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Online Gambling Opponent, Senator Jon Kyl, Puts Hold on Treasury Appointments

26 January 2010 by Devon Chappell
Arizona Senator Jon Kyl wants his money

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl wants his money

While a part of me always gets apprehensive when I see Arizona Senator Jon Kyl’s name in the news, there’s another part that says, “Bring it on Jon!”, knowing that, in the end, Senator Jon Kyl’s fight to lastingly ban online gambling in the United States will be a vain effort, and ultimately, do more damage to his reputation as a Senator than anything else.

You see, no other U.S. Senator has fought more to keep online gambling from being regulated than Senator Jon Kyl. And no other Senator is now showing his ass more than Jon Kyl. Even fellow conservative Republicans are questioning the antics of Kyl, who has used his “one shot, one kill” power as Senate Minority Whip leader to recently impose a block on the appointment of four U.S. Treasury positions, quite obviously in defiance of the recently delayed implementation of Kyl’s touted bill to ban online gambling – the infamously flawed UIGEA.

Since U.S. Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, was ultimately responsible for recently allowing the delay to take place – which many people think will give Congressman Barney Frank more time to overturn the UIGEA with legislation of his own – the appointment blocks reek of a retaliatory, bipartisan political move by Kyl, who has not given any reason why he placed a “hold” on the appointments. And yet it was many of Kyl’s own Republican colleagues who supported the delayed implementation of the UIGEA in the first place.

Frankly, in the first place, the UIGEA should never have been passed. Underhandedly attached to a “must pass” port security bill at the last minute before going up for a vote (which many Senators did not even know they were voting on), the UIGEA skirted through into law. Not until later did the red flags start showing up, especially regarding the extreme flaws in the legislation. Providing no recourse on how to go about actually blocking online gambling transactions, the UIGEA simply put the responsibility into the hands of banking institutions. Part of the problem with Senator Kyl’s UIGEA is that it allows for certain gambling carveouts – namely, horse racing and fantasy sports betting – while placing a block on online poker and online casino game transactions.

Needless to say, the American Banking Association has vehemently opposed the law, citing it nigh impossible to properly enforce the law. In some congressional circles, the UIGEA has come to be known as “the stupidest law ever passed”. Indeed, it ranks up there with prohibition. And that, my friends, we can all owe to embittered Arizona Senator, Jon Kyl, whose campaign against online gambling has been based on the argument that it is a threat to family values and American children. What makes Kyl’s stew even stinkier is the fact that his election campaign was sponsored by none other than Churchill Downs and Major League Baseball execs, who by the way, profit off of fantasy sports betting. Is the U.S.

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