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Online Regulation May be Possible in 2011 Despite Republicans; Politicians May Look for a Way to Save Face

31 December 2010 by admin

Many in the world of online gambling have thought that online gambling regulation of any kind died with the end of the lame duck session, or that it was at least put to bed for a long time. But this may not be the case. Harry Reid, the Nevada Senator who made the surprising turn around to support legalizing online poker as a way to pay back the Nevada gaming industry for supporting his narrow win in the midterm elections, is not giving up apparently. Reid has vowed that he will bring his online poker bill through to the Senate in 2011.

So says the good senator, and with the Senate still being held by a Democratic majority it just might be possible. It is the House, which will be turned into a Republican, anti-online gambling hothouse come the new year, that the opposition to Reid’s bill can be found. And as a senator, it is possible for Reid to bring his bill out of the Senate rather than coming out of the House, which is the way that Representative Barney Frank has had to go. And I have no doubt that Frank will keep pounding the floor with his own bill, which I do think is a better option for online gambling regulation than Reid’s. Frank is the Little Engine that Could when it comes to online gambling legislation—the man does not stop trying.

Another thing that could help US citizens see some online gambling regulation is that President Obama along with several members of the Republican party have said that they are going to try to work together in the coming year. Hopefully online gambling will be one of the things they will work together on. While I cannot say that Reid’s online poker bill is the best, I have to go with a phrase that my mother said: “Beggars cannot be choosers.” And by that I mean that some sort of regulated online poker playing is better than playing unprotected. And since Reid’s voice seems to be louder at the moment, online poker players may well be stuck with fifteen months of no playing as well as the loss of playing on overseas run sites since they do not have a land-based casino that has been in business in the US for a minimum of five years. Think positive—Reid’s bill may be the tip of the online gambling regulation iceberg…we can hope.

Another reason lawmakers on the federal level may turn a more positive eye to online gambling regulation is because several states, including New Jersey, Florida and California, are now looking at regulating online gambling on a state level. And New Jersey is leading the way with the loudest voice for state regulated online gambling. No surprise there.

The reason these states may well influence lawmakers on the federal level to roll over, accept and work on ironing out some good online gambling regulation is two-fold. One, these states stand to seriously cut their deficits from the income that will result from taxes from regulated online gambling on the state level. This will make these states look good, and cause residents of other states to wonder why those in DC do not pull in some money from online gambling regulation to cut down the federal deficit and potentially improve the country’s economy as a result. And we all know how federal level lawmakers do not like to look like a bunch of patsies and are not about to be outdone by some state lawmakers. And with the 2012 elections practically breathing down Washington’s neck, no one wants to look bad.

And then there is reason number two: the government, as a rule of thumb, always hates missing the opportunity to get in on money-making action. Even if US citizens did not wonder why their country’s lawmakers were turning up their noses at the chance to make billions in revenue from online gambling, those federal lawmakers would hate to miss the chance to stick their hands into a money pie.

So fans of and for online gambling, US online gambling regulation may not be out of the picture in 2011. We will have to wait and see what the states do and if they push federal lawmakers into saving face and regulating online gambling; and if Reid and Frank can succeed in getting their voices heard—but I am rooting for Frank. Here is a toast to a successful 2011 for online gambling regulation!

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