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Online Slot Machine Games 101

15 April 2013 by Devon Chappell

slot madness slot machine games

Ever wonder exactly what makes a slot game a slot game, other than its theme, that is? Perhaps you’ve found a new interest in playing online slot machines. Maybe you’ve been playing the same slots for years and want to venture out into a new type of machine. Whatever your interest is in slot machines, online or offline, this article contains useful information for you to consider when playing at your next online casino.

In the past ten years of online gambling, slots have risen to new popularity thanks to software development and the addition of new game styles. These days, you are less likely going to find a slot machine that will display three cherry symbols across a straight line to win money. Today’s slots have distinct themes and a lot of extras all in the name of entertainment and intrigue. There are even new slot machine games that involve a bit more thought to play, making them desirable to those who want a bit more interaction and intensity.

Like lottery systems, slot machines use random number generators that generate a random sequence of numbers. In the case of a slot machine, based on the number sequences needed, the generator displays an indeterminable sequence of numbers (symbols) continually at the rate of up to thousands per second. As soon as the player clicks the play, start or spin button, the most recent random number sequence determines the result. This means that the result will vary depending on exactly when the game is played. This means even a millisecond earlier or later, the result would, in fact, be different.

progressive jackpot slotsThere are many, many different online slot machine games available for play. The easiest way to keep up with them all is to group them into their appropriate category, which are 3-reel slots, multi-line video bonus slots and progressive slots.

The classic 3-reel slot is the simplest form of all slot machine styles, but not the most intriguing. It’s a good slot for beginners, as wagers are easy to make and the payout schedule is the easiest to comprehend. In most cases, wild card symbols are prevalent here too.

Multi-line video slots with bonus rounds are very popular and provide a lot more excitement and entertainment value. There are more potential winning sequences, and players can win an increased amount of prizes based on revealed sequences on more than one line. For example, there can be diagonal matching symbol sequences as well as straight line winning sequences. Games vary, but the main concept is that there are multiple lines of symbols revealed. Refer to the payout chart to see each line, which on the playing window are identified by different colors and generally a corresponding number in a colored circle.

In addition to free spin features and winnings multipliers, a very popular bonus game feature is available with online video slot machine games, The payout for each type of feature is also revealed within the payout schedule. Bonus rounds are generally entered after an accumulated achievement or specific symbol combination. Bonus feature games generally amount to a “pick and choose” round in which the player selects a hidden prize, revealing either free spins or coins.

Progressive slot machines provide the most potential for huge payouts (If you hit the major jackpot, that is). Progressive slot machine games are played in a variety of styles and themes. You are able to win a variety of under-jackpots and smaller prizes, yet there is a separate, ever-growing main jackpot that is contributed to via a feature that connects this game to a variety of different casinos that also feature the game. This is called a wide-area progressive jackpot network. For example, there is a progressive slot machine named The Price Is Right that is played at several casinos located in different areas and locations. Each machine is played by a different person, but there is a single, huge lottery jackpot that can be won by anyone who is playing this slot machine at any of the locations offering it. This particular slot game is connected electronically to all of the other Price Is Right games. The same goes for many progressive jackpot online slots that are connected over the World Wide Web. In this case, online casinos using the same software platform will offer the same progressive slot machine games, which have indeed paid out millions of dollars at a time.

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