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Online Casinos Using Gimmicks to Stand Out

29 October 2010 by admin

sexystarscasino_slots_919I’ve been seeing this trend more and more. New online casinos will use some sort of gimmick to help them stand out. It makes sense, because there are so many different casinos available on the Web. Branding and coming up with something that separates you from the competition are some of the most important aspects of a successful business.

Sometimes I think they go a little too far. For example, there’s this online casino called Sexy Stars Casino. Its gimmick is that the website is full of – you guessed it – sexy stars. When you play online slots, there are hot strippers/models/porn stars/girls that I swore were in my dream last night on the side of the reels. The girls are also symbols in the games. Also, some of those symbols are not safe for work, as they are wearing very little clothing or, in some cases, no clothing at all. Yes, it’s that kind of website.

Not only are the sexy girls present in the games, but you can also view videos of those girls. Are they playing poker or blackjack? Nope. They’re doing things like chatting with you in their bedroom wearing lingerie or dancing for you. There are also photo galleries. The big promotion on the website right now is a contest to win a date with one of the sexy stars. The games themselves really take a backseat at this casino.

sexystarscasinoThen on the complete polar opposite is an online casino like Blush Bomb. That casino is made by women for women, kind of like the Lifetime Network but without all of that annoying feminism stuff. This is a “fabulous” casino started by a woman who wanted to make an online casino that caters to women’s tastes. That means that you can take a break from playing slots and bingo on the site to catch up on some gossip and celebrity news. No, that wasn’t a joke. If you’re going cross-eyed from staring at that bingo board for too long, simply head to the gossip section and find out from which third-world country Angelia Jolie has adopted a kid now.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but why can’t your gimmick be offering a casino with fun games and great promotions and rewards? Take Go Casino for instance. Their site may not be as flashy or clever as Sexy Stars or Blush Bomb, but they offer a welcome bonus of a free $20,000. Let’s see, I can have $20,000 or I can stare at sexy women while I play my casino games. Hmm…Actually, I’ll have to think about that. But that isn’t the only thing that Go Casino has to offer. They are also well-known for their impressive suite of Vegas Technology software and their never-ending selection of exciting casino tournaments. So that means I can either get $20,000, great Vegas Tech games and exciting tournaments or I can stare at sexy women while I play. Um….Still thinking about it. aladdin-s_gold_casino1

Having a theme isn’t a bad thing. I love the Arabian theme at Aladdin’s Gold Casino. I just don’t think a gimmick should take the place of offering great games, deals and customer service. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe offering a great casino website is actually a gimmick itself. In that case, I will take that gimmick every time. Now that I’ve thought of it, I’d rather play at a site like Go Casino. Don’t worry, though. I have a handy magazine subscription that will fulfill my sexy women needs.

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