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Online Gambling Disputes Part I – How to Go About Resolving a Legitimate Dispute

10 January 2010 by Devon Chappell
Honey absolutely catches more rogue flies than vinegar!

Honey absolutely catches more rogue flies than vinegar!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Honey catches more flies than vinegar”? Well, I’m hear to tell you that it’s true…and it applies to online casino gambling in more ways than you might think. Case in point: We receive a lot of complaints here at Online Casino Suite. Thankfully, these complaints are not about us, nor the online casinos listed and recommended in our online casino reviews section. Take a look at our  casino complaints forum, which we just launched little over a month ago, and you will see what I mean.

Dealing with complaints has certainly been a learning experience. I have to admit that, considering some of the shadiness that has been perpetrated by a number of online casinos over the years, I am quick to immediately jump to the side of the player who says they have not been paid out their rightful winnings. And rightfully so – I mean, we are, after all, an online gambling guide for player’s. But you know what? Sometimes player’s are just as bad as the rogue online casinos. Heck, sometimes player’s are worse than the most rogue casinos of all! But that’s for another blog. In fact, let’s just make this a two-part series, shall we? Better yet – a three part series.

Part I: How to go about resolving a legitimate online casino dispute?

Part IIHow do you avoid getting yourself into an illigitimate online casino dispute?

Part III: In defense of the Casino – When the player is the rogue.

So, going back to the “Honey catches more flies than vinegar” analogy, let’s discuss how to go about resolving a legitimate dispute with an online casino.

Now, I know it might sound like common sense to some of you, yet it certainly needs to be said considering how many players actually do it. Don’t start off a complaint by making threats and cursing out the customer service representative. First of all, the person you are dealing with is most likely just going by the “standard protocol”, and really can’t go out of the system, so to speak, to suit your request anyways. Secondly, this person can potentially be your asset. If you are downright rude to them, you can expect them not to give you a positive report card to their superior – aka, the person who can make you a happy online gambler. In other words, don’t burn your bridges early on by spitting out vinegar. Honey always works better.

Of course, I can understand if you have been waiting several months for a withdrawal, and keep being told that your money is on the way, that there comes a certain point when you are ready to start making threats. As tempting as it is (and justifiable), don’t do it. Remember, your ultimate goal is to get paid. The sooner the better of course. So, what do you do when you find yourself at a roadblock? Simply and quietly, begin contacting third party mediators, one-by-one. The first thing to do is to contact the software licensor and the licensing jurisdiction. If the casino happens to be approved by a reputable third-party offering mediation services, contact them. A good example is eCOGRA (However, if the casino is not approved by eCOGRA, don’t contact eCOGRA….make sense?).

Granted, if you go through the software provider and/or regulatory jurisdiction, it will probably take longer to get your dispute resolved. You may also want to contact a third party watchdog that has some credibility in the industry. Not to brag or anything, but Online Casino Suite is a good example. Another would be Casino Meister. Having a strong player community, not to mention affiliate relationships with some operators, gives portals like ourselves a good amount of weight in helping resolve disputes. Just be sure to abstain from engaging several mediator’s at once. There will most likely involve negotiations in coming to a settlement – and there will only be ONE settlement.

Some people might disagree and say that online casino operators won’t come around unless you “make a stink”. However, our experience shows us that Teddy Roosevelt got it right when he said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.

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