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Online Slot Tournaments 101

8 May 2013 by Devon Chappell

Typically speaking, playing slots online is not the most competitive way to gamble. Sure, you are playing against the machine in a sense. And while some of you are not even interested in competing against anything but a machine, others still want the ability to go toe-to-toe against other players for the best outcome. While slots do not pose a major need for you to strategize nearly as much as other casino games, slots tournaments are a great way to gain some competition without having to use much strategy or bankroll (other than smart wagering when needed).

For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on the different types of slot tournaments that you can find online, as opposed to land-based casinos. Even though there are not many differences in rules and regulations, technically speaking, online casino slot tournaments may come with a few circumstances you’ll want to better understand before playing.

Liberty Slots Tournaments

The main reason players enjoy slot events online is that they come with added excitement – beyond the simple game-play of betting solo against the virtual machine. When you participate in a slot tournament, you are not directly playing against another player per se, you are playing the best you can to achieve the most credits to win overall – against all other players. Meaning, you are not matched up to play against one certain other player, but rather, you are trying to achieve the highest amount of coins/credits to win the event by being the one player that has the most coins/credits at the end of the event.

There are different types of online slot tournaments, but most all are played this way:

Whether your tournament requires a buy-in or not, all participants are allotted the same amount of coins/credits to play with for a certain period of time. The player that has the most coins/credits at the end of the time limit of game-play wins. These events are pretty simple and straightforward.

Another attraction to these events is that they take place all the time (for the most part) and not all players have to start at the same time. These events are based on a certain period of time, meaning you have an amount of coins/credits that have to be wagered within a certain period of time, but not necessarily at the same time as other participants. This is extremely convenient.

You may ask where the fun is involved if all tournaments are pretty much played the same. This is where the prize pool comes in. Of course it’s always more fun when there is real money to win. Each casino online, such as OCS-approved Liberty Slots, has slot tournaments that offer a variety of prizes and prize value. There have been online tournaments where the winner gets a free 4 star vacation, while others dish out cold-hard cash. The buy-in cost will vary depending upon the prize awarded, but in general, they are no more than $2.

Beyond the potential prize winning, online slot events are a great way to play slots for a period of time at basically a flat rate cost, yet still for potential real-money winnings. This makes it easier on your bankroll. Trust us when we say hat you can easily blow through some cash when you start playing and forget all about time! There is also the added entertainment value of a good slot event. Just being able to follow player standings during these live events is quite exciting, and is a feature available at many online casinos such as Liberty Slots, which is certainly highly recommended for slot tournaments, especially for players in the U.S.

All in all, for added value and entertainment that provides increased excitement without having to play directly against another player who may have better skills (ie. poker), online slot tournaments are well worth your consideration. We will say that if you simply want to play only against the machine for straight-up cash, tournaments are not for you.

Lastly, online slot tournaments come with separate rules and regulations. For example, players who are participating in slot events do not keep the money they win individually (the coins/credits they amass during the event). On the contrary, they are awarded a prize which could very well be cash and usually is. Cash prizes awarded for winning an online tournament do vary. Some winnings are guaranteed, while others are a percentage of the prize pool (tabulated by how many players participate). You are simply trying to obtain the most coins/credits to win the described prize. If you don’t want to go all-in on the prize showcased – whether it’s a new car, trip for two to Tahiti, or cash – stick to solo machine play.

Whichever you decide, tournament or non-tournament, try playing at online casinos that provide the most overall perks. Casinos like Liberty Slots offer a variety of different types of events. There are Daily Free Slots every day of the week; usually for a guaranteed $300 prize. There is also Play for the Pot tournaments that cost $2 to enter. Play for the Pot prize pool and odds of winning will depend on how many players are involved, whereas Daily Free Slots at Liberty have a guaranteed prize pool, with odds of winning varying upon how many players have entered the event.

Before you play in any online slot tournament, make sure the casino accepts your money, and you are playing in a region where gambling online is legal. You will need to be a depositing player at the casino to enter. And above all else, remember to have fun!


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