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Online Gambling is Not Going Away

5 May 2011 by admin

What usually happens when you tell someone not to look at something? They look at it anyway. The same sort of thing is happening in the US right now in regard to online gambling. Conservatives are fast becoming scared of the amount of discussion and forward movement that is happening in regards to intrastate regulation for online casinos and online poker sites. At this juncture the Conservatives have a choice to make: give serious thought and examination to online gambling and the desires of US citizens or puff up their chests and try to bully the citizenry down.

Guess which choice they made.

Exactly. The Conservatives went with the puffing and the bullying, selecting the three largest US-facing online poker sites as their victims to make an example of. The message they want the Department of Justice and US Attorney Office of Southern New York to send is ‘Look at what happens when you gamble online—we indict you for bank fraud and money laundering and then tack on gambling online just to tie it all together in a neat package. If you do not want this to happen to you, then do not gamble online.’

The only problem with this is it has the same effect as telling someone not to look at something.

What Conservatives have done with their indictment is to force online gambling, online casinos, online poker sites and US citizens’ rights to spend their entertainment money how they choose into focus. It is a hot issue now, and ordinary citizens are now talking about the future of online gambling in the US rather than just industry and gaming analysts. The issue is now bigger, and unfortunately for the Conservatives the citizenry in general does not agree with them.

One ordinary poker player, Mark Balloy, commented on the indictments: “The arrests were a scare tactic that the government likes to use when they feel that a particular issue is gaining momentum, and clearly online gambling regulations were gaining momentum in the US. Even with the arrests, there is too much revenue in online poker for lawmakers to keep turning a blind eye.”

But not all lawmakers are turning a blind eye. And some are even beginning to switch to the other side, such as Senator John Kyl’s recent change of heart about online gambling. Even land casinos are beginning to get on board. President and CEO of the Dover Downs casino in Delaware, Ed Sutor, said, “You can turn your head and ignore it, pretend it is not happening and it could hurt you, or you could try and participate. We [Dover Downs] are out there doing studies. We are looking at it.”

Online gambling is here whether the Conservatives want it to be or not. Several states including are all looking at bills for intrastate regulation. “It only takes one state to regulate an industry for the rest of the states to jump on board. Whether that state is Iowa, California, Florida or Nevada is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the online gambling issue is becoming bigger every day,” said gaming analyst Brad Dawkins.

With more attention focused on online gambling in casinos online, the Conservatives may well be faced with another choice: keep trying to bully America out of online gambling or give in and except the inevitable.

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