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Online Poker Looks to be Moving into its Live Dealer Format

27 January 2011 by admin

Live dealer is becoming a very successful mixing of a casino game with Internet. It gives players a more complete and more fulfilling casino experience than an online casino typically can. This is because when you are playing in an online casino you are playing against a computer program. True, the program has all the rules that the in-person casino game would have. But you are alone. So very alone. No one for company, not even a dealer. And that is the one drawback from online casinos and their online versions of casino games.

Not that software developers or online casino businesses are to blame. It takes baby steps to move forward. Man did not go from a stone wheel to a Ferrari overnight after all. We had to ride in carts and with only three gears first. So it is understandable that casino games would not go from being played at a table in a brick and mortar casino straight to a live dealer format online. There has got to be some time of transition. And such is where we are, in a time of transition. We have all the casino games available to us as players in online casinos, but they do not offer the real casino experience. Yet.

But we are nearing such a time. There is already live dealer blackjack, baccarat and keno out there in some online casinos—the ones that are tied to a brick and mortar casino or are flat out online counter parts to a brick and mortar casino. And actually that sort of surprises me. Poker is the most popular casino game both in online casinos and brick and mortar casinos, so I would have thought it would have been the first to be converted into a live dealer format. But that is neither here nor there. Live dealer online poker is on its way out this year so fussing is not necessary.

The way live dealer online poker is intended to work is that players will sign in through the site that is offering the live dealer online poker that they want to play in. Players then choose their table, at which point the live feed cameras in the brick and mortar casino will adjust so that the player sees the table from the point of view of his or her seat—as if he or she was really sitting at the poker table. The player then uses the buttons on their screen to make additional wagers and to direct their plays, just as they would at a real poker table.

The only real difference between live poker and live dealer online poker is that the players can stay home in their PJs to play rather than getting all dressed up and making the trip to the casino to play. They are still playing in real time and making the wagers and plays in a real game that exists in a real casino.

It is said that by the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012 that there will be around a dozen sites for players to play live dealer online poker at. So if you are an online poker player, grab your PJs and computer and be ready to play with in a real poker game with real players in live dealer online poker.

One Response to “Online Poker Looks to be Moving into its Live Dealer Format”

  1. Devon says:

    Nice article. Can’t wait for that live dealer poker. There are live dealer online casinos that are not tied to brick ‘n mortar operations already. Three of the best, in my opinion (which are reviewed here at OCS) is #1 Party Casino: #2 Mansion Casino: and #3 Casino Tropez: