5 Responses to “Online Sweepstakes Tinge Internet Cafes Now at Risk of Closing Down in North Carolina”

  1. barbara says:

    i dont agree about closing the sweepstakes places. i like them because it gives me a place to go and relax . i feel like if i work for my money i should be able to do what i want to with it i will not buy another lottery ticket if i cant play sweepstakes ..on dec 1 they will be closin so none my money is going on the lottery i usually play both bev purdue should thought about all the jobs for those people not bad enough our economyis bad now she has to take jobs away and lot of these ppl are the older ones that need that extra income because our goverment people suck hope u get taken out of office i’m sure u will

  2. Marie says:

    I don’t understand closing the cyber centers. Sweepstakes are really nothing like a casino. These places not only give people jobs to their employees but it hires services of others; the beverage delivery, food, coffee services, etc. The trickle down effect will be felt throughout the community. These places give people a place to meet and greet, people that may live alone and their only contact is when they come to the cyber centers. Government needs to think about the number of people this is going to effect. Can North Carolina afford to supply all these workers with medical, food stamps, unemployment, etc. There are no jobs in the county or Horry county so why do this now in a time when the ecoconmy is already hurting so badly and so many people are out of work.

  3. letisha berry says:

    i do agree with the closing down of the sweepstakes businesses i say this because i am an out of work 31 year old black woman because the sweepstakes i was working just went ahead and closed down so they wouldnt be tied up in any controversy when it was time to close if you are trying to fix the economy closing down businesses is not the answer it doesnt even make sense the people trying to pass these laws to close them down and jobs and money in there pockets for whatever they need or want but the people that work in these places what will they have thats what u need to think about mrs perdue

  4. amanda says:

    I really agree with not closing the internet cafes down. There is no diffence between them and the lottery. I cant wait till it comes up for election for governer. I really hope you loose Bev. I work at one of the internet cafes and now thanks to you i will soon be out of a job and u think unemployment is really going to pay all my bills and take care of my children.So you really suck and right here at christmas not only am i going to not beable to pay all my bills it looks like my children are not going to be having a christmas thanks to you. You will not ever get my vote again. When its time to vote again for govener i pray you loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. stephanie says:

    I agree with not closing these internet cafes. Can someone tell me the difference between these and the lottery. Why is this becoming a communist country…. where is the land of the free. I did hear that Bev Perdue got a kickback from Cherokee Casinos, is that worth putting over a thousand people out of work in this economy? Yeah… close them down and let all these people have to go on unemployment, welfare and foodstamps… how smart is that for the economy? Can anyone say Duh..wake up can you be so stupid…not enough money in your pockets. The government needs not to tell us what to spend our money on, they already take most of it. This is so ridiculous. I hope that people see Bev for who she is… can anyone say new Governor? I sure can.