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Online Scratch Off Card Pays 100,000 Euros to on Lucky Player at Scratch 2 Cash

12 January 2010 by Devon Chappell

scratch2cashwinnerIf you ever thought there wasn’t any “big” money to be won playing online scratch cards, just take a look at the recent €100,000 check of Ivan C. over there to the right :). He looks, happy, doesn’t he? And with good reason. I think we can all agree that €100,000 is a lot of money!

Granted, not every online gaming destination offering scratch card games is not going to dish out the same amount of money. In other words, it’s always good to verify what the maximum payoffs are, and whether or not there are any progressive jackpot games. While many online casinos do indeed offer scratch-off games, most of them do not come close to the jackpots offered at Scratch 2 Cash.

Yes indeed, Scratch 2 Cash was home to Ivan C’s €100,000 win. Take a look at Ivan’s check again (it’s big, isn’t it?). Now, I realize some of you might be thinking, “sure, that’s a nice jackpot….but how often does it really happen”. Well….let me the count the ways. Let’s just say that over €29 million was won just month by players at Scratch 2 Cash. Yep, we can assume it’s a pretty popular place.

Focusing mainly on scratch-off games, Scratch 2 Cash has become one of the “go to” online destinations for playing scratch cards. There are over fifty to play, many of which have an interactive dimension to help raise the entertainment value even more. Unlike traditional lottery scratch-off cards which are often so confusing you don’t know if you’ve won or not (curious how they do that, isn’t it?), Scratch 2 Cash’s games are simple, fun and to-the-point.

In the case of Ivan’s €100,000 win, it was the “Super Chance” scratch-off that paid out. Super Chance is a fun game that involves scratching off three boxes to reveal potential prize amounts, then spinning a large wheel (kind of like Wheel of Chance), with the hope that it will stop on one of the prize amounts. There are different denomination cards available ($0.50 to $20), and in fact, Super Chance can award up to €200,000. Since Ivan C. was playing a €10 card, he was given the €100,000 (still not too shabby).

It’s always great news to hear about a player winning big gambling online. My favorite part of the press releases are the pictures (Ivan still looks he’s in shock), and their initial reactions. One of my favorites of all-time, Ivan C’s press statement was, “At first I thought it was €1,000, but after looking closer I thought I saw €10,000. I began to count the number of zeros after number 1: there were five. I had won €100,000! I could not believe it. I stayed for fifteen minutes in front of my screen to watch the jackpot flash. Looking at my credit balance, I realized that this was reality.”

Check out Scratch 2 Cash to open a free account today or read the OCS Scratch 2 Cash Review for more information. Open to U.S. players.

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